Saturday, February 28, 2009


i had the best afternoon nap today :)

love is not love which alters when alterations finds.
it is an ever fixed mark that looks on the tempests and is never shaken.
love alters not with time's brief hours and weeks,
but bears it out to the edge of doom.
-william shakespeare-
omg, i know right, so sweet :)

lee jun yen!

hahaha happy birthday to the best friend of awesomeness! and we have been in the same class for FREAKING FOUR YEARS! longest time i've been in class with anyone weih! thus, im really honoured! :)
you're super crazy, seriously and we've been thru so much retarded fun times, you're amazing jun, and you know it! :)
thanks for being there at times when i needed you the most :) and you know i love youuu!

hate my braces, makes me look like a. weirdo. loll. I HOPE YOU HAVE A GOOD ONE JUNNN! are we going out or not ._.

haha, i lovee youu!

Friday, February 27, 2009

thank God for fridays

cos when we use our minds, and take one step at a time,
we can do anything that we wanna do : )
blue's clues

thank you God for fridays because i know i can always look forward to it no matter how tiring the week has been and you always promise rest. fridays are one of God's greatest blessing to me ever, and mannn, I LOVE FRIDAYS :D :D :D
anyway, crazy week. exams exams exams. really tiring. and this is only monthly test i dont wanna imagine mid term. i wondered how i even survived last year's final exams.
bm was killer, wtheck IS ACAP-ACAP? my bina ayat can die. mentang-mentang? omgggg. alex is crazy. damn hard la the paper. matahari , 5 people failed. then teratai mahh die la.
and add mathss omgg. i dunno la. dont wanna think about it.
my bed misses me so much.
exams are over, sports day coming up, family day coming up, national convention for trixxon coming up, and MID TERMS COMING UP WTHECK. one thing i can learn from all these stuff is to organize my time properly and always know what my priorities are and to have good time management and blah blah. yeah yeah.
MORAL IS SO STUPID. I DONT GET THE POINT OF MEMORIZING ALL THE NILAIS! what the heck times one million. its so stupid. ARGHH. i honestly hate our education system.
anyway, i was just scrolling thru some pictures in my file, and some of them just made me really smile. hahaha, but got alot la, just that i lazy to post up all cos, im lazy. hahaha. so here is some :)

best cartoon in the world!

shing gave it to me, i know so cute! cos, got awesome owner like me ma. mwahahhaa.

stupid alwin. haha, no la, he's damn smart. seriously. i used to hate him like shit to the max last time, but we were in the same class in form four but im not so smart this year so our classes are beside each other now, haha. thanks for helping me in my add maths, and for being a good friend sometimes hahaha, you were damn ass last month okay, but nvm air dicincang tidak akan putus. OMG I KNOW MY PERIBAHASA! actually everyone also know la. ._.

bimbo shing and hann. haha.

zhiling :) she rocks. like damn alot.

thamm and derrick :) is seriously hope the dream that i dreamt never ever comes true, mwahahaha ;)

my dog. SUPER NAUGHTY LA. looks cute but never judge a dog by their picture. hahaha.

i cant find a picture of you, lisa :( got la, but wearing skool unifrom. hahah, you sure dont like one. and stupid jin. lol. actually, damn alot of pictures la, but super lazy la ._.

jin. nat.

you damn ass. i hate you!

sorry la, i buy you lok lok. ten cents one.

AND LISA, YES YES I WANNA WATCHH NOTEBOOKKKKKK :0 hahaha, we can cry our asses off after that, I LOVE YOU LIS! :D

okay my bed needs me, byee (:

Friday, February 20, 2009

fridays :D :D :D

huajieeeee (:

happy birthday awesome! :) omggg huajie so hot! *screams* hahahaha. anyway, i said whatever i wanted to say in the beautiful card i gave youu hahahaha, and i certainly hope that you like it since the card is practically saying all the good stuff in the world about you (: haha, im so blessed to have a great great friend like you jie, and to be in the same class this year is AWEHSOME! :D

i love you just the way you are, even if you get dark although i do like you being fair, go get your license and drive me, since jin wouldnt do it because he will only drive yy hahaha.

yeahh he's so gayyy. hahha kidding lahh!

and YY!

i called her out of chem class just to rant to her about crap . lollll. she's like lisa, but both different in their unique wayy and man they can take all the crap i give them. hahaha, thanks for believing in me when im about to run. not run away from home lahh, run for saringan although now i have to run again because they measured the track wrongly :/ but you're awesome and you know it (: I LOVEE YOUUUU.

yy. nat. soon. jou.


