Friday, August 29, 2008

rawrrrr ;)

haha happy friday! :D
time passes like nobody's business. and guess whatt. its 1 month and 9 days from exams. shyteeee. and i just felt like exams were just over. but anyhow.

i've gotta admit that im kinda disappointed with my results this round. okay i mean i know lah its just monthly exam and all but still. yeah yeah i know. get over it is what you gonna say but it would be a lie to say im not disappointed at all. hey come on its human's nature to get disappointed right?

haha. yeahh honestly if i didnt studied then maybe i wouldnt have been so disappointed. i mean if i dont study and dont get good results probably i'll feel like a loser. but if i dont study and yet complain for not getting good results then yeahh that's a super ass loser.

sometimes i just wanna make my parents proud yea know. i mean i know they are okay ( i hope :) ) regardless if i get whatever results. but for once i myself just wanna make them feel happ-IER. hahaha. but anyway its overr and there's nothing i can do bout it. its either i whine my ass off or start preparing for end year.
and i gotta make sure shytes doesnt happen again like 3^3 is 9. or (-)+(-)=(-).

but then again if everyone is aiming to get the first in class who 's gonna take the last placing? i guess if you give your really best then getting last wouldnt even matter to you. beacuse you know you worked your ass off. haha and i really gotta stop comparing my results with others x) i feel like a kiasu-shyte.

gotta finish my chemistry homework now. salts is kinda difficult. i dont get it! i mean honestly i dont care about salts. all i know is that salt makes your food tasty. and awesome. and it contributes to your heart attack risks. OOPS. what i meant was salts is like the awwwwwsomest chapter ever! you get to learn about potassium and chloride and lead and blah blah. so interesting! :D if im gonna hate salts its gonna hate me back and im gonna be screwed in tuition tonight. so yess salts is awesome :D

hahaha have a good weekend!

jun: natttt I WANNA DIEEEE. noo seriosly. its DAMN HARD LAAAAA.
nat: uh huh. SURE JUN. sure (pretends to strangle her)
jun: what is your problem. you wanna die is it.
nat: ==' didnt you say you wanna die. im ust helping youu.
jun: you damn gay la.

jun: eh natt. the cosine rule use which one? cos, tan, or sin?
nat:=='''''''''''' you know how to say its cosine rule right. so obviously its cosine right. if not what. tangent?

yeahh my awesome gay bestie. hahaha. we're both gay. and both awesome :D

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

albert camus once wrote, blessed are the hearts that can bend. thay shall never be broken. but i wonder, if there's no breaking, there's no healing. and if there's no healing, then there is no learning. and if there's no learning there's no struggle. but the struggle is a part of life. so must all hearts be broken?
quoted from one tree hill.

hahaha. found it interesting. tell me what you think! :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

devina (:

a very awesome member of caleb and a friend of mine is leaving to uk, winchester ( did i get that right? haha) to further her studies. she's gonna presume her a-levels there. she acheived 9A's for her o-levels back here at garden international school and we are so so proud of you dev! :) imagine getting 9A's for spm. i'll cry. haha seriously.


yeahps. she joined caleb last year and she has been ever amazing and awesome! i kinda regreted not spending more time with her. but anyway we're all gonna miss you dearly back here and come back soon aight. take care there, go meet some hot guys x) and be a blessing to others there as how much you have been to us :) love ya girl!

becca. me. dev. shing. shuk.
dev. joel. becca. jian. alex.

haha and yeahh my bengkak-ted eyes. if you watch closely. hope it goes away soon.

and guess what. school's starting tmr. i havent completed my homework.

gotta re-adjust my sleeping schedule. and here comes the chaos again. hahaha. hello new best friend. please dont make things difficult for me. im trying very very hard to love you :)

haha and yeahh late pictures from camp. met my childhood friend from primary skool during the camp. yap wai meng. he's so so different now. full of ego and oh god. perasan. never met anyone has perasan as he is. hahaa. its a compliment.

