Wednesday, December 1, 2010

its almost the end

its finally december omg wtheck, and just two days ago when i was turning the calendar from november to december, i kinda, sort of, a little cried :/ emotional shit i know, wtf turn calender also can cry :(

2010 is coming to an enddd, and so are exams coming to the crappy beginning, starts on a saturday wtf, what exams start on a saturday, yeah my exams. and the best part, ends on a the next saturday, oh wonderful! there goes two awesome fridays which will be spent im sure not on studying too, my will of studying kinda died, and it sucks :/ no more passion and so called fire wtf, hahaha, unlike high school when the passion was there, sort of :)

i dont think i can handle dramas anymore in 2011, and i just wanna see other people's drama, hahaha take a break, but everyday in 2011 is gonna somehow come back to 2010 and now the quote the past will haunt you down hahaha wtf will be experienced, i practically wrote down almost everything that happened everyday, the day i went to work, the day i met bryan cutiee pie <3 <3 <3, the day bryan finally spoke to me, the first words bryan said to me, which is natolwee, i want milkmilk :) sighhh, the day i went for field trips, the day i gossiped with aunty bonita and made her my best buddy in kindy, the day i went to the effing not a help at all education fair, the day i took my driving exam, the days where i stayed up at night and talked till late on the phone, spm results, and almost every other significant awesome, happy, sad, funny days, which happened so fast and crazy.

and my only hope now is to finish my exams, and. sleeeeeep :) and wait for chinese new year, i dont care about christmas, i dont feel anything during christmas unfortunately, i mean is happy and all, but i dont :D :D :D like how i :D :D :D for cny.

cant believe my sister is in form 4 next year, :') can cry :) so big already.

i hope for everything good to be brought forward next year, and i hope to find back a part of something i lost this year, and go on a holiday, which im crossing my fingers for :)

it sucks when your capabilites are limited by the amount of resources your have, like how some people have no money to go to top unis because they charge fees that cost 50 times the amount of the money they pay for their house, or how some people think they can do anything just because they have money, and i cant believe you, of all people, you're one of the most intellectual friend i have, would say its just too bad that they dont have money to study they like and i do its such a pity, when you have no money, you might as well forgo your brains. were you even in your right mind.

wtf i think i screwed up computing :x