Friday, January 23, 2009

juan (: shinggg

:D fridays! thank you God.

and WE WON THE DEBATE! HAHAAHAHA. i know. we're damn awesome. hahaha i heart my teammates like crap.

anyway. i planned to relax and have all the fun in the world during chinese new year BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. everyone has to scare me with EH TRIALS COMING SOON. NOW IS THE TIME TO CATCH UP. MUST STUDY LIKE SHIT LA. shit you laaa.

damn alot of homework. and i really need to catch up on like alot of subjects. what la weihhh. i dont think i can really enjoy this chinese new year. okay la not to say cannot enjoy at all but really must finish off my to-do-list. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
okay anyway whatever. its juan's bday tmr! :) another best friend of the best friend. lolll. we were in the same class last year and i think he must have thought im so crazy retard freak lolll. but he's damn nice to me. forever ask him add maths questions. lolll. and physics. and chemistry.

and EVERYTHING LA. and i actually rant to him about hot guys and how guys can be jerks and no matter how busy he may get he always listens. hahaha. omg I LOVE YOU JUAN!
he's a true example of humility and he's always using his brains to help others like me lol and i really think that he's so blessed by God and he's always saying trust God no matter what happens and all those nice stuff which makes me wanna cry and i hope you have a good birthday because you deserve it so much juan :)

and HE'S DAMN GENIUS! nooo i dont have a crush on him although smart guys are damn hot but noo. hahaha. he's more like a best friend now and not those kinda like like kind. err. get it? hahaha. anyway. i just want half of his brain. im not greedy. half also i happy de. OKAY FINE LA. ONE QUARTER. hahaha. i miss being in the same class as you so much juan and i know you're never gonna ever read my blog because you're gonna study like crazy and be a famous doctor but i just want you to know that mann, you are one of a kind, and i can never ever ask for a better best friend than you. i love you! :)
and lee shing yi!
omg SEVEN DAYS A WEEK. we are like married la. hahaha. damn nonsense and WE ARE IN THE SAME CLASS :D lolll! i know i always insult you like shit hahaha but thats how we show affection right like how i do it to lisa and jin because if lets say we like super nice to each other it means that we're not close so we need to be so formal but BECAUSE we are close so we can insult each other as much as we want. get it? hahaha i know damn bullshit buttt its true!
you know deep down i love you shing and you're one of the bestest friend i have and you should feel so touched and start crying now hahaha. thanks for listening to me whenever i rant to you about nonsense and have a great birthday! :D love love love!
damn gay this picture ._.
okay la. screw all the teachers in the world that gave me homework except add maths teacher because she's so awesome and others also la but not to ravi because he always pms and damn annoying and i have no idea how im gonna finish his homework but whatever la.
although homeworks are piling up im not exactly sad la because i guess God's joy is always so overwhelming or maybe its just that im ignorant and i dont rlly bother but nvm la. i will try my best to work hard and not worry so much because worrying is not gonna get me anywhere. BUT IM SKED! okay la okay la.
going for dinner with suzanne, sam, wengsi, gay weeliam ;) and dunno who summor tonight. hahaha. have a great chinese new year! loves! im gonna miss my stupid best friends so much <3

Thursday, January 22, 2009

happily ever after

HAHAHAHA. im happy today. NO LA ACTUALLY IM HAPPY EVERY DAY. right right right. lolll. shit la. i need to be quieter in class.
i think im seriously disturbing everyone man.
lets say im smart and i make noise still okay la.


hahaha. anyway lisa and steph didnt come to skool and i nearly died. although its like so mengada-ada but i seriously dont know if i can survive without my friends.

and of course besides those two loud asses, zhiling, jun, jin wai, juat, shing, karmun, tse kaiiii, jou, mel, juan, su, dong, shan and OMG DAMN MANY LA. i think i list til tmr also cannot finish. I KNOW LIKE DAMN ALOT RIGHT. but whatever la they mean alot to me and everyday i just gotta thank God again and again and again because they are blessings that i can never ever thank God enough for.

EHH DOESNT MEAN IF YOUR NAME IS NO THERE THEN MEANS YOU'RE NOT LA. its the thoughts that counts RIGHTTTT. omgg so corny but i mean it la!

