Tuesday, May 29, 2012

deliver us

busiest most exciting week ever! working at the kindy for a week cos they are having holiday camp and they need help and so im working with my sister so happpyy! the best part is, always always always, that we only need less that 3 minutes to reach the kindergarten yeahyeahyeah! (Y) just got back from perlis/penang two days ago and it was great! really tiring cos we had to be at the stadium for really long hours but i was very excited to see everyone running! i think the one thing i have learned while i was still running/doing sports, (now probably just get disqualified at the first round) is that no matter how scared you are and how tired you are, you just never give up. even if you are last. i was very very very awed by the runners' performances, they were great and even if they didnt win they deserve every respect from the audience for all their endless hardwork and determination. their mental strength blew my mind off and i only could wish i was at least 1/10th as good as them!

and so, yesterday was the first day of work at kindy, and i had fun! the theme of the camp is spy camp! so exciting! i get to be agent N! hahaha. also had my mum's bank scholarship interview the only thing i was scared of was that i would lose my way when i go down to kl and not be able to find the building wtf. but 10 minutes to the interview i freaked out like shiatt but overall the interview went quite smoothly i hope :( they asked me stuffs like. what do you think about the ptptn loan, should we abolish it? should we mantain it? walao i really have to start reading the papers more, my general knowledge level negative :(

and tomorrow we are going to the pizza factory for field trip! so fun! i really hope the kids have fun! and meeting lis tmr omg ever since exam started we just studied like crap and postponed so many outings until FINALLY :D so excited really cant wait! and going off for We The Kings! :D cant wait cant wait! :D and on Thursday my mum has bribed me with pasar malam to pick her up from the LRT station so that she doesnt have to drive, i mean walao no need to bribe me la please i would pick her up anywhere as if like i will only pick he up if she bribe me walao damn sad. but since she already offered her bribe, why turn it down right! loklok and laksa here i comeee! :D

and meeting up with tuition friends form high school lol on friday! so exciting! havent seen everyone for so long! yay yay yay! still waiting for Nestle to reply my internship application, reply me Nestle pleaseeeeee! this internship app thing is scaring me, i didnt wanna work at first but EVERYONE IS WORKING TT die. 
pengaruh rakan sebaya.

this is totally unrelated but. sometimes in life, we give away whats important to us to other people. and then they hurt us because the things we give away are given to the wrong people. but one day you realize even if you have given it away to those wrong people, you can always take back what belongs to you. because ultimately, its yours anyway and nobody has the rights to take it away from you.
just saying.

oooyeahhhhh good week! and sister is hooked on big bang theory, im so proud of her :D

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

family support!

okay so now i really really know where i get my last minute plans will work out genes from. well so apparently i just found out, 2 mins ago then we'll be heading to perlis tomorrow while stopping by at penang (goodie!!!!) to support crystal in her track events for MSSM! i mean i would love to support her and give her all my love, but one night before. seriously. and well apparently crystal doesnt know cos my mum called her this morning and she said please dont come mummy, i will be to terrified to run and you will ruin my performance. and so now the plan is we are going to just sneak into the stadium and peak at her running and never tell her we went there. whutttttttt -_______- if im going im going to bring a freaking band to support her. but im damn broke considering how much it is to hire a band :(

so yes, packing bags now though i have no idea what is in perlis TT the only bribe my parents are offering me is  two days in penang for good food! cant wait to see my grandparents and cousins and uncles and aunties eventhough its just for a few days!

Monday, May 21, 2012

freedom never felt better

haiiiii!!!!! hahaha im not dead yet! havent updated for months, im so happy im doing this! exams just ended a few days ago, im so so so so relieved, its almost to a point of finding that my life is filled with meaning again after exams wts. yeah its that bad.

workload its that bad. seriously. sometimes when i come online all i wanna do is just do something that doesnt require thinking. like reading something or talking to other people because my social life has been that dead too, sometimes i feel guilty to go out for dinner with my own family wtf because i have so much shit to do during the weekend to cover back everything that i cant catch up during the weekdays. but its most probably due to my super incredible way of managing my time im a sucker for keeping to schedule and i take longer to complete everything i plan. like if i plan to do three things during the weekend i would end up only doing 1 thing cos i take so damn long to finish it.

tadaah this is my pery collection after succesfully cleaning my room. random but yes! and im so so relieved now! i finished watching the whole season 5 of big bang theory in two days so happy and so funny! and im almost done with gossip girl! although i find it quite annoying now but cant keep my eyes off their clothessss so damn nice can faint :( organized all my notes so happy! :) (dear god, please please please let me not ever use those notes again and also probably sell it off damn bloody expensive the amount i paid for it) cos if i do means i would have failed a paper. most likely statistics 2. oh god the thought of it makes me want to cry but whatever is done is done no need to talk about it anymore k thanks. and god please dont let me fail any other papers too :((((( okay so scared now.

but good times ahead! never been happier and i am going to do everything i have planned for this summer break! this is going to be a good good break and i cant wait! yayyyyyy!