Thursday, February 19, 2009


things i realised today.
i have a big ego.
im pretty proud.


and alex is a seriously nice teacher. he's damn concern and i appreciate every thing you said about studies and how you should put in priority the important things in life and all. your children are gonna get an awesome dad mwahaha. seriously if teachers could take more interest in their students life, i think its great. but at the same time teachers are already so busy thus i dont really blame them either. thanks so much!

time to study for monthly tests, i need a miracle from God.

and thanks nick for telling me bout bk :) and ANG XIAN HUI, I LOVE YOUUUU and usha WATCHES OTH! WTHECKKK. omg seriously xian hui, if she does steal nathan from us, AHHHHHHHHH. DISASTER! and thanks for what you said :)

and I DECIDED TO TAKE BK! i think this is one of the awesomest choices i made in my life, and i have no regrets at all. thank you God, you're truly good all the time :)

awesomeness :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

biggest choice of my life

im hesitating to take bible knowledge for SPM. and i have approximately less that two days to make that choice because i have to submit the SPM form by thursday. omg im scard.

and yes, its the biggest choice of my life. so far. the usual things i need to make choices are, should i go for the party? should i go for the camp? or should i say sorry? yeahh stuff like this. im just worried i make the wrong choice.

i can barely cope with my normal subjects and yeahps.

but guess what, i think im kinda decided now because. just as i came out from bath, i remembered the verse from the bible, if you place me above every other thing, the rest will be given to you as well. something like that la. see this is what happens to ppl who dont read the bible. :/

so, now my only job is to talk to my parents and see how they feel.

and thanks yew juan for the email, you rock and i cried my eyes out reading it, because its so awesome and i just felt so great after reading it, you're super awesome and i totally love you! tell che su i said hi, and i love her too! :)

and red house has to win please, please dont feel discouraged by our marks for sukantara, we will do great, trust me, all the ajk's like sheng hao, wanhong, sharihman, yy, jenn and tze lim have been working our asses off, skiping classes to settle everything, you have no idea how tired we are.

and mind you we have spm, if you say you're busy and you have no time, i really have nothing else more to say. we can only win if we work hand in hand because merah is all about teamwork and this is not a one man show. help out in everything you can, deco's please help jenn, she needs plenty of help and runners, pls help me and tze lim, we really really need you, marchers go to sheng hao, he's a great commander, be thankful fot it.

i have no idea why saringan is a week before exam. seriously. the school schedule is so stupid.

we're gonna win, and we know it.

i hope im making the right choice.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

right right

heyaaa. valentine's day was awesome :) i finished my chemistry and biology peka and im so proud of it! :) although its mostly just copying from the book but EHH ITS NOT EASY K. must understand what you're copying too!

anyway lately i've been so caught up with school stuff not to say like im very busy also but theres lotsa stuff to do and i havent been talking to God and not putting him first in my life. i was so caught up in other stuff that i neglected the most important thing in my life that made me who i am today.

and im rlly glad that i went to dg today although i was already so tired, i sound like some CEO in a big firm mwahaha, but im not. i've got alot of things in my hands now, and i find it hard to let go.

spm is important of course but its also my last year in high school and i wanna make full use of it because i honestly regretted not involving myself in sports activities just because everyone thinks its gay so i allowed myself to think the same and just focus all on my academics which not to say im really good also, but im good with God's help all the time.

and the other day someone asked me what i wanted to do and i said tourism and hospitality maybe? or teaching kids? or maybe go to those poor countries and help them and stuff la. and he was like, huhhh. serious ah nat? felt so discouraged. but then it taught me that i should never give up on my dreams just because the whole world goes against in but to really stand up tall and be proud of it la. yeahps awesome :)

i miss my granpdarents. i really wish i can see them everyday when i come home from school. but because they are so used to living in penang i guess it would be hard to adapt to the surrounding here in kl where everything's so rushed and hectic. and if they are happy in penang, im happy for them too. because when you love someone, you just want to see them happy and awesome la and when they do, you feel great deep down inside too :)

i wanted to watch the notebook which is an ultra sad movie although i havent read the book but i dont think i should because i'll cry and cry and i'll never stop and now is not exactly a good time to cry because if i do i wont be able to finish my pidato crap , hahaha I KNOW IM JOINING PIDATO HAHAHAAHA. not funny. so great, but when i do something passionate about, i go OUT ALL THE WAY.