:D :D :D
me jun jin and lis are debating tmr. omg unbelieveable right. yeahh i know

EHH AND PLEASE PAY UP YOUR 5 BUCKS FOR MALAY AND BIOLOGY 5 TERATAI-IANS. can die la everyday ask you all to pay hahaha.

kay kay kay. add maths homework. EHH DID I MENTION. i got the best biology teacher and maths teacher and add maths teacher in the world. SERIOUSLY. they are like super nice. OMGG THEY ROCK LA.

no offence but i hate my bio teacher last year. and my current physics teacher. can die ._. okay la i dont hate hate hate them but omggg. sometimes. really cannot tahan.

OMG CHINESE NEW YEAR! IM SO HAPEEEEE. hahahaha. can see like alot of people and my relatives which i dont know how they are related to me but nvm they are still damn awesome :D :D

okay bye bye.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

love story?

you'll be the prince and i'll be the princess,
this is a love story, baby just say yes.

haha jun started singing the song and tada! the whole class just went crazy with it.

okay okay. i wanna be the prince! :D hahaha. though being a princess is pretty fun too but if you become a prince, then you can ride on the horse and be the knight in the shining armour! :D ehh not everyone can be the knight in the shining armour okay.

and riding on the horse is like. awesomeness! :D

but huajie says i can ride on the horse but i cannot be a prince. nonsense ==''

nat: ehh lisaa. if lets say i like a guy and if he doesnt like me right, its not my loss right? :(
lisa: crazy woman. what talking you la. OF COURSE LA. GILA PUNYA ORANG LA YOU NAT.
nat: oh mann! i love you lis! :)
lisa: i love you too nat!

and its not the nice kinda laugh, its the evil evil evil kind.

what best friends.

i wonder who is my prince? :)
he better knows how to ride a horse! ;)

Monday, January 19, 2009

all mine

right. of course it was all my fault. all mine.
yeahh, i so changed didnt i?
just when i thought maybe things can work out for good, perhaps it isnt.
and the worst part? even thinking that JUST MAYBE if i took the initiative to work things out maybe it will turn out good.
maybe it was never meant to get any better. friends indeed right. yeah sure.
and nooo. this is not directed to anyone in specific.
will things ever get worst?
yeahh it just did. i havent complete my tuition homework.

God i need you so badly now, you know.

i love my dog :)
this post is too emo. cant help it. maybe a small small smiley face? :) okay la make it a big one. :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

jinny wai. ting-a-ling.

as i said in the earlier post. it is the month of the birthdays of the best friends! :D err sounds wrong. haha. WHATEVER IT IS. even though best friend means one only because its best right. but cannot la. too many awesome people :D but not to say got i've one million best friends but haha a few. a few very awesome ones :D

okay okay enough.


listen properly jin! dont always say i insult you and MY SISTER texts you. TOO MUCH.

haha although i always insult jin like since forever and he can be such a pain in the ass, he's like one of the awesomest people around la. and on surface he might be some insulting machine and nonsense and annoying and retarded in a good way, deep down you always know that he's an awesome best friend you will never trade for. right lisa? she'll understand this totally man. i love you lis :)

ten reasons why jin's my bff :)

  • 1) he's super retarded and funny and he can cheer people up like. instantly.

  • 2) although he seems like he dont care and stuff, he actually really cares about his friends.

  • 3) he teaches me add maths.

  • 4) because yy is his other half and if yy thinks he's awesome then he is awesome because she's awesome. hahaha. red house naib weih and scouts head and mymun head! is she awesome or what? :)

  • 5) he comforts me when im upset and i know that no matter how nonsesne he is, he's always there for me.

  • 6) his mum is awesome. did i mention her hair is gorgeous and she's super nice. although i only seen her once. hahaha.

  • 7) he's lame. with all his lame jokes.

  • 8) no matter how we fight, he always apologizes like first and i'll ignore him and then i have to apologize him and it seems like its my fault after that.

  • 9) he's got a big heart.

  • 10) he is just the way he is and when someone's your best friend you dont need a reason. he's your best friend because he is, not because of WHAT he is.

