Tuesday, April 29, 2008

exams fever

yeahh. exams on the way. next week.

haha. today ravi kinda got pissed with our class.

he was giving us some scary talk. and then finally the worst came.

oh yeah. by the way. your physics exams gonna be really tough. its gonna be the thoughest paper you are ever gonna sit. and hen you come out of the classroom you're gonna cry.

thanks mr ravi. tats really comforting.

not only that. i realised that he's setting the papers fro add maths too. great huh. im officially doomed .

not only that. there's one day where biology 2 and sejarah 2 in one shot.

great! just great.

haha. honestly its just a piece of paper. but that piece of paper can ruin your life. well not really. tats what the people in my class thinks. but whatever la. there;s more to life that studying. amen for that! : )


i;ll probably get screwed anyway not for exams results. you know the time when your parents come and get your results?

yeahh. tat time. i've been commiting serious crimes lately.

eg. eating in class. haha. dunno got caught fotr that how many times.

partners in crime goh jin wai and lee jun yen. haha.

oh well screw that la.

oh oh. btw go read this book.

dear john by nicholas sparks. after reading this no guy so far as been as good as this. haha. heart melters. nicholas sparks you're awesome (:
signing off.

Monday, April 28, 2008


okayy. i think i officially failed my peka
i memorized the whole discussion but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i forgot everything when i went inside the lab. seriosuly like 5 seconds after closing the book.
and with partners like jin wai and jun yen its not gonna help. hahhaha kidding guys! you were both awesome! : D
me: eh wads the discussion answer again?
jin: huh what discussion
jun: shit i remembered laa. but forgot adi.
me: great we are doomed
*stares at each other. as if the answers will pop out*
next five minutes
*stares at blank space*
and with ppl which are super selfish in my class. they wont even let you peek at theirs. its not even completely COPYING. but nooooo. they give you the *you must do yourself face*
shhesh man seriously. never learn moral. saling bantu-membantu.
but whatever laa. if i flunk i know who to blame. selfish people.
hahhaa. you know what im just talking shyte here. its memang our fault for not memorizing.
but to comfort ourselves. we just say ya lahh. selfish people. haha. we rawk la seriously.
anyway. i realised experiments are useless.
beacuse everyone copy the damn answers from the damn book. its like copy and paste thing. they dun even observe the results.
see what i mean. yeah haha.
i dun wanna fail my peka! : (
signing off!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sent from above

hahaha. was about to die yesterday.
seriously. i just realised that im very very lack behind in my studies. i kinda thought i knew what was going on but when i read back the notes from last month. poof* the first thing was what the heck.
slept at 2 plus yesterday and i had to wake up real early. well i couldnt afford to miss out on Batman x) he's so hot!! and Danny Phantom. whoooo. lol. heart melters. not forgetting Spongebob Squarepants x) but nah. he's not hot. just plain annoying and really realy funny.
haha. anyway. as i was saying yes i almost died. but then i read thins book The Prayer Of Jabez by Bruce Wilkinson (credits to kor yew juan and suzanna) : )
it was sent from above. here's the story.

One day when our children were preschoolers,Darlene and I took them to a large park city in Southern California. It was the kind of place that makes a-grown up want to be a kid again. The
park had swings,monkey bars,seesaws and slides. There wasn't just one slide,but three-small medium, and giant. David who was five, took off like a shot for the small slide.
''Why don't you go for down with him?''my wife suggested.
I had another idea. ''Hang on'', I said. Let's wait and see what happens.''So we realxed on a nearby bench and watched. David climbed on the top of his slide,waved and whizzed down. No problem.

He moved to the medium-sized slide. He had climbed halfway up the ;adder when he turned and looked at me. But i pretended not to notice. David thought for a moment, then carefully backed down the ladder one step at a time.
''Honey,'' my wife said,''you ought to go help him out''
'' Not yet,''I replied,hoping my smile would let her know I wasnt just being careless.

David spent a few minutes watching other kids climb up,shoot down, and run around to do it again. Finally his mind was made up. He climbed up all the way up..and slid down. Three times, in fact,without even looking back at us.

Then we watched him turn and head toward the giant slide. Now Darlene was getting worried. '' Bruce, I don't think he should do that by himslef. Do you?''

''No,'' I replied as calmly as possible. '' But I don't think he will. Let's see what he does.''
When David reached at the bottom of the giant slide,he turned and called out,''Dad!'' But I glanced away,pretending i didnt hear.

He peered up the ladder. To a little boy, that monster slide must have looked like it reached to the clouds. He watched an older boy go flying down the slide. Then,agaisnst all odds, he decided to try. Step-by-step, hand over hand,he inched up the ladder. but he hadn't gone up a third of the way when he froze. By this time, an older boy was coming up behind him and yelled at himto get going. But David couldnt's. He couldnt go up or down. He had reach a certain point of failure.
Irushed over.''Are you okay,son?''I asked from the bottom of the ladder. He looked down at me,shaking and hangingon for dear life. And I could tell he had a question ready.

'' Dad would you come down the slide with me?'' he asked. The older boy was losing patience, but I didnt want to miss this moment.
''Why?''I asked,peering up at him.
'' I cant do it without you, Dad!'',he said trembling. ''It's too big for me!''

I streched as high i could to reach him and lifted him into my arms. Then we climbed that long ladder up to the clouds together. At the top, I put mt son betwween my legs and wrapped my arms around him. We started laughing. Then we went zipping down the slide together, laughing all the way.

That is what God's hand is like.
You try something that's too big for you. You could fail-or you could pray. So ypu pray,''Father, please do this in me because I cant do it alone. It's too big for me!'' Then you step out in faith to do and say things that could only happen by His power.
Afterward,you shout, God did that! nobody else! God carried me, gave me the words, gave me the power-and it's awesome!''
Credits to Bruce Wilkinson-The prayer of Jabez for teens.

haha. there you go. hope you liked it! Thank you God! : D

Friday, April 25, 2008


hahaha! heyy! (:
i manage to create it!
awesomeness. second blog!
i lost my password to the first blog hahaha. yeah i know*grins* x)
people have been bugging me. well not really people but person such as.
LEE SHING YI : D -most retarded best freind ever. haha seriously. laughsfor no particular reason. calls people drunken when she herself is(not drunken drunken but that kind of druken where she wals like a crab) besides
LEE JUN YEN(no this one didnt bug me) (another retarded one) believe me. she sits beside me. go through the cycle everyday. have plans to commit suicide everyday. but never works.
CHENG JUAT LEE- dun go near her. seriously. ass whacker. profesisonal.
LISA- her life is full of climax. never anti-climax.
LIEW SOON YI- shortie : D
STEPHANIE THAM-cheerleader! *go go go*
RACHEL LAI-haha. speechless*
SUZANNA SZE AND SEE YEW JUAN-haha except for this pair, they are the best people ever. food food and more food. seriosly. nicest people ever! bestest dg leaders x)
i have the most retarded freinds on earth haha seriosuly. but thats what makes them so perfect! ; D
hormones raging today. don't know why but yeh. influnced by liesa haha!
oh btw. go listen to hans zimmer. HE'S THE BOMB.
his songs are the awesomest to the max : D
i'll upload some pictures soon. hopefully laaa (:
something wrong with this thinggg.
signing off! x)