and did i mention? my first kiss. on a dummy. seriously no passion. hahaha. it was syok sendiri. you kiss the fella he doesnt move. and mine you the mouth his rubbery. and hard. real hard. AHH I STILL CANT BELIEVE THIS. hahha anyway. whatever laaa.

have a good week! :D

Saturday, August 23, 2008


camp's over! :D
although i have to admit it was better than i expected. so ohkay la (:
im too lazy to upload the pictures. shall do that when im free :)
but anyway the pictures are all white people running around pretending to know they know how to treat an injury when actually they don't. like me x)

haha anyway i successfully answered my theory i think. cpr? yeahh cant believe my first kiss is on a dummy. its damn rubbery. ohkay cut the details.

hahaha. anyway decided to re-check my eye. its been a bump there since last few weeks. seen a doctor already but mum thought better to get a second opinion so yeahps went an re-check. oh god. its probably since five when i cried when i visit the doctor. and yeahps. today it happened again. damn.

the doctor said she wanted to check thoroughly so i lied down thinking that well probably she's just gonna take some torch light and shine on it or something. before i know it. she took a needle and started pricking on the bump. SHYTEEE. it was so pain i would rather die like right there and then. i was screaming like every ten seconds? hahaha im sorry doc. she kept saying sorry through out the whole process and i kept saying NOOOO ENOUGH PLEASEEE. I CANT TAHAN ANYMORE.

shyte weih. do you know that the skin on your eyes are super sensitive. so yeahh i have no idea how to express the sakit-ness. damn ittt. haha new peribahasa. bagai kulit di mata dicucuk jarum-kesakitan yang melampau. haha nahh im kidding makes no sense.

haha its just a huge blocked gland that is stuck just beneath my eyes. so its a skin problem. not eye. hahaha anyway to those that i said i need an eye donor and im gonna get blind i was kidding k. hahaahhaha. it was just a joke. not funny i know but oh well :) so yeahsp. its hurting quite bad now. i wont die but feels like im dying.

holidays are gonna be over soon. DAMN FAST. TOO FAST if you ask me. i havent had my proper break. all my to-do-lists arent settled yet. ahh damn it. after this need to work my ass off for end year. stupid people in my class. they are all so smart. gay asses. get a life laaa ;( ohkayy fine its not their fault either for being geniuses. bUT sTiLL. havent touched my books since. friday last week.

ahh anyway. looking forward to church tmrw :D and oh well i guess i'll just follow with the flow when skool repoens. hopefully everything turns out awesome . hahaha. have fun for the next two days. or not ;( haha till then!

Many nights we've prayed
With no proof anyone could hear
in our hearts a hopeful song
We barely understood
Now we are not afraid
Although we know there's much to fear
We were moving mountains long
Before we knew we could
There can be miracles,
when you believe
Though hope is frail,
it's hard to kill
Who knows what miracles you can achieve
When you believe,
somehow you will
You will when you believe
In this time of fear
When prayers so often prove in vain
Hope seems like the summer birds
To swiftly flown away
Yet now I'm standing here
My heart's so full
I can't explain
Seeking faith and speaking wordsI never thought I'd say

ahh god you're so awesome (:

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


heya! just watched 21. jim strugges. is HOT. ahhhh. hahaha. he acted in across the univesre last time which then i thought he was already hot. but in this show. godddd. beyond words. no worries james lafferty im still a big big fan of yours :D

haha ohkay so anyway. today i felt God speaking to me through a book. was at Borders today with my sister and i came across this book. an hour to live and an hour to love by ricahrd carlson and kristin carlson. seems to me like another ordinary book but i guess this is probably a little bit different form the rest. but when i reached this certain pharagraph i really felt God wanting to really speak to me. so i listened to him.

forgiving. such a simple word but most of the time people fail to do it. i have to admit sometimes its really hard to forgive someone who probably does some serious damage to your heart or maybe just little stuff that offends you. so forgetting must be even worst. if you cant forgive then you cant forget. period.