not to say im passionate about pidato, but for the past seventeen years of my life, i never did join any pidato and eventhough it might sound so crappy, but something worth doing is worth doing well. i think thats the quote or something la. so when i do something, its better that i do it well than not doing it at all.

damn it la. everywhere i go i see mushy people. and i keep hearing songs like how much you mean to me blah blah on the radio. i want a guy too! :( hahaha. not really la. i rather wait for the awesome one rather than just going for anyone i see. fine fine although i like think every guy is hot, not all as in, hahha nvmm. but nahh. we always wait for the best right? :)

im watching marley and me tmrr :D i think i need to stay up late to finish all my nonsense work. hmm.

i shall end with dialouges from my two good awesome friends (:

lisa, me
you dont need guys nat, you're so awesome and you have a life and you deserve someone so much better than you ever know.
thanks lisa , sighh i guess so la :/
you had a life before him and you have a life after him, who does he think he is anyway? you're an awesome rockstar and he reminds me of soya bean .___.
hahaha. i love you lisaaaa :)

juan, me
hey juan, just want you to know that i really appreciate you for everything, and just being a great friend although we are in different classes but yeahh :)
thank nat, its a privellege for me to you know, sorry i replied late, i slept early ytd :)
awwhh! you too. you rock! how the heck can you sleepso early yet you're like genius in everything and im sleeping later than you but i still suck ._. i guess quailty means better than quantity.
quantity? how many brains do you have? :) anyway, being smart is not as important as having good friends like you.

AWHH! :)

love is being there for the person thru the tough and happy times, loving the person unconditionally eventhough you know that person's weaknesses and flaws without judging but you love them despite that they are not perfect.

i'll be there for you with your im-so-pissed-look even if its the end of the world because you are my best friend nat. even if i died, i will always look out for you from above.

damn it lisa. you wont die la you bullshitter. die because of debate right. haha.

nights :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

what more can i ask for?

thank you lisa, thanks for listening me rant about bullshit in the middle of the night when we are all streesed out about debate and not about stupid stuff like this, i really really dont know what i'll do without you. sometimes i really feel like God just sent you down to dry my tears, and bulid me up even thru the shittest hours in my life when it seems like there's no point of going thru all this nonsense.

thanks for being there, every single time, with your drama and comfort that i need. what more can i ask for? :)

me: sighhh
jin: so coming skool or not tmr?
me: huh duhhhh. why not? stupid question.
jin: haha good la
me: but honestly, quite gay tmr subjects. pjk. physics. mm. dont want la.
jin: ha why not?
me: for what. damn gay. waste time only
jin: got pj ma


i love you lisa! i know jun, zhiling and weng si would listen to all my ranting too :) and jin maybe. hahaha. kidding la. jin too okay! he's like the listener expert (: help me say hi to jin you, and tell him he's very cute and awesome! hahaha. alright then, had enough for a day, nights!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

feel the fear in my enemy's eyes.

tell me WHY?
YOU'RE SO HARD TO FORGET, dont remind me,
im not over it,
tell me why i cant seem to face the truth,
im just a little too not over you.
hahaha. omg lol. i have no one i cant seem to forget that im not over with. hahaha. im not over with anyone, but lol the lyrics are just stuck in my head. hahaha. being single for sixteen years is absolutely not a bad thing okayy. mwahahahhaa.
omg im so happy, yet tired and tired and tired and happy and happy and tired and happy! :D
i laughed my ass off when i solved the parallel circuit physics shyte calculation thing. its just so funny la. i dont know why but yeahh. hahaha. probably the circuit in my brain got switched off there was too much current which killed the resistor. MWAHAHAHHAHAA. okay damn gay.
he tought me physics :D ;D :D so smarttt hahahhahahha.
okay im awesome. you're awesome! and everyone's awesome. seriously. :)
okayy byee.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


hahaha OMG CONGRATS TO BOTH OF YOUUUUUU! xian hui got the secretary post and john got vice president in their student election council and OMG THATS DAMN AWESOME! you're suppose to campaign and do banners and stuff like that unlike high school which is like, how you get your post is, you vote like there and then. so if the guy good looking then vote for him laaa. or now even worst no need to vote its pre-determined adi. omgg that call us to vote for what like thattt==''''

xian: pls vote for us because we will put your priorities in hand and make your life here in college very awesome and etc etc

in future

me: err. vote for me. because im awesome. and err. we will have nathan's fan club. and yess vote for me!

