Tuesday, March 31, 2009

family day! :)

trixxon is organizing a family day, or lets just say a carnival la okayy. where there will be great food and games and all the fun in the world! ;) and alott of cool awesome stuff like clothes and PAWS booth there and me! :D kidding lahh. haha. anyway here are the details! :)


date: 5th april 2009

venue: central park, one utama

organizer: the best people in the world! haha no laa, trixxon and smkbud 4

and you know what, i just found out, yeahh JUST FOUND OUT, wtheck why am i not informed, okay okay i just found out that 5% of the sales willl go to WORLD VISION! :D :D :D ISNT IT AWESOME! :D :D come on people, lets make a difference in their lives okayy! im so excited when i saw it at pui shan's blog :) feel like crying adi. okay okay.

thus! come this sunday! :) pray for good weather okay and i've got ALOTTTT of tickets to sell, thus, please please if you need them get it from me okay! :) appreciate it! :)

aiyooo, one only laaa. :p nathan scott! <3

Monday, March 30, 2009


someone passed her driving test.

someone passed her driving test.

not me lahh ._. hahaha.

hehe, can we please please drive down tree hill and meet nathan? :D

i lovee youu xian, congrats! :D

Saturday, March 28, 2009

james lafferty <3

james laffertyyyyyyyyy <3
just finished the first part of season six, and i honestly cannot wait for more! he's not the usual OMG-HE'S-SO-CUTEEEEEEEE-I-WANNA-MARRY-HIM-KIND but he's one of those that make me feel so, MAN-HE'S-AWESOME.

thanks xian hui! :)

i kinda admit got the i wanna marry him part too but thats not the point.
and and, he told brooke in one of the episodes that despite so many things evolving in their, by their meaning, lucas, and haley and everyone else, lives right now, and everything seems to be in mess, but that does not mean that they do not care about her and they will always be there for her whenever she needs them,


jamie (: he's seriously the cutest boy i've ever seen in any show.

somehow, you feel like you're one of them whenever you watch oth.
ahh james lafferty<3
you're the mann! :D :D :D

Friday, March 27, 2009


every year, i really look forward to sports day. and perhaps this is the last year i can look forward too :/ i mean, of course its hectic and all, and i cant believe im saying this but, im really gonna miss high school :/ im super attached to things that i care about and love.

i have a super big ego, because i simply just dont like to lose. i mean, as in, in any events i take part in. because it feels pretty stupid to enter a competition without the intention of winning. thats what i felt yesterday.

but i did talked to my dad in the car, and he told me that the olympics motto is, not to win, but to participate.and he told me that, being out there, you're already one of the best, so even if you lose, its alright.

and i prayed really hard asking God for strengh and peace and energy, and i prayed that if it is His will, let me win. i know what i want and what seems to be the best for me, which is winning every event, but i can only see whats best for me tmr, and not for the rest of my days. THUS! You decide whats best for me (:

and i didnt win my individuals, but i did win my relay! (: my lane sucks, but im not gonna use it as an excuse for me to say thats the reason why i didnt win. everyone's lane was wet, and every other lane other than mine seems better to me, because i always tend to think the grass is always greener the other side.

i've got great competitors this year like mei yin, sze yin and sze yun, which were very encouraging, and they were so nice to me, and we just kept motivating each other to do our best, because sports day is definetly more than just about winning :) i mean winning is important, haha, but thts not the main purpose of it.

i was disappointed i didnt win, but if i look back to this day in future, im gonna be super proud of myself. initially i felt that sports was gonna take up so much of my time, which it did, but i will never regret a single minute of it. i feel like a total winner in life, which is exactly what God wants me to feel, and what God wants each and everyone of you to feel! (:

everyone in red is a true winner, and you're gonna be real winner in life. life is always awesome for people who dares to be passionate for what they love and giving out everything they've got for it.

and dearest chuen and derrick, im super proud of both of you too! and JUN AND SOONYI! :D :D :D IM SO SO HAPPY FOR YOUUUUUUU! :) YOU GUYS GOT WHAT YOU ALWAYS WANTED WITH LOTS AND LOTS OF HARDWORK AND PASSION! :D CONGRATS! :)

sometimes, feeling happy is not because you acheived something yourself, but because the people that matter most to you acheieved something as well, and IM SO HAPPY FOR BOTH OF YOU (:

so after this what? its back to intergrating equations and finding out about how your locomotion and support system works in your body and how to imbangkan your accounts which is not one of the very strong areas in my life :/

but let us all continue to encourage one another, when i mean encourage, i mean help and motivate each other even as we sit for one of the most important exams so far. encourage doesnt mean scaring each other btw.

i cut my leg while running, and alex says im gonna get tetanus ._. i dont wanna be paralyze for life. im kidding la. im kidding as in im kidding about the part im gonna get paralyze, not the part where alex told me im gonna get tetanus ==''

okay then,
my bed needs me, nights (:

just a random thought, i want my grandparents to be at my wedding :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009


come on reds, this is it.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


im never good at saying goodbyes.
and i never will :/

and, skool's starting tmr ._.
dear God, hold me real tight. i cant stand for another fall.