but then again. is it that worth it to get angry over something which later you look back might seem so silly? i get angry over stuff so silly like when my mum nags me about cleaning my room or my teacher telling to keep quiet in my class or just people annoying me with stupid actions and words. its okay to get angry for a while. we are all human. all of us have feelings. but you just gotta really make sure that feeling doesnt eat you up.

i remembered in the Bible when Jesus was on the cross and everyone was really mean to him He said to God, forgive them for they dont know what they are doing. honestly if i was Jesus i would be so angry that i would probably die of angriness on the cross. how can this people still insult me and say mean stuff about me when im dying for them? so yeah Jesus really showed us the perfect example of forgiving. there He is dying for other people. and here we are getting angry over small stuff that doenst even matter.

haha its not easy. but you gotta really trust God every single time. pray for the strengh. and i wouldnt wanna die and regret for being mean and angry to someone just because they did some silly mistake. imagine with all that time you being angry with others you can make full use of that time being happy and doing other things that are beneficial. so i shall TRY REALLY REALLY HARD to not get angry when someone does somehting mean to me :)

thank you God. you give little surprises in life when i least expect it.
i love you. and jim strugges :) and james lafferty.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

do you know where your heart is?

Do you know where your heart is?
Do you think you can find it?
Or did you trade it for something?
Somewhere better just to have it?
Do you know where your love is?
Do you think that you lost it?
You felt it so strong,
but Nothing's turned out how you wanted
Well, bless my soul ( yess lord bless my soul)
You're a lonely soul (nope im not)
Cause you won't let go of anything you hold
Well, all I need is the air I breathe
And a place to rest my head
Do you know what your fate is? ( i dont believe in fate)
And are you trying to shake it?( i cant shake it if i dont believe in it)
You're doing your best and Your best look
You're praying that you make it
Well, bless my soul
You're a lonely soul
Cause you won't let go of anything you hold
Well, all I need Is the air I breathe
And a place to rest My head
I said all I need Is the air I breathe
And a place to rest My head
Do you think you can find it?
Do you think you can find it?
Do you think you can find it?
Better than you had it
Do you think you can find it? ( inside my rib cage right?)
Do you think you can find it?
Do you think you can find it?
Yeah, better than you had it (Better than you had it)
I said I all I need Is the air I breathe
And a place to rest My head ( i need proper bed time)
All i need is the air i breathe
a place to rest My head
Whenever the end is
Do you think you can see it?( no i cant. not really)
Well, until you get there
Go on, go ahead and scream it
Just say it.
one republic-say( all i need)

haha sorry im just feeling very very random. hormonal changes maybe. i feel like im drunk. hahahah. if you feel drunk and you dont take alcohol then yeahh probably. well i dont know. you tell me.

initially i thought my heart is inside my rib cage in between of my lungs or something? uh huh im no expert in biology but i guess this songs says differently. hahaha. i have not a single idea what this song is about. but its aweosmeness! :D

anyway im just in the mood to blog about random stuff.
1. lin dan is hot. noo seriously. haha he's hottt!

2. i bet everyone in my class finished form 5 syllabus and already ready to sit for SPM.

3. i need proper rest. im staying up for things which i dont even know what.

4. i wanna name my son jayden. or austin. or lucas. hahahaha. sorry this is super random.

5. cheer up kenny! :)

6. i wanna get a haircut. but i don't know which style i want.

7. i havent had appetite to eat. which is bad. beacuse i adore food.

8. i miss you lee jun yen. you and your gayness.

9. dont tell me to be something that im not. for example being quiet. i cant be quiet. so stop SHHSUHING me when i make noise. its annoying!

10. calvin and hobbes is probably the best comic strip ever. and zits too.

11. i cant wait for my braces to be taken off. which is in another 100000 years.

12. i love my sisters. they are so so gay and funny.

13. accounts class is cancelled tmr.

14. stop saying you have no time to do something. MAKE TIME for it. no one has time. but people MAKE TIME for it.

15. when you talk to me. dun speak softly. i cant hear a single damn thing when you answer me. yeah you should know who jun :)

16.i feel like eating laksa. something hot.