OMG. I CANT BELEIVE THIS. I CAN ACTUALLY TYPE OUT TEN STUFF BOUT YOU! arghh. i hate you la jin. haha. thanks for being an awesome best friend :) now that you're 17 i really hope from deep down (omg so corny, but nvm la haha)

  • i hope you have the best days of your life ahead of you

  • that you'll make the right choices even right now and in the future,

  • be nice to yy although you are already nice to her but be nicer,

  • invite me to your wedding. i'll tell your kids what you did in school! hahaha.

  • drive me around when you get your license. although you said only drive yy. haha.

  • find your purpose in life which you want to but no matter what you are already a winner in my view

  • help me in physics and maths because you are the three digit man and yy's the three digit woman

  • to be the person you wanna be and i love you jin! omg yy's so gonna kill me but its only once a year and she'll understand because she's awesome :D hahaha.

john ting-a-ling

i still dont get why you take geography but haha. you're my band member! is our band still there? or did it died? loll. super genius guy. haha and like super lame joke person too. and thanks for being a great friend and a great encourager and i still dont get how you have time to be smart and still play tennis like so often which im super impressed with but of course thats not the reason why you're awesome because you are awesome because you are awesome not because of what makes you awesome. i know i said awesome so many times but awesome is a very nice word and i like it! :D

may God continue to guide you in everything you do and to continue being a blessing to so many others and i cant believe i dont have a picture with you what the apple ( instead of h-e-c-k we change it to apple because im trying not to curse so much so yeah what the apple ) and nvm at least i have a picture of you and soon yi so its stilll the same yay! err. not really yay. but nvm yay! :D

yeahh pui shan is right. i talk to much. im tryong to study more and make less noise in class but cannot la. very hard. okay okay. i need a break. SKOL TMR. to much man! PJK HOMEWORK! omgg this is nonssnese! THEORY FOR PJK?! yahh i know, what the apple right.

okay bye bye.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

what the hell

yahh i just broke my reso because i tried not to say stuff like s-whole , sheet, wut the hall, dam it, and stupid jin wai just had to make me say all those in like one day! right after i told him my reso loll. no la he didnt encourage but he keeps doing silly stuff and i just had to say it.

you're still my best friend jin (:

okay anyway sorry for such a title because. im super angry now. sometimes people are just so damn selfish and not to say like im damn good or whatever but DAMN IT MAN. just damn it.

AND dont treat ppl so nice one day and then be such an ass! damn it. be nice or not be nice! i've no time for all this shits. if you dont want to be nice THEN DONT BE NICE IN THE FIRST PLACE LA. ARGHHH.

anyway i went for the education fair at the klcc that day and super full man the hall. my dad and i were late lol because there was some talk on physics and add maths but nvm got listen abit. haha my dad was like. staring into the screen and pretending he knows how to solve them but actually he dunno hahaha.

and the speaker was filled with really good sense of humour and i really thought he delievered his speech well. so applause applause!

and my dad was more kan cheong than me. i thought he will bring me there and dump me in the hall and say go see what you want to see i come back later or something like that but he followed me to every booth! haha. solid 6 hours man. i love my dad laaa. :)


me: eh they got sell some physics and add mtahs book. but dunno one to buy anot.
dad: ohh buy la! good man. see so many people buy!
me: ha. because he just gave a talk and got discount ma.
dad: aiyaa. good wan la. buy laaa.
me: errr...
dad: nvm i buy for you. you go listen to the next talk first. go go go.

the guy: hello miss! * super big smile* interested in the courses we over? graduate, postgraduate? a-levels?
me: err. hello! :D im now in form five only. haha.
the guy: oh no problem! what stream are you in miss?
me: haha science.
the guy: OHHH. yeahh we got enginnering courses, natural science, chemical enginnering, acturial science, and alot la! which one you like?
me: oh haha. *look at my dad* i dont wanna anything to do with science, calculations, maths, graphs, drawing. and i want a job that helps people, talk alot and communicate with people.
the guy: errrr. ohh. what science are you in actually miss?
me: ha. got how many? pure science la.
the guy: *stares* oh. welll. why dont you try going to the booth next door? the offer law courses.
dad: lets go then. thanks alot!
ten seconds later

me: ehh pilot i want!
the lady: wow! good choice! as you see blah blah blahh
dad: but she hates physics.
the lady: haha. no problem! pilot isnt all about physics.
me: HAHAHA. see dad. see. mwahahaha!
the lady: but it helps if you're good at it though! just try loving it. i hated physics too!
dad: HAHAHAHA. see nat. see. mwahaha.