Friday, March 20, 2009


storm tries to come and wreck my world but i wont let it.

Im dreamin out loud,
dreamin out loud,
and all at once its so familiar to see.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

yeah right

decided to watch shooting movies where they all kill and BOMB people up *kaboOm* *BoOoOM* just to feel good.

im no saddist, but it is good to get your adrenaline pumping and remind yourself that life isnt always so easily happily-ever-after. sure fairytales and awesome, you always have a happy ending, which freaking fairytale doesnt? ==''

we are so used to thinking that life is always good and awesome, and you dont have to go thru shytes, but its not always like that. happy endings are there, but bumpy roads are there too, just so that you dont get the shock of your life when it happens to you.

im just saying okay :) i dont mean to sound like some suicidal person.

watched the international and taken. both good, like i said lots of shooting. but happy ending to me. hate movies with bad endings. or they leave the ending hanged. wtf la, just give a bloody ending la.

and my mum was asking me what i was doing on the comp like five minutes ago. told her i was playing some games, and she said stop it.

seriously, wtf? no seriously. what the heck is wrong with playing the comp during the hols? pisses me off. parents can be so. ARGHHH. and they are always right, forever and ever right. even if they are wrong they are right?

buttt i didnt listen to her. being rebellious is mean, but once in a while, it feels so damn good.

kids, dont try this at home.

why? cos they are older than you, they eat more salt than you ate rice and they have a big ass ego that they can never ever be wrong.

noo seriously, dont try this at home. im being the worst example ever ._.

sorry, its just not my day. but im NOT EMO :) see smiley face :) and another smiley face :)


have a greattt thursday! go pasar malam and eat some lok lok. best remedy :) and watch one tree hill and make sure you become awesome person like nathan. except for the having sex part before marriage. other than that, he's perfect.

and rant to God, because you know he'll listen. and He cares.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

time out


i was actually kinda planning for a short break. but after these remarks, i doubt i want to anymore.

WHAT?! YOU KNOW FORM FIVE CANNOT HAVE BREAK ONE RIGHT. during holidays you much catch up as many stuff as you can!



one week of hols is supposed to be finishing your assingments, and leftover homeworks, nat.


i wanna get 15A1's like john and choong hern too! what if they raise the standard even higher?!


you know accounts got tougher?


thanks SO MUCH guys. thanks ==''

sometimes, it seems like theres so much stuff to do, its like never-ending.
but the awesome thing is that, you can always go to God for rest! :)

and i wont worry my life away (:
im not saying im damn smart okay, dont misinterpret!

butt, yeahh, i wont (:
visiting orphanage home this saturday, i cant waitt! :D

Monday, March 16, 2009

liesaaaa (:

last saturday, we had some kursus kempimpinan in school. wasted my life there ._. made me woke up at freaking seven! on a beautiful RAINING saturday! I COULD TOTALLY BE SLEEPING but NOOOOOOOOOOOO. and i missed justice league on tv. hmmph!

next brilliant idea, take pictures! hahaha, liesa's idea! *nods*haha.

i know im damn mean to my voodoo doll, hahaha, its not voodoo la, its damn cute :) steph taught me this okay! ;)

melll and liesa (:
choong yean(:

qi and liesa(:

zakirah and maryam(:

lis. nat. qi.

liesa (:

nat the bomb (;

liesa (:

and liesa again (:

haha, i always mention bout lis, but no picturess, so here she is! caused me plenty oh headaches :) everyday is hari kiamat to her. 76 for physics means failed. everyday got drama ._. haha, i love youu liesa, idk what i'll do without youuuu! :) you've been there thru out all the bullshytes and fun times and thanks for loving me just the way i am. awwhh* (: totally syok sendiri.
you're suppose to cry at this part, lis. hahah.
need to reserach biology stuff ._. locomotion in grasshoppers and fish? eeshh. and thwe worst part, its all in pdf form so i cant exactly copy and paste ._.
haha, nights!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


its when you're tested, you discover who you really are.
lucas scott

congrats dearest xian huiiii :) im so so proud and happy for youu! 8A1'S is no easy job! :) and i watched the first episod of oth season six just now. THAT NANNY IS CRAZY. and nathan beats lucas flat :D although lucas does have plenty of sweet quotes :)

and you too john ting-a-ling! 13A1's weihhh. or is it 14? see worried for nothing. congrats, and praise God :) OKAY ITS 15! *EDITS* thanks melll!

and nick foong. 7A'S! everyone is so smart :)

however, A's should never ever determine whether you're a winner in life or otherwise. if you worked your heart out, thats the most important thing.

and at this time next year, its my turn. hopefully i survive till then.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

junny yen yen yen

on saturday, junny yen yen yen yen celebrated her 17th birthday! :) haha. thus, our close group of friends gathered in tropicana and mann, its been long since i enjoyed myself so much. hahaha, it was a blast, thanks jun, you're the best! :D

i hate my hair. soonyi. yy :)

jin's giving the faster-i-cant-tahan-taking-picture-with-nat-smile, hahaha. kidding jin, you're awesome!

nat. yy. jin.

awesomest rockstars! :D

i hate jung kiang

qi, soonyi.

group pic

haha, junnnnnn (:

joel. jou. nat. dong. jun.

i dont know what we were doing either hahaha.