17. i dont't know how to solve the differentiation question in the pelangi book. question 12. forecast question. its killing me.

18. omgg this is so gayy. hahahaha. sorry im just feeling really random. and random. and random.

19. when things dont go your way. always trsut God. beacuse he knows the way better than anyone can tell you.

2o. hans zimmer is the bomb. go listen to his songs.

21. i prefer mint toothpaste than peppermint. sucks.

haha now i wanna find out where my heart is. inside the ribcage? or the lungs or whatt. screw bio.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

serving others. paradise-live concert! (:

haha happpy satday! i've been out the whole entire day. form 7 till now. which is. 11.18pm.
haha. story cut short. went to little BU today till 4. went dg. had dinner at mamak. and paradise-live concert! (:
anyway today at dg, i learned the most interesting thing.

to serve others. with a heart.

hahaha, today su and yew juan bought a bucket of water to wash our feet! remember the parable in the bible about jesus washing his servant's feet? haha yess. su and yew juan decided to show us an example of being a good servant by washing our feet! (su said not to post the pictures of her washing our feet hahaha)

i have the BESTEST dg leaders in the world. have fun at london, toronto and where is the other one. europe is it? i forgot. sneak me in your luggages! you promised ;( after the last time you left me and shing behind for your honeymoon at italy :( sobs.
i love you both. like nuts :)

shing washing timmy's legs.

devina washing mine x)

honestly. i was kinda shock. but seriously. it opened my eyes to many many things. do you know that by being a servant to others is an honour to God. accrding to the passage in the bible. the son of man came not to be served but to serve and gave his life as a ransom to many.

yess God says that we should always serve one another. with a sincere heart. Jesus thaught us that greatness is to be found in humble service. most of the people in the world today think that graetness is authority and power to rule over stuff. and God blesses us with gifts to serve others! maybe you have a passion with kids or musical instrument or mission trips. gotta seek God for it!

i guess for me God blesses me with the right words to say whenever i need to give encouragement to someone. and God gives me a heart for children and the poor and needy. God certainly blessed me with a cheerful hyperactive heart for others. and i really hope that i would be able to glorify God's name by serving him in these areas (:

thank you su for this awesome topic! (:

haha. and we went mamak for dinner! devina. tim. su. juan. shing the bimb. and me! :D

thanks juan and su! we enjoyed it! more mamaks? :)

mamak! juan. su. shing. dev. me. tim missing in action (photographer (: )

my retarded bimbo friend.

haha. nexttt. paradise live concert! honestly today there is another function at jin's house. haha me and shing was really in a dilemma to go but we had to make a choice whether it was jin's place or worship at church. i really wanted to go to his place after him publishing pictures of his ultra nice super duper awesome house. its superbbb nice. but finally we decided to put God in priority. haha. we love you too jin! :D (yy's gonna kill me) . we'll drop by some other time :D

i know that i never regret making this decision and perhaps church was where God wanted me and shing to be (:

the band.

shing-my second wife.

first wife-juat lee. second-shing. third-karmun (currently divorcing but not yet. lawyer fees not enough)

hahaha. im kidding. im straight. too straight x)

the band. with us! shing. becca. nat the awesome :Dthe hot guy in the band. HAHAHA. supposedly to be shing's. whatever. he's hot. but we're posing like kids so he doesnt look that hot here. hahah. no seriosly. he's superrr hot. hahahahaha. but me and shing thinks he's married. he has a ring on his finger. WHY MUST ALL HOT GUYS BE TAKEN? :( sigh. haahahahaha.i love this woman. as reatrded as she is. she's awesome :) i wont be seeing her til lnext week. usually we see each other every single day. including weekends. haha. can married already la. i cant believe im sayong this. but im gonna miss you :(


and im starting to miss jun yen :( and juat lee. and zhliing. and lisa and her everyday drama. and stupid ass jin wai whom annoys me like nuts everyday. sigh. one week. but holidays people! :)

time to get quality sleep! and catch up on bio. and physics. and add maths. and mod maths. and mora. and sej. and bm. and english. basically everything.