*throw rotten eggs and vegetables*

hahahaha. omg sorry. but CONGRATS AGAIN BOTH OF YOUUUUUUU! :D :D :D you are gonnna make such awesome leaders and make such big difference in the college and i wish you both all the best but you dont excatly need it because you are already both the best and xian is gonna be writing reports on how hot nathan is and john should start planning for nathan fan club and my job is just to make sure my parents allow me to enter that college. YAYYYYYYY :D

okay okay awesome. anyway. i've just been wondering for a long time since years ago but i never took the initiative to research for it. but now i did, and what i think everyone should do is sponsor a child!

why sponsor a child? well sponsoring a child means like you give around $35 a month which is about rm 115 to provide for the daily needs of a child in poor countries like africa and all those places. you can even start with just $10 which is rm 30 in various donations like buying a sheep for them or giving educational needs. according to its for kids affected by AIDS and they need money and food supply to helpthem survive and also for their medical fees and all. and the BEST PART is that you can even receive letters from the kids you are sponsoring which is like. AWESOME! :D

i think we are very blessed this days because we are all brought up well by our parents and if you think your life sucks, wait till you see their life there. they barely have food and they are living in such a poor condition that most kids actually die of malnutrition. and if you read this post, it means that youare equipped with internet access at home and mind you, those kids don't even know what the computer looks like.

i think we should all give a good start to them, to remind them just because they are borned in poor countries does not mean that they should be treated second class, and that people care for them, and we want to help out as much as possbile. lets show God's love to them because we are already so loved by God and He cares for us so much!

this programme is not restricted only to Christians or a certain religion but its for all. if you think you are capable and you do have the extra income then you can consider making a difference in these children life.

for some of us in high school, it might be a little bit hard for us, but we can always do it in a group like for example my dg (discipleship group) we might be planning to sponsor a child or see any programmes that can help make a difference in their lives. or maybe you can even visit an orphanage home or old folks home right here in PJ.

just take some time to visit a home esp the old fokes home because the people there are so poor thing, seriously, they are like so old already yet they have to just spend the remainding of thier lives alone, and those people that leave thier parents at the old fokes home without an effing good reason unless they died or something are so stupid and effing ridiculous. i will never ever ever let my parents live in the old fokes home or my grandparents because that is like. EFFING STUPID. your own parents, come on man.

here are some articles and links you can visit, which i got from the world vision website or you can just google and type sponsor a child where they are many organizations still or just simply go to

Access to education and training can change the future for millions of poor children. Your gift will go where needed most to help offer resources that support children’s education — from “big-picture” items like new or renovated classrooms, school furniture, and improved local libraries to things as simple as candles so children can study at night.
If you would like to sign up for a monthly pledge, please call 1-888-511-6511

Goat and 2 chickens

A goat nourishes a family with protein-rich dairy and can offer an ...
Read More

Share of a Deep Well

Give one share of a deep well fitted with a hand pump, and help provide ...
Read More

Hope for Sexually Exploited Girls

An estimated 2 million children are ensnared in the ...
Read More

Education for a child

"My children used to be chased away from school because they didn’t have ...
Read More end articles -->
We promise to honor your generosity and use your donation in the most effective way possible. The needs shown in this catalog reflect World Vision projects at the time of writing and the suggested donation amounts are based on periodic surveys of the countries we serve. Each item is representative of the gift category in which it appears and donations will be used to provide assistance where it is needed most within that category or to address a similar need.

hahaha. okay homeworks now! ta :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

there and then

ah, sovereign lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstreched arm. nothing is too hard for you.
jeremiah 2:17

debate today was awesome, i could have never asked for better teammates other than melanie and liqi although i did wish that lisa was there ;(

melanie is so calm and awesome, i dont think i can ever do that, she takes reply speeches and poi's in the most polite way i have ever seen and so does liqi. i kept asking liqi not to smile because that would make him not scary but he was smiling the whole way haha and yess i have awesome teammates!

