Thursday, May 27, 2010


im tired.


Friday, May 21, 2010


i was never fond of math. simply because im not good at it, im careless and i am not logical. everytime during exams, math would be the last book in the pile of nonsense, and i have three clean workbooks except for the globe chapter behind.

and people always tell me the people who will do well in life and kick asses are those who rock at math.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

no more

im quite okay until i actually start thinking about it and as much as i can just pretend that it isnt exactly there, i know its there. just dont have the guts.

everytime when it starts to get irrational, i know i cannot afford to be selfish because it just isnt only about me. and because i cannot wait for my pillow to dry in time.

i miss you ang xian hui :( i just watched one tree hill, and i know you know exactly how it feels. although you do like gossip girl also. but the point is i miss you, and i hope your a2 is going to be awesome and awesomest ever!

sound damn les? -___- go die la, i can write anything i like.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

so much

i just need to remember to be logical. which isnt exactly my strong point but logical it is. nat, logical, logical, logical, logical, logical.

because being logical is going to put you far far away from what meddles with your heart, your emotions.

its logical for it not to be. logic logic logic.

i found my accounts trials paper which i failed :) liesaaa, remembered how depressed i was failing accounts and how i spent my whole day watching meet the robinsons and listening to broken by lifehouse :) and how after that during physics with ravi which was absolute crap everyone brought in physics reference books and we brought accounts and malay and mod math books to the lab :p

liesaaa! NEXT WEEK. :( :( :( :( omg. my heart is beating so fast, it might just stop :x

you're in my arms,
and all the world is calm
the music playing on for only two,
so close together, and when i'm with you,
so close to feeling alive.

such a nice song, makes me wanna put on a dress and wear nothing on my feet and dance and dance all night :)

i miss one tree hill :/

have a great weekend (:

Thursday, May 13, 2010


i wanna eat loklok and laksa :(

im going to kidnap the lorry which all the loklok inside, but i want only the meatballs and quill eggs and meatballs :(

there are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten, but i've loved another with all my heart and soul, and to me, this has always been enough.
the notebook.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


because i just cant die yet.

super suicidal right gg -__-

lets fast forward lis :/

Saturday, May 8, 2010


dreamt i was cursed by an evil evil lady :( and you know how everytime you want to continue your nice dream after you wake up? yeah for once i didnt and i did -____- tell me why la :(

so anyway yes, i've completed the chapter in my life of working before college starts :) and, a part of me feels like mann, i dont really wanna leave, but another part of me tells me that its time for a good break before everything gets thrown to me in the face.

hahaha, yesterday a teacher wasnt feeling well, so mad and me took over this 6 year old class. and i didnt know most of them, so i had to ask one of the boy in the class to show me who is who. then we came across this girl, and he told me. ohhhh, teacher, she is my ex. -______________-

and i thought i heard wrongly, so i asked, she's your wax? what wax? and he said, noo, she's my ex. as in like ex girlfriend. you know? and gave me the dont tell me you dont know what is ex man teacher. ahem. hahaha, wow. what progress we have man really, either im really outdated or they are just really fast hahaha.

and, i was just watching some videos on ice skating at the winter olympics, and woahhh. i've always been fascinated on how these skaters can actually even stand up without falling down. like really. hahaha. and to spin and turn on ice, i cant even do it on ground. yess because im a noobie hahaha. and there was this video where this two people were practicing, and the girl fell down, and the guy gracefully picked her up, so so sweet :')

its been years since i last skate, and its not even skating la really. hahaha. i was just standing at the side, and steph was saying come on nat, come on! just come, nothing one! and i gave her plenty of excuses like, its okay, its too crowded, which at that time got like 20 people only la seriously hahah, and i said ohh wait, im looking at the hot guy skating, which, uhhh, is a small kid of five, that had more guts than me, omg memalukan to the max -__-

she had to drag me, hahaha, and i grabbed on to her so hard we both fell down hahaha :) and remember the weird bump i had on my finger steph? hahaha. before i die right, i would wanna learn how to skate. no need until like super pro, but it would be nice to learn a few steps at least :)

hahaha and definitely before i die, i have to pick up a music instrument. i always thought that the piano was designed for the guys, omg please dont shoot me girls who play piano, im just saying. girls who can play the piano rocks too okayyyy, just as much as the guys :) i have to watch a live orchestra, and not just the ones in youtube, because its amazing how impactful the music can be, and how everything just blends in right.

i cant believe i spent my saturday doing absolutely nothing, congrats nat, congrats! -__- celebrating emeline's and my dad's birthday and mother's day together tonight though :) hahaha super lazy family, cramp everything into one hahaha x) thank God mine isnt near any of my sisters and parents :D

have a great weekend :)

so why dont we go, somewhere only we know

Friday, May 7, 2010

life insurance

i feel alone tonight.

happy friday :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

because, we never look back

gone were the days i could actually stay up till three and watch movies :)

had dinner with sisters, and it was great :) we had mushroom soup, something we three love to eat! :)

hahaha, i just watch this super funny video, about a japanese game show, seriously, japanese people are psycho. like really! they play the craziest game in the world, and they do the craziest thing, like the video i watched, that guy, drank a whole 1.5 liter of water in 5 seconds, LIKE CRAZY! i would post the link up but i closed the safari by accident :/ found it through hann's facebook, so thank you hann! :)

and i came across this wedding site which i saw through su's facebook hahaha, which had lots of pictures of weddings, so so nice! :) i only browsed though one album in their gallery, which happens to be yew juan's sister's wedding and the pictures are beautiful :) and some others, but i closed it down, because i dont know them, and i cannot feel the atmosphere of it hahaha.

super tired! give me a good rest Lord, i dont want to wake up in the middle of the night anymore :(

it's just you and me,
and all other people, and i dont know why,
i cant keep my eyes off for you (:

time for lifehouse :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

jie li (:

because kids will always make your day (:

hahaha today in kindy this boy call bryan, never met anyone as adorable as him, spilled his milk on his shirt :( so he had to change la. and i gave him this orange shirt but he merajuk and dont want to wear the shirt because his original shirt was blue in colour. then i asked him, how bryan? shame shame wor, and point to his tummy. and he said dont want natalie, dont want and cover his face, omg so cuteeeee! :)

thus i had to find another shirt which is blue in colour and thank God i did! and when i wanted to wear it for him he said no again, omg super take advantage! then another teacher came in and said bryan, this shirt natalie buy for you one okay, must wear clever boy! :) damn con kids :D champion man x)

and i thought he would have forgotten all about that shirt, but when his mom came to pick him up, his mum said, eh bryan why you wear your friend's shirt, it's not yours! and bryan said, natalie buy new one for me with the cutest voice tone that i could propose to him right then man.

bryan bryan (:

Saturday, May 1, 2010


handsome boy (:

lis, remember the nathan i always wanted? :)