me: wa. it exist?
dad: hahaahaha! i think before you enter the booth they will ask you. what is the 173th neuron liquid in the brain.
me: =='' what talking you.
dad: haha. dunno.

the girl: heyy miss! we're specialising in hospitality. interested?
me: heyy thats great! im quite interested in that!
the girl: ohh. you can work in hotels, restaurants, companies and so on! and blah blah blah
me: * thought in my head* hmm. not bad, i like this course!


random : ehh nat. how was the edu fair?
me: oh great la! i think i like hospitality
random: ohh. ha what is that. hospital work?
me: haa. no la! like chef, waitress and etc etc la
random: HA. those jobs? no money wan la! why dont want to become enginner or doctor? aiyoo.those waitress jobs no future wan la.

the guy: hello miss! spare me a few minutes! want to know bout law?
me: oh sure thanks!
the guy: okay law is basically branched out into a few. we have blah blah blah. and clp certs. and ....
me: *tought in my head* ehh not bad also le law. sounds so awesome!


random: eh nat! how was edu fair?
me: haha it was great! maybe doing law or hospitality. sounds cool right?
random: ha! law?! DAMMN HARD WAN LA. need to study like shit! ehh nat dont take law!

so encouraging of people.

maths work now. byee.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

last will

okayy if i die tonight please give all my money to my grandparents or parents so that they can donate it to the orphangaes. and donate all my organs to the needy.

i cannot take this anymore. headlines in the star: first girl to die because of homework.

hahaha. KIDDING LAAA. abit cuckoo bird my already my brains. hahaha. alot of homework!:(
EHHH YOU KNOW RIGHT. KONSERO TERAKHIR GOT THIS DOCTOR CALLED NATHAN? LOLLLL! but not james lafferty la of course. james lafferty cant speak in malay la ==''

but nvm laaa. MUST BE STRONG LIKE A MAN. MWHAHAHAHA. err its supposed to be a evil laugh. hahaha.

okayy january seems to be like the birthdays off SUPER SPRECIAL AWESOME PEOPLE. and im actually sacrificing my DEARLY BELOVED afternoon nap to update this. okay laa of course they are WAYYY more important that afternoon naps so no worries :D

and lately God's been reminding me that family and friends are really important. and im just reminded again and again that not everyone has got families so i really try to always not take them for granted. haha actually i bully my sisters alot laaa. lolll. ehh must train them for the tough world man! not everyone will be nice to you next time. haha omgg what bullshit is this =='' bully your sisters to prepare them for the outside world? hahahahahahaha.

tada! THAMMMM! and the awesomest grandma in the WORLD :D :D :D

abit gila one. everytime say dunno maths but damn good man her maths. like one million times batter than mine :D she's super silly and we shared like super retarded moments together, laugh for no reason and been awesome friends for five years! :D haha so awesome right. and this year same class summore! lolll. so its like great! :D 17 adi la youuu. go get a license and drive me around. hahaha!

and my grandma! :D okayy like one of the awesomest thing that God can ever bless me with. really amazing grandparents. besides the fact that my grandma does spoil me alot, but she's like super loving la. she's always doing things for people, helping others and she's got such great joy that she keeps passing around. and im so thankful. she's like super encouraging and i cannot be blessed enough haha. thanks grandma (:
actually i wanna post another picture but too lazy to transfer from my camera=='' hahaha.

okayy then. got like 100000 homework. haha. kiding la. i jump down the building de if got so much. ONE TREE HILL TONIGHT! :D :D :D
okay bye bye (:

Saturday, January 10, 2009

ultra gayness

reasons why i love teratai:
1) i've got my super major good friends in the smae class as me! im sitting in between my two most awesomest best friends! jun and steph!

