Tuesday, September 30, 2008

grammpa&yew juan

26th sept.
happy birthday grammpa! :) ahhh hahaha. im glad you're still healthy, and funny. and ever loving and awesome (:

i really hope you had fun celebrating! really really miss you alott!

sigh. i love you grammpa (:


29th sept.

eh i didnt fogret! hahaha. happy birthday see yew juan! ahh you're back. NOOO. hahaha. anyway you've been awesome and awesome! you're an amazing friend and nonsensical at times.

life would be boring without you defitnetly.hope you had a great one!

have all fun! hugs!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

im awesome

there dont deny it. hahaha.
i am so screwed. exams are appoximately less than three weeks. omgggg.
im scard. haha honestly. if you're not then you can just go jump down the building laa.

anyway yesterday when i went to the mall with my mum and sister i saw this old man. he's around 7o plus maybe? close to eighty laa. and it was saddening la. he was scramping his wallet trying to find for money to pay for something. i mean i know its gay but yeahh i nearly cried cause its really haertbroken-ing. noo im serious. and after than he walked alone pushing his trolley down the escalator. he looked really weak and old.

and then i saw this another old man. somewhere near the row of restaurants and Curve. he was rich and full of bling-bling and big phone and sparkling watch. but there was something missing in him la. he didnt look happy and he was just walking around alone probably trying to finish his day off and all. so yeah two stuff that was not very nice happened in one day.

call me nuts but i dont like seeing old people walking around the mall ALONE. it sucks. especially those already so old and all they want is probably some time with their kids or something. i'll never ever let my grandparents walk alone in the mall or anywhere else. that is just the gayest thing ever.

haha should be off to khalifah's and kerajaan blah blah right now. i cant even write a proper essay for english. let alone sejarah. i can die. i need a super super miracle right now. 62 for chemistry and mod maths. yeahh im in deep shit.

hahaha so long then! :D
God's awesome :D ;D ;D :D
edward cullen is awesome tooo. and james lafferty too:D :D

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

blah blah.

im supposed to be studying now but i guess things dont always go as you want it to. its a cruel world out there. hahahaha. yeahh im just talking nonsense. obviously rightt. then everyone who doesnt score well can just say OHH ITS A CRUEL WORLD. THE WORLD IS UNFAIR. then tada! you dont have to be responsible for it.

you know whatt. i dont know what i am talking about. really. hahaha exams are coming! its not something to be really happy about right? yeahh im doomed. but this time i decided to not panic and focus! haha sounds like an awesome plan right? yeahh obviously wont work on me laa. focus my butt. ahhh. its less than a month from now. but seriosuly whatever. im sick of worrying and whining. im just gonna go along with the flow. hopefully i get to glorify God with my results la. but even if i dont get like super 101 marks for exams im just glad enough if i know that God has been with me through out the whole journey. hahaha.

the only thing im only looking forward to now is.

1. sleep marathon!
after exams that is. sleep and sleep and sleep! call me a pig or whatever laa i dont care. compare to my amount of my sleep this year and last year its like 1 million hours difference. heyy i've got only at least one more year to grow okay. i need all those rest to make me grow taller ;)

2. cleaning my room
my room looks like its been struck by hurricane and tsunami. my books are under my bed. my clothes are on my table. shall not elaborate further.

3. outings!
haha i owe a lot of people outings. ahh. jun yen. juat lee. zhiling. kai ma. steph. and dunno la. alott of people ;(

4. christmas!
WHOOOO. AWESOME TIME OF THE YEAR. hahaha. to know again how God has been really awesome to us. without fail everytime from 2000 years ago till now. amazing right? :D

5. movie marathon
i have to get my hands on ONE TREE HILL. i need quality time with james lafferty! :) :) :) damn it laaaaaa. HE'S SO HOTTTTT! nathan nathan nathan. ahh. plenty of discs that i havent touched or knew existed at my house.

ahh. need i say more. EDWARD CULLEN! haha i know zhiling is sick of me saying his name already. but whatever. hE'S HOTTTT. everyone was spectaculating bout him and the book and i thought very good meh. sure another lame nonsesne story. but crappp. totally took my breath away man.