RUMAH HIJAU. THIS IS YOUR LEADER! YOUR KETUA RUMAH. omg qi, maruah terjejas hahahaha :D and rumah kuning! your commander! hahaha!

trapped in tennis court?!

haha, we headed back home to jun's place for movieee. the happening, which was disturbing ._. and p/s i love youu after everyone left.

jun cried till her eyes got swollen, i thought the movie was kinda gay at first, but i did cry, haha at the ending of the movie. it was so so sad, me and jun wanna meet our gerry too! :( he's so awesome, and we'll never settle for a guy unless he's as awesome as gerry :) right jun? :)

ash, soonyi, and me stayed over. forgot to take pictures ._. talked and talked and talked. haha, it was great because its like one of those girly stuff we all do and there was a transperency between all of us, and thats great, cos you know you never need to hide anything from your best friends :)

and jun was so sweet! she hugged me and said nat, your guy and you next time are gonna be super ultra sweet, i can imagine it. AWWWH JUN! I LOVE YOUUU! haha, seriously, your guy is gonna be awesome jun, trust me, you're a great person and you deserve someone as awesome as you too!

and so do you soon yi, and ash! :D felt like i havent talked to them for ages.

thus, i end this post, with a big awesome smiley :D

cos tmr's holiday! :D finish homeworks ._. yeah right la, haha.

haha, have fun!

Friday, March 6, 2009


hahaha, just for the fun of it, the whole tuition gang, hahaha, well mostly of us, had dinner together hahaha :) yeah we're damn gay, but whatever.

haha, winnie, jian hao *omg so HOTTTTT* hahah! and pin yeen, covering her seriously awesome face for whatever reason, i dont know why ==''
err, uploaded the same picture twice, so like whatever la, dont waste it. hahaha!

haha sammie. lolll, she's damn gay, and damn funny, and damn nice and damn hyper. hahaha

I HATE FLASH! see jian hao only guy, hahahaha! too much la youuu! lolll. haha genius boy, teacher's pet hahahaha!
*actually he's damn nice and funny la, dont wnna type too big, after he kembang hahahaha.
nahh, he's actually very nice, trust me. haha, he always give me anwers for chem and physics whenever i need them, but thats not the reason why he's nice. he's just a very awesome friend.
omg i can start a fan club for you mann hahaha :)
ehh i dont talk like a bimbo ._.
haha, jun's partayyy tmrrr. shall update when im back.
and jun, i love youuu! no matter what happens :)

rule the world

never ever let someone tell you that you cannot do what you wanna do.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

my mirror my sword, my shield

i want to pledge my organ. so that when i die, people who are in need of organs can survive :) so awesome right, even when you're not here anymore you can help others! :D

and next time, i want to open a kindergarten for the less fortunate. like, those kids that dont have money to go to seriously expensive crazily overrated kindergarten i want to make sure they have good education too. but its not gonna be a cheap kindy with lousy teachers and facilities. its gonna be an awesome kindy with services EVEN BETTER than the expensive ones.

the reason is because im really thankful that i have great amazing parents who care so much about my eductaion that are willing to do anything to make sure i have great eduaction in school, but then when i mean do anything i dont mean like bribe the teacher so that i can get first in classand all those. but stuff like paying for my tuition fees, making sure i have books that i need and fetching me to every tuiton in the world :)

jin. liesa. nat
ehh if i open a kindy will you send your kids there?
OF COURSE LA! crazy mehh. i will!
you leh jin?
see how first laa.
but you can help like make drinks and all those for the kids ma.
hahaha. yeahh i can open a BAR!
yeahh and then the kids can order apple martini ( is it correct? dunno la) and all those drinks.
omg jin you crazy ahh! those are kindergarten kids!
thats why, must teach them from young!

omgg, i love my best friends :)
haha, i must intergrate equations now. hahahaha.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

wynne (:

hmm before i start, ETHAN IS SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :D okay although he sounds like some hot guy, which he will be in future, he's six, so before you freak out and go like, OMG NAT WHY NEVER TELL ME YOU'RE WITH ETHAN?! uhh no, im not, cos it will be plain weird hahaha.

happy birthday wynne! :D hahah, you're the sweetest girl i've ever met, so sweet and polite, unlike me. lollll. no seriously, the only time im sweet and polite is. well never. *MWAHAHAHA*

hahahaha, i hope you have a tremendous one, because you so deserve it! you're the smartest girl in bk class, and in school also la. if you come to my school, you'll be like the genius of the genius. hahaha, trust me, you'll do great in the future because you have a big heart and God will certainly bless youu so muchh! :)

you're very very awesome :) i love youuu! :)i look like an indian beside shing the bomb and wynne.

*please tell me im wrong :/

hahaha, have a great week of amazing awesomeness! :D

*i love you mum* :) eventhough i never say it, BUTTTT. i do. hahaha.

and you too dad :)