2) lisa the drama queen is in the same class thus making it lively with all tht dramas hahaha :)

3) jinny wai the ass is in teratai too. and no matter how ass you get. somehow. i dont know la. you're still one of the awesomest friend i have ever :)

4) puan pauline is the biology teacher. even her notes are like. WAOHHH. SUPER AWESOME.

5) puan tang is the english teacher. though naggy she can be sometimes but her english is like super crazy awesome.

6) bm teacher is awesome too. hahaha. sangat baik kerana dia memang seorang yang rajin dan berdedikasi namun kadang-kadang sedikit menakutkan kerana bahasa melayunya sangat baik dan dia patut mempunyai lebih banyak sense of humour. saya mesti menaip dalam bahasa melayu untuk merperbaiki bm saya yang teruk ini untuk national convention trixxon yang saya tak tahu bila tetapi jika encik alex nampak cara saya menaip blog saya dia akan memuntahkan darah kerana bm saya sangat teruk dan dia akan correct every single perkataan of perenggan ini.

thanks chern yao =='' lollll. talk in bm right. hahaha. funny CEO.

ehh my bm not bad right. hahahaha.

okay some ass person is signing in thru my msn. whoever it is, you are so gay! why sign in into people's account one? GO CREATE YOUR OWN ONE LA DAMN IT! either the person is ultra lifeless or im just too awesome that he/she has to use my account. i would agree with the first. and the second one. because both of the reasons are equally true.

and thanks so much jun yen! i've been thinking bout what you said and yeahh its rlly true. thanks so much. i really felt like shit when i told you about you know what but after what you said i guess you are right and yeahh. some people are just too blind to like see. hahaha. (: thanks jun! i love you! :D

omg my teeth hurts. wth man. effing rubber bands. every morning when i wake up i cant eat breakfast cos it hurts so much. its like numb and cant even brush your teeth properly because blood will start flowing out from your mouth. okay not flow la. but can taste blood. stupid right.

i miss you tse kai. like so much. i miss all the nonsense we did in form three. and you were one of the nicest and most sincere friend i had. i mean you still are. but oh gawd. i miss you! :(

and on my way to tuition, my mum was giving me some lectures about like trial exams and how important is SPM and blah blah. yeahh i know my mum cares about my studies and i really appreciate it. because i dont know la. i really cant imagine not having parents to care about my future and all. so yeahh im really blessed :) thank you God for great parents :)

i need james lafferty. nathan i need you! :( nathan is ofiicially the hottest guy in the world. and all the guys in the world officially suck too. seriously. brains are not everything. my first mistake. hahaha though smart guys are still so awesome. but that is so not the main concern anymore.

great i just screwed my reso. GUYS ARE LOSERS. that was what i wrote in my new year reso. but it failed because i've been well. not exactly crazy. but yeahh you get me. about. well. hahaha. omgg i cant say it all out here. too dangerous! haha if you are reallly my awesome friend then you should know what im crapping here with my half complete sentence. because. you must isi tempat kosong! like bm komsas.

omg need to read the whole konserto terakhir! damn bloody thick man the novel. and not like james lafferty is in there. so its gonna be so not exciting.

my whole weekend is filled up. and i miss my grandparents so much :(

thank you God for my wonderful bed. dont ever take your bed or room for granted. do you know that there are people out there with no bed? or room? they have to sleep underneath the jambatan/ bridge. and i cant believe im so ultra selfish to always hope it rains at night because its like so nice to sleep right? but if it rains at night, then where are those people sleeping under the bridge going to sleep?

they have to freeze to death at night! and here we are sleeping comfortably in our room with no worries at all. and summor hoping it will rain till morning. i feel so bad now :(

okay. i need to sleep.

yesterday which is thusrday i came back from tuition at eleven plus cos i went to the pasar malam for supper. like super near my tuition place in ss2. so came back and finished my add maths school work and juat lee's birthday card and slept around 1245am. and i was just covering myself with the blanket.

and the next thing someone knocked on my door. so i thought. omgg wth la. damn sien. summor come disturb meee. cant even properly sleep. and my dad was like WAKE UP NATTTT! you're late! and im like. huh. late what. he crazy mehh. i just went to bed la. then simply wake ppl up.


i felt like i didnt even sleep at all la! i hate this feeling mann. damn stupid.

