Wednesday, October 27, 2010

trains and time

is it me or am i just especially tired today zzZZz. cant wait to go home from college to my nice comfy bed, likey yay yay! :)

so anyway, since im taking public transport to college somedays, when i dont have the same timing with my class and aggy's class, thank you for fetching me home aggy! :) i think, it sort of opened my eyes to alot of things and new discoveries, hahaha. public transports take up a lot of time, because sometimes buses have to go all the way to different places and im like eh! didnt we cross this place already? omg did i fall asleep, or what, but mainly the bus is just making one round like in the whole ttdi, and with my awesome geographical skills, i obviously suck in recognizing roads, which i inherited from my dad, hahaha :)

and people in malaysia, are psycho! aggresiveness as if like there is free supply of food for the rest of their lives waiting for them in the bus if they get in first, they push and they dont queue up and they cut queue and they are rude. the first time when i was waiting for the bus, there were just a few aunties and some working people, and i thought all of them seemed very polite , but when the bus came tada! like craziness please. but i guess its sort of survival skills, and you sort of have to take care of yourself because other people wont kind of thing. so i guess my survival skills kinda improved :D i think. hahaha.

and im extremly thankful that we have two cars, thank you God! some people have to take buses even on weekends or whenever they need to go anywhere because cars are so freaking expensive in malaysia with their stupid taxes, DAMN HIGH TAXES, and cars in overseas are so much more affordable, MUCH MORE AFFORDABLE. and especially older people who have to take buses, i've seen quite a few, and it really breaks my heart because sometime people wont even stand up for them WTF. stupid citizens, either their blind or else, they ought to most probably be heartless shit, screw you asses! or pregnant ladies, especially since buses are shaky and unstable :(

i really need to start learning how to drive, because, its a disgrace, really. i mean what is there to possibly be scared about right on the road, except for crazy drivers, and scary roads, and accidents hahah, im scared :( i need this motivation list like, how i cannot depend on my future husband to fetch me everywhere, or how i wont be rich enough to afford a driver, and how i need to pick my kids up from school, and all those nonsense excuses to boost my ego and courage. I NEED TO DRIVE.

farmville is taking up alot of my time, but its so darn addictive :( wasting my life on a freaking virtual farm!

two more days to friday, oh so happy yay, until the lecturer just mentioned freaking seconds ago, IT HAD TO BE RUINED with an extra replacement class, WHY LA WHY :( heh though its just 11-1230. BUT STILL LA WHY. wake up early, take bus and die :( my happy friday is gone forever, cruelty!

absence makes the heart grow fonder? my ass.
please dont justify, oh wait, it never did.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


just opened fb and i saw this 25 random things about yourself, quite cute! :) funny things about friends you dont know about, and i tired doing it, but i thought it would be nicer to post it here rather than fb, lazy to tag people, as usual :p although noone reads it, but it's just for fun :)

1) having God in my life helps me to love and forgive easier :)
2) Meet the Robinsons is my favourite movie in the entire world, and always will be.
3) i love chinese new year, not because there are lots of money coming in to fill my wallet lol, but because i get to spend time with my grandparents and the rest of my family.
4) i grew up with one tree hill, and i will never get bored watching it :)
5) red is my favourite color
6) the i really mean im sorry and i would want to make it up to you means more than the im sorry for screwing up part for me.
7) my favourite part of the mall is the bookshop, hahaha! whether im reading the books there dont really matter, just like being there :)
8) my favourite word is to the max, love you to he max, shit you to the max, tired to the max :)
9) i believe that one should always start a text by saying hi or reply a text by saying hi first, it makes a difference.
10) whenever im angry or sad or disappointed about something which i cant possibly amend, i'll drown myself with LOTS work so that i'll sleep straight away when i hit the bed and not think about it.
11) i shall make sure my kids learn a music instrument, unless they dont like it.
12) old people sitting alone during meals, having to say bye to my grandparents everytime we go separate ways, sad movies, books and song make me cry.
13) im afraid of ghosts, lol wtheck hahaha, im afraid to open up to people. like they might just sell all my secrets away if i offend them in anyway :/
14) im quite kiasu at times heh .
15) i dont see a point in expressing what i feel about it if it isnt going to get any better after doing so.
16) i love my high school friends, some :p
17) i type all my texts in small alphabets unless im pissed off lol.
18) only pyjamas are allowed on the bed hahaha, no other clothes, dirty :(
19) sometimes when people are sad and i cant find the words to say to them, it upsets me in a way.
20) the person on text and the person on the phone and the person i see physically should be the same kind of person they really are inside.
21) im damn scared of driving :(
22) i think if you love and care for someone, you mum, your dad , your sisters, or whoever, you take an effort to find out what they like and love, because it matters to them, and they matter to you.
23) before i die, i must attend a lifehouse concert :)
24) im afraid of spinning things, like the fan :/
25) having bobby in our family is awesome! :)

make your own list, i would wanna see! :)

have a great sunday! :)

trust me, i tried.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

growing up

omg a boy in kindy is gonna celebrate his birthday and i used to teach him and he is so adorable omgg! :') his name is chi joo, and he'll tell me super alot of stories although he's like, only three and he'll cry to the max everyday in school and challenge of my life man, train my arms, now got muscle already, everyday carry and pat him on the back :')

im so excited to get his present, and i was at curve the other day and i thought that maybe thomas and friends got only like a few items la right, but there is a whole section on books, tumblers, files, bags, food containers, wth -__- so i totally failed to decide, because all look super cute okay, and now i dont know how. last time where we got bother what bottle we use one -___-

the joys of seeing kids grow up, which is not entirely true because i cant imagine when bryan grows up :( not like he still remembers me, waste all my freaking effort of sneaking him a few chocolate cookies which he loves, and giving him his milk extra early, damn bias i know hahaha, and giving him his favourite bed all the time, must be blue color one, if green color, he will switch the bed with the other blue one, omg so freaking cute :') and the blanket must be the same one, why are kids so smart now, i dont even remember how my blanket looks like when i was younger and not like i really cared heh :)

beginning of this year was the best time of my life, i was super contented with everything i had, although it was damn freaking tiring, but it was good :)

and so will it be forevermore :)

Friday, October 1, 2010


work work work.

charlie st cloud was a disappointment :(

scared to the max :(