nights! (:

I love you God. amen :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008


i did the silliest mistake in the whole entire universe.
i had to pass up a report for trixxon tmrw. and ohkay although i was so reluctant to do it FINE i will.
and so begin the journey of an idiot trying to figure out how to write a friggin report.
and after hours of thinking and bullshitting i finally FINISH IT!
hooray! celebrate good times come on! :D


cut the ceLebration part
i closed the window WITHOUT SAVING IT!
I FEEL LIKE DYING. like right now.
i was too pissed to even cry. yes i was expecting for some flood in my house but yeahh i was so pissed i nearly died.

please tell me what kinda of an idiot would do that?


RUINED MY DAY. GRRR. but its ohkay its finished :) but oh well. i did it half heartedly. so its not so awesome anymore. WHATEVER LA.

i will MURDER anyone who says its not good enough. im not gonna re-type it againnnn!
thats actually meant for you chern yao (: haha


anyway. i shall end with this song. sing to the mat kool tune (:

nat khoo nat khoo kawanku
mari kita ikut nat khoo
main main selalu
syoknya syoknya ada nat khoo! :D :D
jom kita pergi!
nat khoo!
ta de ta de de de.

(soon yi and jun yen)- copyrighted (;
nestle creates the best songs. i like the coffee song too! :D by nestle too. they create good food. and awesome songs! :)

me: i love you juat
juat: i love you too nat! awhh
me:i love you jun yen
jun: i love me too!

gay bimbo lee jun yen :D haha im kidding!

have a good weekend!

Monday, August 11, 2008

last weeekkk! : D

can you believe it? its already august! oh wait. ending of august. yeahh time flies like nuts. ohkay not like nuts fly but seriously. before you know it. SPM? ahhhh dun even remind me.
anyway its monday! the day of the week which is dreaded by everyone. except me! haha im kidding. i hte mondays too. but in the process of liking it! (:

test test test. the one phrase if life in high school which i never liked because to me tests only means these.
1. you get to prove to the whole wide world how genius you are by not scroing only 100 but 101 marks for every paper.
2. it means you are doomed and you know that you are so left behind in everything and when you get back your results you know how TRULY WELL you suck. before this you know only know you suck but not how bad it is.

haha. im not number one which leaves me choiceless that i have to take option 2.

and dun even start telling me that tests are good beacuse it makes you study more and know your standard and blah blahhh blahhh. like i dun have enough of those moralistic values proven by the people in my class.

oh great i just remembered moral test is tmrw. shyte. i never touched my moral book since mid term. WHY DO I DESERVE THIS! :(

haha but to look on the other side, su told me to start praying for others in the world who are suffering from poverty or loss of loved ones to change my perspective of exams. well its really true. all my life all i worry about is mostly exams and some other stuff. but there are people out there who are upset and disappointed by so many other stuff that are WAYYYY more important than exams. so exams are not everything.

haha exams are just a small chunk that takes up your life. working would probably be way worstt. thats at least what i see and what i hear form countless people. high school is probably the awesome years of your life.

you worry about things like exams which you might find it funny next time. you complain you are gonna die when you never do. you change your mind about which guy is hot like in ten seconds. you gotta rush for datelines for homeworks and projects but in the end everything sorts out well (well most of the time. not everytime x) ) and you probably dun have to worry bout bills and statements because your parents manages them. haha.

trust in the Lord all the time!
he's gonna give you the best years if your life :)

for nothing is impossible with God (luke 1:37)

have an awesome week!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dear God,
i need you more than ever now.
help me to know that you're always always there no matter how many times things fail me in my life.

no matter how many times i stray away.
no matter how many times i doubt it.
no matter how many times i think im right
no matter how many times i never put your opinion first.

thank you for being the ever available friend
thank you for being the amazing loving dad
thank you for not failing me once even though i failed you so many times.

i love you dad.

amen :)