Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CNY withdrawal syndrome

okay so penang was really too damn good i swear i actually thought of extending my holidays without the rest of my family until after thaipusam. and then i realized that i cant skip too many days of classes cos things are getting so damn hard wts, and i needed to study and catch up eventhough i worked damn hard for my mocks and screwed up anyway, i hope this scenario does not occur again.

wanted to upload some pictures of CNY! but my cam battery ran out wts, and now im recharging it but thought i should blog cos im so damn stressed :( dunno how im gonna survive for the next 90 days before my real exam, so damn scared and worried :( but its hols in KL today though! very happy one day break! but my sisters all have school and my parents ditched me this morning, dunno where are they now, forever ditch me so im all alone and should be studying which i will soon i dunno what shit life is this :(

and just made a huge discovery! not really huge huge but i can wake up early in the morning to study is a myth. for me that is. forever cant wake up, and can only stay up at night like an owl/bat/whatever nocturnal animals available for productive sessions though i must get rid of my im scared of ghost shit :(

and finally went to Craft Brews! eventhough its only 3.5 mins from my house, yes i calculated. the pork was so damn good, and the drinks, didnt know it was a buy one free one yesterday for ladies, me and ash were there, so nice! was a good catch up girl session eventhough i see her in uni everyday hahaha, and also sit beside her in every class hahaha :D rule number one : girls cannot finish conversing- about anything.

the only thing im looking forward to is to study real hard and not screw up my exam so that i can enjoy my three a half month break woohoo playing tetris and going back to penang very excited! cant wait to spend time with my grandparents and also be a driver for my sisters everyday for tuition and bring my dog for walks everyday and give free tuition to this orphanage home and wait for everyone to come back during their summer break so damn bloody excited omggg! :D huge reunion!

okeh. studeh time.