and jin's brother, jin yu is damn cute! he's gonna grow up into a hot person filled with love and awesomeness with amazing brains and best friends unlike his brother jin wai who is beyond words. beyond words in a bad way.

mwahahahaaa *evil laugh* mwahahahaha

kidding la jinnnnnnnn. you know you're awesome :) right right right :D

anyway, life's been hectic lately, its certainly not easy to cope up with homeworks, tuitions, sports, debates and other things. and its just really tiring. although its not as bad as college and all, but its already february (wtheck=='' and thats not much time left till spm, and everyone keeps saying enjoy its still early, but its tough because i gotta catch up on my form four syllabus which im not good at.

and my biology teacher which instilled this passion in me to study biology in a different manner and to enjoy biology not just for the sake of exam is taking a four month leave due to personal reasons and i dont know what to do now, because so far im thankful to God that although im in second class, i have a good biology teacher which i really need and now she's leaving i dont know what im gonna do.

ravi is always pms-ing and i dont understand a thing he is teaching and oh my gawd i dont know la.

just when i thought things might work out for the better i guess it didnt.

and im gonna have to give up my dearest nathan scott <3 color="#66ffff">one tree hill , i know wtheck i havent even completed my season five and now i cant even watch it anymore. i've just gotta wait until year end after spm finishes.

and you know how much i love nathan *sighhhhhh

and the worst part is that i keep having dreams and phobias of not doing well in the exam and screwing up the whole paper to the extend that every time i just want to slack and have some fun, i get so paranoid because im afraid that i'll waste my time doing those stuff. arghhh.

and not to mention tuitions, i feel so bad already that my parents have to fetch me back and forth from tuition like three nights a week not even including of extra classes and my mum has to rush back from work and stuff like that and tuition is not free, obviously, and i feel like if i dont do well, i just feel bad la okay. i appreciate the effort by my parents and i always try not to take my tuition for granted. but sometimes its so hard.

and speaking of tuition theres tuition this monday which is chap goh meh and although im not having dinner or anything but my tuition teacher initially wanted to make the class earlier but some people cannot make it and he knows that its chap goh meh righttt, and i wanted to watch a movie with my parents and sisters and now i cant because its the normal night time again =='' im so pissed!

teacher: so how nat? mantain the class okay?
me: eerrr. but then i got plans la. plan from very long ago adi. heeh
tecaher: mantain la. cos its only you and a few more others.
me: buttttt
teacher: mantain la k
me: arhhh butt thennn
teacher: mantain k mantain k

what the heck was i suppose to say. no mehh? then whats the point of asking me ==''

i know i sound so whiney like a stupid spolied brat but. arghhh. sometimes people just need to whine. to let go. of all the hurt and pain inside. all the things that hurt thier soul.

hahhahaha omg so gay. kidding la. like suicidal only.

its whiney day so let me whine okay.

and john you're gonna do well so dont worry. whther you get elected or not, you're still very awesome!

and kai shen i know i was damn mean when i talked to you yesterday because i kept being a stupid ass , im sorry! thanks for bearing with it.

damn it. its 2 am and i need to wake up at seven for debate tmr.

im gonna have stunted growth and fat pimples and eyebags and emotional distress.

kidding laaaa. hahahahaha. im STRONG! AND MIGHTY!

haha yeah right la. i miss my bed. nights (:

Thursday, February 5, 2009


i dont get the point of living near your school, and still having to wake up early. seriously. my mum wakes me up at freaking six thirty and skool's at seven twenty. ARGHHHH. ==''

and if my sister becomes a prefect, hardi har har har, i can totally say goodbye to waking up late.

another reason to not like school.

im so tired that when i set my alarm during the afternoon at four thirty to wake up, i slept till seven.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

the ox rocks more than the fox in the sox

happy chinese niu year! :D haha the title was just put into random to make it sound like it rhymes :p

just got back from penang, the best place in the world, because the people who mean the most to me are there :) i mean except my parents and sisters and friends and God. it was great, really relaxing, although it was pretty tiring because there were alot of visitations to do, but mann its worth it! :) i really felt great spending time mith my grandparents and relatives and my parents and sisters and cousins and uncles and aunties and my dad's best friends and everyone la :D