7. grandparents and parents
yeahh i really really really wanna spend more time with my grandparents and parents. yeahpss. hopefully we get to go or a vacation somewhere or just stay at home and chill out.

8. God.
haha yess with God too. havent been spending lots of quality time with Him. so yess. looking forward to it ;)

9. kids.
nooo. i dont have kids. but maybe going over to jaz's mum's working kids place or to an old fokes home la. its been on my long term goals for a very long time and im disappointed to not have done it. so yeass whatever it takes im gonna wanna visit some homes.

10. have a good rest and prepare for another rollercoaster year.
hahaha. SPM. like you dont know already.

tv now! :D

Sunday, September 21, 2008

dinner : )

hahaha. last friday decided to makan dinner before chem tution with a bunch of retards.
so anyway met up with weng si, sam, suzanne, wee liam, steph and celine ( uhh sam's kawan). hahaha. lazy to put captions. so yeahps : )

sam. suz.

daddy : )
my eyes are damn retarded. stupid shytee. i look like a zombir laaaa. ><

dont ask me. wth takes picture after half way eating the food?
samantha does. hahaha.
im so tired! tata!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

reason to love?

hahaha. hello!
holiday today! :D planned to wake up early and study but obviously failed. so whatever laa.
haha anyway i just heard this song played on the radio. its some oldies but this part of the song captured my attention.

love me for the reason, let the reason be love.

haha i dont't know laa it just snapped like that. so i decided to well wirte a post bout it. since its holiday anyway! :)
hahaha anyway before i start. let me say this. NO I AM NOT IN LOVE WITH ANYONE. besides edward cullen. and james lafferty. noo seriously because there are people who only reads the post title and the next minute you know my phone starts beeping and messages like NAT I CANT BELIEVE YOU DIDNT TELL ME. or. OMGG NAT WTH. WHO'S THE GUY. TELL ME TELL ME. yeahh so to clarify. NOPEEEE I DON NOT LIKE ANYONE. SO YESS. CHILL. :) ohkayy i shall start with it : )

haha personally i think when you really like someone you like someone because there is no reason for it. because you just want to. full stop. easy rightt? but sometimes when we show our affection to someone we hope that the person will show back as much love as we did to them. or maybe if we hope for more, we hope that they will show much more than we did. i mean its not wrong or anything but if we love someone because of that then we might probably get disappointed. or hurt.

haha. so i guess when we truly love someone or if you really like the person, you dont need a reason. its just like that. snaps! and well yess. when you really like someone you just really want that person to feel awesome. and brilliant. safe. that he/she does not have to worry or doubt you. and of course you gotta feel awesome too when you're with that someone. no doubt about that. if not then maybe its just infatuation.

no need a reason. it's just like that. its so awesome right? hahaha. so really. start loving others because you want to. beacuse you sincerly want to give that nice feeling to someone out there who probably hasnt got it. and it doesnt have to be HUGE houses. BIG cars. BUNCHES AND BUNCHES of flowers. SPARKLING diamonds. those stuff are only temporary. if you died today. you cant bring all those stuff to heaven. haha. it will rot. and die. and rust.

just call up someone that you havent talk to for sometime. or maybe share your food during recess. or text someone which probably wont even cost you 5 cents. i think. i dont know how much does sms costs. haha. or borrow your peka work to a friend who needs to copy it. hahahaha. like how yee wen borrowed me hers. thank youu! took me ten years to finish copying=='

and its not only those mushy mushy love only. hahaha its all different kinds of love. like to your friend. or family. or just to anyone else. so please please dont think its only those romeo-juliet love. haha.

i shall end this post with a verse which im sure many of you are really famiiliar with ;)
love is patient. love is kind. it does not envy, it does not boast. it is not proud. it is not rude, is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered. it keeps no records of wrongs. love does not delight in evil but delights with the truth. it always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always peserveres.
1st corinthians 13:4-8

haha skool tmrr. grr :( nights!