okay sekian sahaja untuk hari ini.
selamat malam dan jumpa lagi! :D

haha. semangat nasiolisme! najed rocks in sejarah :P did i spell that correctly? ahh who cares ;)

Friday, January 9, 2009

i hate it.

i hate school. i never hated school so much in my entire life.

okayy though i always try like my super best to like school and blah blah i just hate it. this is like the first year i dread school so much.

yeah yeah i know. this is the last year of my high school year and high school years are the best years of your life. and blah blah. oh cut the crap please. like i havent heard enough.

damn alot of homework. teachers are crazy. and i have to try so hard not to sleep in the afternoon. because i've got tuition at night and i gotta finish all the homeworks. if not. then after tuition i gotta come back home and stay up late to finish all my work and in school i'll be like super tired.

and zi chuen takes like 8 tuitions. omgggg. im dying with 4 already. no wonder he;s a genius in the bomb.

and the worst part? kokurikulum starting. seriously mann. so gay. damn tired LAHHHHH.
i know im such a whiner. although in my reso i did state to not complain so much but this is too much!

and now i dont like fridays anymore because friday is like the day where i get to enjoy and sleep and watch tv but now its time to finish uncomplete homework, catch up on what im left behind in and die.

its not that i dont wanna have fun in form five but people just keep scaring you with ohhh you know trials in august. usually my first reaction will be OMG. dont la. im damn sked. but now im like. ahh. good for you. just because you are scared dont go around scaring people too. we all know trials is soon so dont need to constantly remind the crap out of us. and anyway its us sitting for SPM. NOT ANY OF YOU REMINDERS. gay lord.

okay okay i know i sound like a crazy super drama queen.

and most impotantly im posting this post for my two super ultra best friends which whom i cannot live without and i will really die without both of them.


juat's today. and zhiling was yesterday. was busy finishing some bloody a.p add maths crap yesterday so i couldnt post it earlier. sorry zhiling. but nevertheless i hope you both have fun!
me. jun. which is another ultra best friend i cannot live without. and juat! :)
juat is crazy. she's always filled with love and joy and she's always one of the first people i go to when im sad because she can cheer me up like in. ten seconds. really. i love you juat (:

and zhiling. the most considerate and understanding person i've ever met. not like others are inconsiderate of whatsoever but she's awesome! yeahh though we are in different class because she's like the genius in the bomb but she's really great because she always teaches me add maths and hear all my crap about hot smart guys. loll. so lucky to be in the same class with them zhiling! hahaha. i can see her look like-omg-nat-seriously-he-is-not-cute-look. hahaha. love ya too!
and this sunday i'll be going to some eduaction fair and some kl place because my dad says like its good to just spend a day seeing like what different kind of jobs and what you can do after SPM and all those stuff. so yeahh going with my dad. mum not going though because she's going off somewehere with my sister and its kinda disappointing for me la cos like i really want her to tell me like her opinion and stuff like that.
but nvm also la. cos my mum and and i see eye to eye less than me and my dad. so yess im pretty happy that my dad's going with me :) my dad is super awesome and i love him like so much :D sometimes la. sometimes he can be gay and annoying. ._.
and did i mention about the new bm teacher? LOL. hahahaha. he;s a chinese and he has a masters in malay. and he teaches add maths too! hahaha. i mean he's smart la and he's married. and no im not saying he;s hot but yeahh. he's okay. okay stop it.
im not interested in my teacher wth. ==''
life has been a little crappy but i so hope it gets better. its the first week of school and im complaining so much already. omgg how am i gonna last till SPM.
my original plan was to sleep. but i cant now because i need to finish chemistry work.
i need you james lafferty! :( hottest guy in the world and one tree hill makes my day all the time because he;s so hot and awesome and omgg. super awesome la.
okay bye bye.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

no way!

twelve hours from now i will:
2) uhmm. not wake up.
4) still not wake up.
5) and be late for school. as usual.

hahaha. nvmm this year i can afford to be late i think. hopefully i get a good seat. hahaha. i told kai shen this story before. and he could even remember it better than i did. i thought like.ehh form four. better be more hardworking. cannot play around already. so i decided to come earlier to school to get a good seat! like somewhere in the middle with the fan.