AND OMG. I HAD THE NIGHTMARE OF THE CENTURY. i dreamt that SPM WAS TMRRRR! OMGGG MANN. and i was not even prepared and i didnt even know what papers im gonna sit for and seriously it scared the shit out of me. THANK GOD (X10000) THATS IT WAS JUST A DREAM. phewwww.
okay okay pictures!

haha thats scott, he's damn CUTE. omg mann. he's my grandad's brother's son's son which i dont know how he's related to me, but he offered me a sweet! :D hahaha. ehh you think all kids offer you sweet WITHOUT BEING ASKED BY THIER PARENTS? nooo wayy mann. omgg. you rock scott! reminds me of nathan scott. ahhhh HOT STUFF :D
haha this is owen. he's super CUTE TOO! and he talks. like super cute too. AHHH. haha kids are the best thing in the world la. played with him and adrian, his younger brother for hours and kids can never get tired. so you really need alot alot of energy to jump and scream and talk with them. which I LIKE :D
haha at lunch (:
cousin nellie. haha super naughty but super cute. love her to bits <3
thats grandpa and nellie :)
we also went to the butterfly farm. haha so pretty! :)

what else do we do when we are at penang? eat, eat and eat. food there. damn awesome! haha. i think i just added like. 1000kg.

at the beach. i really wannt spend every evening here. i felt so good at the beach. but then it reminded me of waves in physics =='' whatever. becah is the best place in the world.

grandparents and sisters.

haha this is ethan. I KNOW. DAMN CUTE. i wanna kidnapp him back man. seriously. but he's going back to aust :( he's only seven weeks old. he's owen's and adrian's baby brother. BUT OMG. DAMN CUTE :D :D :D im really assured now that i want ten kids. hahaha. ethan is just so. i dont know. awesome :) haha. ten kids right. see how. lol.
dad's bfffffffffff. hahah seriously. my mum says they are like his bffffff since secondary school. they can talk and talk and talk. and talk. and talk. one thing i really learned is that, your friends, they know all about you, and they still like you for who you are. in my dad's circle of friends, some are better off, some are not, some talk more, some are jokers, some listen, some are just who they are. and it doesnt really matter, because they like each other for who they are and i think thats really important. they meet up every new year, and im so glad that my dad gets to chill out with his friends because he really deserves it after all the bullshit he gets from his work.

i hope i'll have friends like my dad's too :)
*coughs* HAHAHAHA.

lol! guess who i saw mann. OOI CHOONG HERN AND OOI SOO MEI! LOLLL. i never met any of my friends here for the past sixteen years of my life! BUT OMG! hahaha. i saw them at. guess where. POPULAR! omg seriously mann =='' choong hern and soo mei is like. GENIUSES. seriously. ask anyone. omg why popular? WHO GOES TO POPULAR WHEN THEY VISIT THEIR HOMETOWN? yeahh you got that right, choong hern and soo mei! omgg stop it already!
the must be like. AIYOO. I NEED TO READ SOME BOOKS! too boring de. oh well, smart people. hahaha.

grandma :)

befOre i left back for kl just now, my grandparents just really encouraged me to work hard and try my best for spm which i felt really touched. i dont know why la, but i know my grandparents love me alot and they never went school last time because there was war, but they never argue on the importance of education. the most important thing was they told me was to do my best and not you MUST get eleven a's and blah blah. i really appreciate it and i treasure them so much.

i think the first thing i wanna do after spm is to spend as much time as i can with my sisters, parents, grandparents and friends because they say college years are hectic and i think no matter what happens, they are always at the tops.
now that im back in kl, i dont really much enjoy it because its back to school-stay back-tuition-homework schedule which is tiring and i dont like the education system here because all we do is just really emphasize on grades and we are thought from young based on books and books and there is so much of lacking in practical.
half the subjects im studying i dont even like because we are so lacking of choices here and our sports sucks too and other stuff. and i just hate that people keep thinking that being successful is being to able to deliever your grades well. and our sports here is like what? get a position in the club and you are considered active. this is damn gay. seriously. for you idiots who think like that, you might as well jump down the drain la. you dont even participate actively ENJOYING THE SPORT ITSELF.
but i guess theres not much that can be done but just make the best out of everything at the moment.
haha nights (: