Saturday, October 29, 2011

a love game

watched my season four and IT WAS SO SAD. for chuck, he looked so sad i felt like i need to give him a hug which obviously other 900 million girls would want to do too but damn sad TT and damn sad for myself also BECAUSE I SHOULDNT BE WATCHING GOSSIP GIRL NOW. damn alot of homework pls, can die :( its like everytime i finish almost everything then tadaaah! another pile comes up and forever piling until the day i die please. and my mum is a super ahead planner, she told me i should work overseas once next time, im like hello mama i havent even graduate yet and you come and tell me i should work overseas TT

okay so anyway. MY ARTICLE HAS BEEN PUBLISHED! :D :D :D HAHAHA SO HAPPY cos i talked about perry and the editor didnt cut anything out so (Y) first thing i did was to read my own essay like ten times and laugh like a retard cos damn happy la, got perry! :) but they didnt put any platypus picture inside so im abit TT but oh wells!

and happy birthday church! :) its been 2 years since, and changing church is probably one of the best thing that has happened in my life. so happy, and just so blissful. cant wait for the upcoming years of greatness and goodness Jesus has install!

okay my posts are getting boring-er and boring-er but i swear my parents and sisters go out for more dinners than me and their social life is crazily way more exciting than mine, shall see what comes up next then i can post pictures though i have a feeling its gonna be jin's farewell which i do not want to think about at all yes living in denial.

oh wells! next monday is hari raya haji! hols! cant wait! have a great week!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

its been 3 years

the best thing that has happened to our family,( besides the birth of me) hahaha is bobby boy! he's the cutest handsomest cleverest dog ever and i havent upload any current photos of him into the hard disk so i can upload it here but I PROMISE HE IS THE HANDSOMEST! :)

omg i read back every single blog post i blogged about for the past few years and i cant help but to laugh and laugh and ponder how much i have grown lol! like the stuffs that i complained about last time were things like AIYOOOO I CANT DO ADD MATHS :( or shitttttt my mum woke me up in the morning im so upset :( hahaha so funny!

and i really really loved how i made my posts so colorful. like when im angry its all red, when im happy its blue lol! so free please last time! hahaha. and boy was i full of courage last time.when i wanted to say fuck i said fuck. like no filters. no such thing as eff you. or short forms. lol i sound like a freaking gangster. and got disclaimer one. * i know this post is angry and full of swear words bu i swear its only this post. hahahaha omg so funny!

and i said whatever i wanted to say! when im angry i said im angry. i dont say im happy with the fakest grin on my face when im angry which is what i do sometimes now :( omgggg i miss myself! and i sound so emotional in each post and so long my posts and all the nice comments people commented hahaha :)

sigh those were the days and i feel so encouraged by my own posts lol wtf.

so happy. back then and now and forever!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

movieee :(

omgggg i need to watch real steel! :( everybody keeps saying its super nice then i dont know what to say cos i havent watch yet then i just emo one side and say nothing and do maths tutorial :( the maths tutorial is fake one i didnt do i just sit in the corner and eat my nasi lemak yumyum!

I WANT TO WATCH REAL STEEL :( or any other movies also can dont care laaa. MOVIE DEPRIVED :(

just spent my whole night doing 2 tutorials for math. liang ke. dua. too confusing and i need alot of time to digesttttt :( slow poke. can faint. havent read my accounts.

but yay! tomorrow class starts at 11, woohoo so happy! got time to sleep in a little longer and read accounts. fake one say just to comfort myself :( NO I WILL READ ACCOUNTS. accounts mode on. tmr morning.

today the caterer uncle gave extra curry chicken! so nice! yumyum! so happy, Jesus bless you caterer uncle! give you 100 perry points!

okay, sleep, wake up and do accounts!

i wanna watch movie :(

Thursday, October 13, 2011

and i didnt do a single shit today

rested like a bloody boss today. not like bloody as in covered with blood but literally didnt do anything at all so lazyyyyyyyy. after class went to get slurpee, hanna's fault! hahaha picked up her brother, tapaoed chicken rice, had lunch with eme, showered, slepttttttttt till 6, woke up when jin called to ask for a favor for his visa app, watched tv, had dinner, helped eme's with maths problems, wtheck is circles i hate circles and i will always hate circles -_- and here i am :( so guiltyyyyyyy :( but its not really my fault cos off bloody period. okay this one is bloody. sorry! i know its weird talking about period but. yay!

and guess what! i won tickets to watch in perfect harmony! wohooo! i have no idea what it is actually :( but its like a production musical. giving my tickets to my parents though, i think they deserve it more than me. i think they really want to watch it and they talked about it but they didnt have the time to book it or choose the time esp for night shows cos they are usually full but now since they have the tickets, i guess they dont have a choice but to go! :) so im home alone tomorrow with eme, crystal is at school camp so depressing :( probably head out for dinner or something so that i dont miss my other family members too much :(

was looking through at my kindergarten photos sigh :( all the good times. i think when i was working at kindy it was probably the best time of my life. i was super tired, lol energy draining but i was the happiest person ever. like despite all my tiredness i was really happy inside, every morning i wake up i literally smile for work :) and all the good things back then. and i miss bryan so much! i cant visit him now cos all my classes are in the morning, except monday and friday and i plan to gate crash kindy and kiss him one million times. i dont think he remembers me anymore but he was the cutest most loving boy in kindy for me. and i was certainly bias, yes im a lousy teacher hahaha but he's so cute! some pictures i digged up :)

arranging his pillow, he's so clever isnt he! he chooses the flower pillow because he says its nice. and he likes blue because he says he's a boy. and he takes his own bedsheet and blanket too! hahaha so cute <3

relaxing after arranging his bed although his blanket his messed up so cute :) and milk time!

i think one of the saddest thing in life is when you cant feel what you want to feel. like for example when you are hungry and you wanna say you are hungry, you cant. not because its wrong to say youre hungry or because its a bad thing but its because you just cant. or when you feel like saying something nice to someone or when you genuinely want to say something good, but you cannot. so difficult. i have no idea where people get their will power from. when your heart doesnt go hand in hand with your head.

and of course the other saddest thing is that you have a three hour sadistic statistics lecture on friday and you dont know a single shit your lecturer is saying. i <3 stats.

happy friday yay and happy birthday baby jerome, 1 year old!

and for all the times we had it.

Monday, October 10, 2011

at first

had an exciting week of homework and am sure there is more to come! i swear nerd mode is pretty on, its actually the first time ever in my life i come home and do reading after class. like by myself. like a volunteer. without a single threat and force in the world. okays maybe a little bit of threat because i know if i dont read i'll be lost in class the next day and i wont be able to catch up and i'll waste 3 hours in class doing nothing. hahaha. blackmail wtf.

so this week is suppose to be a real good week because im not quite sure why either. i had a good weekend of shopping stupid sale freaking robbing the shit out of my/my dad's/my mum's wallet. met up with juns and jins. harvested my crops. watched gossip girl. watched phineas and ferb. had good rest. looking forward to jerome's first. settled my math homework. sounds good doesnt it.

and then people say sometimes why are you even wasting your time on stuffs like these, not even worth you or and your time getting upset for. but seriously.

what the fuck is this.