then the next day i was so proud! i woke up at six! first time so early okayyy! so got ready and everything. reached school about 640 am. so i thought. hehhhh. goood. since im early maybe can help like zhiling and others to get good seat also cos i was sitting with jun yen.

and when i reached my class. super gg.

the only remainder place left. is.

the back row. ==''''''''''

damn awesome. hahahahaha. so nvm laa. sit at back row. never regretted it. hahaha. always in the back row anyway! :)

im pretty sked though tmrrr :( cos. oh well. its just different la. i dont look forward to school that much. but i wouldnt say i completely hate it too. im okay la. AIYOO I DUNNO LA.

hahaha. and i finished one question! one objective question of my physics tuition worksheet. i took like super long to figure out the answer. i rather get one answer right by searching thoroughly than simply circle everything. that leaves me to another 4 essay subjective physics crap to finish and 50 objective circle circle question to do. ESSAYS ABOUT WAVES! omgg toot la. i used to love waves. cos like when go beach. so nice! last time when im small stupid girl see wave like see james lafferty. but now? hate waves. stupid physics. so boring!

i must study harder. and smarter this year! :D yew juannnn and su, you're gonna help me out right? :s hahaha. i really must la. apprently the current mataharian's study form five finish adi. ayioyoyoyoy. hahaha. im not kiasu. im not. OKAY LA. FINE I AM. abit laaaa! ehh only in studies okayy. and. games la. sometimes. THATS ALL! not everything! hahahaha.

and january alot of birthdays mannnn. ming hong. yee wen. zhiling! :D jin wai the stupid ass. john ling ting-a-ling. kai shen. steph tham! grandma<3.> omgg damn alot right! be prepared for alot of birthday posts! :D if i have time la. i mean i always have time. haha! see if i want to! :D lolll.

OMG. i smell. MY MUM'S COOKING! :D :D

last night to enjoy! :) lets make the best out of it alright? :)

i miss my grandparents and cousins so so much! :( eventhough i just seen them. last week. but i still do! cant wait to see them soon :)

i mean happy dinner! who the heck sleeps so early right. kk byeee.

Friday, January 2, 2009


this is the last friday of the holidays! :( hmmph. havent enjoyed enough. oh well. time does flies right. i've got a whole stack of tuition work on my table which i promised myself to finish by november so that i can truly enjoy the month of december. and now? lolll. its still there. collecting dust and waiting to be finished.

hahaha. no matter how i try to be follow schedules i just cant! im truly a last minute person. but thats the awesome part. hahaha. rushing does bring fustration and tiredness but well, its pretty fun! hahaha. dont ask why hahaha.

somehow i felt that year 2008 rushed thru wayyyy to fast. hahaha. i havent even properly enjoyed what you call honeymoon year. which is so not honeymoon! hahaha. 2008 is quite an amazing year. i went to a class with super smart people. hahaha. eh eh dont give me that look. i met great friends, complained like crazy about being 16, had sleepless nights trying to finish tuition work, built my faith in my amazing God, learned to be more tolerant towrds others, appreciated my loved ones better like my family and friends, tried to love maths more, ate more supper which explains my size now, studied harder compared to the last 15 years of my life, blessed with very much joy and peace from God, reminded myself that things do not always go your way but we need to make the best out of everything, did not do very well for end year, dropped class, and had no regrets this year.

if i was asked to change anything i want in the year 2008, i simply want it to remain how it is (:

2009 is gonna be well, an exciting but scary year, because its SPM! hahaha. i just felt like i just sat for PMR. and its also gonna be the last year of my high school! omgg man. when i was younger i wanted to grow up faster so that i can do whatever i want. but now i rather stay young forever and watch pokemon everyday!

oh well (: but i do look forward to being 17! hahaha. i hope its gonna be a great amazing year ahead!

have a great year everyone! may year 2009 bring more joy to many lives!

and i got better (: thank you God! i hope to get completely healed before school reopens! :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

why now?

i cant believe this. im freaking sick on new year's day!
omg it feels like im going to die anytime. i hate it when i get sick. its painful. and dizzy. and the worst part is that i cant even sleep because it hurts so much.
oh God. heal me.
im gonna go sleep now. i feel like a loser.
happy new year!