and noo im not in love with any guy. sheesh. unless you decided to read this post from bottom. hahaha. unless its edward cullen. or james lafferty :D :D :D
nights ;)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

su. jung. lisa. edward.

ahh been exhausted like crapp.
so tiredddd! well partly its gotta do with some weird medicine i've been taking.
well wahtever it is.

quiz of the day.

what do the four people above have in common?
haha no laa. not like all their birthdays fall on the same date but its approximately close to each other. haha. im so sorry for the late post x) but better late than never! : )

suzanna sze (:
7th sept.

hahaha. probably one of the bestest friends i ever have :) happy birthday su! you've been ever awesome ever amazing and truly an exception. thanks for the endless BBQ'S and sleepover's and your crazy uplifting spirit. haha. and syok sendiri-ness.

in church. sitting down during sermon.

su: eh thats a very nice hand bracelet. its really really nice where did you get it from?

nat: =='''' you bought it when you visited thailand.

su: haha i know! LAUGHS.

hahah have fun at U.S now. the sneaking in luggage plan failed wonderfully. hahaha. been missing you and yew juan both like crap! cant wait for DG next week. love ya su!

chua jung kiang.

11th sept.

sucker! hahaha. everytime i see you either
number 1: insult me

number 2: tell me some lame story which unfortunately i always fail to believe. gay shyte.

number 3: insult me more.

hahaha. and im still older than you ;) hahaha. you're finally sixteen! you've been awesome. yeah rightt. thanks for everything jung! though at times you can be such an ass! GRR. just kidding.

jung: wanna go buy currypuff today nat?

nat: ohh ohkay! where where where? its been ages since i ate it.

david: taman tun there. the uncle comes every week once only. we walk there together la.

jung: yeha la. got alot of flavours. its special curry puff. strawberry chocolate and a few more la. special curry puffs.

nat: ==' dun bullshit me again. you serious or what. you all damn gay la

jung: WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM. gives the im-gonna-punch-you-face. now invite you you say we bullshit. it came out at star metro. la. stupid.

nat: sure ma. damn ass la you. always lie wan.

jung: mether. he's damn famous okay. he goes from sarawak and perak to even here at KL okay.

huajie, tsekai and ram gives the approving look.

nat: oh yeah sure sure.

jung: damn ass. fine la now. whatever la nat. whatever. seriously. so much for invtitng you.

nat: OHKAY LA. yoo. oh crap. i cant laa today! dannnn it! i got tuition NOOOO. eh please help me buy i give you the money now. please please please.

jung: cannot. you want you must go yourself.

nat: WHY. you all damn selfish la. cant even buy for me. selfish orang.

david: its not we dont want to buy for you. its he dont let. cannot take away.

nat: what the hell. what bullshit is this. where got shop dont let you take away wan. why cannot take away?

david: he'll take the gun out and shoot you.

=='''''''''''''. speechless.

lisa the hyper.

14th sept

ahh. when there's lisa there's drama. haha. small but noisy. oh well happy birthday dearest lisa! you've been crazily nuts, entertaining us with bizzare stories bout you and your guys. you're always having your hyperventilating moment ;) hyperly active and someone for many of us to lean our shoulders on. ahh we love you lis! and no matter how many stupid guys hurt you or whatsoever. we still love youu! thanks lisa for being a spectacular friend. bff's! <3>

what a picture lisa. what a picture. in our stupid gaylord class. haha. hugs!

edward tan hau yon

16th sept.

which is today! happy birhtday edward! though you're not as charming and breath taking as edward cullen :D :D hahaha. IM KIDDING LAAAA. you're better that him in many ways! x) haha you've been an extrordinary friend and yess. you're awesome. so happy 17th! you're not 17 everyday so enjoy it! go take you driving license or something then drive me out! :D haha have a great one hau yon! ;)

haha thus end this post for four very beautiful and blessed friends :) may God continue to really truly bless you in every step of your life as how you've been to so many others around you!


Saturday, September 13, 2008

caramel :)

heyy yeahps. been a long week. been busy ;(
haha. anyway something really sad happened this week. not to me but to my awesome best buddy ;(
jun yen lost her dog of almost fourteen years due to a very unfortunate car accident.
caramel is like jun yen's best best best buddy ever. she's always talking about caramel since i ever knew her. she love caramel as much as i love God.
caramel is gone now. but she is probably one of the most ever blessed dog ever because there are some dogs out there being eaten and treated like shit by their stupid owners. those people can just go die.

hahaha thats jun yen and caramel (:

she's so awesomely cute right? hahahha. though i never really knew caramel she's really important to jun yen. and well it sucks to see her upset and not be able to do anything bout it.
but whatever it is. caramel is probably one of the best thing that ever happened in jun yen's life ;)
so cheer up jun!
caramel=jun yen which also equals to nat ;)
i love you jun! and i love you too caramel :)

Saturday, September 6, 2008


i wasted my life at school today playing mafia. ahh. and i got the stupid job twice. a freaking spy. huajie and jung kiang reformed the game into some mutated new version of mafia.
in our mafia we have.
1. mafias of course
2. werewolf.
3. spies
4. doctors.
5. godfather?
6. herbalist (=='''''')
7. detective
8. prosdidues. how jung kiang likes to pronounce it.

hahaha. there goes my plans to finish up my chemistry homework which is due tomorrow. yeahh. teruk. tak ada disiplin langsung. yeah yeah whatever laa.
and im in love with edward cullen. CRAPPPPP HE'S DAMNNN HOTTTT! AHHHHH.
the way the authour describes it. crapp. he's like the perfect guy everrr.
yeah yeah i just started reading twilight now. wherelese everyone has already completed the final book.but better be late than never rightt.

so yeahh exam is next week. they decided to have a monthly exam every month wth? im dying with just one monthly exam and now they wanna have an exam every month. damnn gayyy.
zhiling saud she felt like throwing 1 million on the floor for getting 95 for add maths,
i got 50 for add maths. which means i felt like i threw 50 million on the floor.

ahh. whatever LAA. off to a play now. have a rotting weekend. cos mine is GONNA BE (:


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

tongue tied.

sometimes when you're young you think nothing can hurt you. It's like being invincible. your whole life is ahead of you. and you have big plans. big plans. to find your perfect match. the one that completes you. but as you get older you realize that its not that easy. it's not until the end of time that you realise plans you made were simply plans. at the end when you're looking back instead of forward, you want to believe that that you made most of what life gave you. you want to believe that you're leaving soemthing good behind. you want to have it all mattered.
quoted from one tree hill

:) nahh just random quote which is well. awesome. hahaha. its kinda whatt im feeling now. i mean not all la. partly of it. ahh. hahaha i cant help it. haha im not EMOOO. NEVERRRR. nor am i DEPRESSED. hahahaha. its just well emotional roller coasters which im sure its very very NORMAL :D hahaha before you know it. i'll be hyper and gayy. and awesome :) hahahaha. if you think im crazy emotional and nuts wait till you meet lisa. hahahaha. right jun? ;)

anyway. long day. and yeahh tired. ahh. AND JIN WAI. can you stop being so mean. seriously. PFFTTT MULTIPLY 1000. hahaha. you're awesome but sometimes you can be a total ass! >(

nahh, you're still my awesome friend. but seriously. STOP IT. grrr.

later. i've got 100000 homeworks to do. tata!

during recess before getting food.

nat: oh crapp zhiling. i left my money in my wallet. borrow me first. pay you back later
what i meant to say was. my money in class. obviously its in my wallet right.

while queing up
cikgu. ada kentang lagi?
it was supposed to be aunty =='

after recess.
eh zhiling. i think there's a tongue stuck on my food.
supposed to be. there's food stucked on my tongue
gayness. tata!