Tuesday, October 28, 2008


i fell asleep on my table three times today. hahaha.
not beacuse i was tired. because it was soooooo boringggg reading sejarah. seriously. i cant believe this. i hate exams!

haha anyway thanks yew juan for your concern haha. its nothing already lol. and zhiling and jun yen. juat lee. and weng si too. hahaha. i dont have the time to be upset. i wanted to call you jin but the three digit man must be working his ass off at sejarah so i'll just tell you the story on thursday. and lisa too!

anyway im slacking like crazy. hahaha. i just want next thursday to come faster. then this misery of exams will be over. cant wait!
but that would also mean the end of the year is here. sigh. whatever laaa.

tuition teacher: oh class. be prepared to come back for extra classes beacuse i have to drill you all for your trials! its not very long you know! its in early august!
haha thanks teacher. for your awesome reminder.

back to books! and falling asleep on the table ;)

Sunday, October 26, 2008


omgg. i feel like.

Friday, October 24, 2008


yeah yeah i know im supposed to be studying and blah blah but whatever. here i am waking up at eleven hahahaha. and people in school struggling to find out that perfect chinese words to write in their essay. HAHAHAHA. okay okay sorry laaaa ;) anyway i liked this song for a really long time adi. just that i never really bothered to find out the lyrics. hahaha. its so sweet. i wanted to cry. but i didnt cos i know i started crying i wouldnt stop. go listen! blind-lifehouse. the awesomest band ever. zhiling likes it too :)

I was young but I wasn't naive
I watched helpless as you turned around to leave
And still I have the pain
I have to carry
A past so deep that even you could not bury if you tried
After all this time
I never thought we'd be here
Never thought we'd be here
When my love for you was blind
But I couldn't make you see it
Couldn't make you see it
That I loved you more than you'll ever know
A part of me died when I let you go
I would fall asleep
Only in hopes of dreaming
That everything would be like it was before
But nights like this it seems are slowly fleeting
They disappear as reality is crashing to the floor
After all this time
I never thought we'd be here
Never thought we'd be here
When my love for you was blind
But I couldn't make you see it
Couldn't make you see it
That I loved you more than you'll ever know
A part of me died when I let you go
After all this why
Would you ever wanna leave it
Maybe you could not believe it
That my love for you was blind
But I couldn't make you see it
Couldn't make you see it
That I loved you more than you will ever know
A part of me died when I let you go
That I loved you more than you'll ever know
A part of me died when I let you go.

AND NOO. IM NOT IN LOVE. PLEASEEE OKAY. hahahaa. i just found it sweet. im married. to juat. and my half divorcing wife karmun. hahaha fake marriages. why do i always have to end up being the guy. hmmph. marrying at sixteen. hahahahahahahahahahaha.

yeahps. and zhiling told me this quote a long time ago.
you dont love someone because they are perfect. you love them inspite their not.
my sisters keeper-jodi picoult.
okayy im officially crying. hahaha. sorry!

should be getting back to my books. before that i would love to end with this verse.
now be glory to God, who by His mighty power at work within us is able to do far more than we weould dare to ask or even dream of -infinitely beyonf our highest prayers,desires,thoughts or hope. ephisians 3:20.
hahaha ta! have the awesomest weekend!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

derrick the mannnn! :D

ahh i've got so much stuff to talk about lol. hahaha, chinese and islam tmrr so i've got time to slack a little and update my blog! :D sucker people who takes chinese. hahahahaha. im kidding laa. you'll be successful in the future.
so far. three science papers down. except paper three. and english done! wheee. but i will elaborate later bout my so doomed exams. first things first.
derrick lee huang jie!
thank youuuuuu! (:

hahaha. okayy here's the storyy. yesterday was wednesday right. so usually i'll walk straight to tuition or athina's mum will fetch me and wen-han on the way home. cos the tution place is near her house. okayy. so yesterday. no trixxon. came home at 1:10 and bathe and ate lunch and everything la. then at around three something i walked to tution from my house. as i was walking this dog followed me. i memang know the dog cos it always comes to my house. and i'll play with it with emeline and crystal. my parents are okay with it la. so yeahh. the dog followed me while i was walking. i thought like nvm laa. maybe he wanna jalan-jalan so i thought let him walk.

then as i got near the guard house i thought. eh. no la. this is not his comfort zone anymore. so i asked him to go bak home la. i pointed the other way and said go home doggie! im going tuition. but it ran faster than me and ran like wayy infront of me. i couldnt catch up. but later it came back and walked beside me again. so cutee righttt! i know. okay so i sternly told the dog. as much as i love you doggie you gotta go home. if not you'll get lost!

but as usual it didnt care and yeahh i crossed the road faster than me==' i couldnt do anything la. everytime i ask him to go back it looked like it was going to bite me and gave me the the-more-you-want-me-to-go-back-the-more-i-dont-wanna-go-back-look. so i couldnt do anything la. and i wasnt his master anyway so it wouldnt listen to me. i went tuition and when i reached the door. i pat his head and said hey doggie dear. you rlly ought to go back. beacuse if you get kidnapped i'll die. i'll cry until i die. we sort of had a bond adi la. cos he's always outside my porch. i showed him the way and he went further down. so i thought maybe okay adi laa.

then during the time i came back i didnt see him. i got a bit sked. but maybe it was having dinner or something. thenn. went out for movie. Bangkok Dangerous with parents. damn gay next day exam still go out. so yeahps. by the time i came back. around eleven plus. but the dog wasnt there. i wanted to cry adi. during the morning before i left the house till wasnt there. my mood memang terjejas adi. and by the time i reached school. i didnt even had the mood for english. then suddenly jin wai was like natttt! is that your dog. and


but didnt last too long. everyone crowded around. and bla bla. and need to respect the malays also. cos they cant touch dog right. so yeah la i was sked if any naughty uncivilzed orang utan's
did anything to him. as in the students and all la. some bloody form five's were damn gay. and i said the toot word beacuse i was too pissed. they were like cat dog cat dog. i mean wtf. you never see dog before meh. and they were merely insulting him. i wanted to rlly cry adi.

so marcus went and see puan sow to ask if he can stay in school. and all. but puan sow say cannot. cause the skool say its wrong la. i mean i dont rlly blame also. rules are rules la right. so puan sow offered to fetch the dog back! omggg. SHE'S SO NICE. i mean the teacher before was like call your parents la. ask them to pick the dog up. i mean hello. you make it sound so easy. but my parents wont mind just that my mum ahd to go for medical check-up at Pantai and my dad was stuck in the jam to work and he had meeting to attend. and i dont have my neighbour neighbour like few row away neighbour's number. so yeah laa. i cant do anything also right.

and exam was gonna start in like 15 minutes and i didnt even touch my literature book yet.puan sow asked for my house add but i told her i got exam and you might not know where to leave the dog and i didnt want it to go missing again. so derrick the awesome man said why dont put in my house first. omggg derrick! you're like the life saver! he ran and brought the dog to his house. and sorry derrick. i hope you didnt get into trouble with your parents. yeahh and thank youu aunty! you're so nice to allow the dog into your house. sorry aunty and thank you again! :) so yeess the dog was safe and sound at derrick's place. then after school me emeline soon yi and derrick went to pick the dog up.

thank God mummy was done with her check up and she took mc which means no work for her and she picked us up home with the dog. ahh and we reached home awesome and safe! ;) so yess thank you again derrick for pinjam-ing us your home. i owe you one million. you are the mannn! ;) and thanks to jun yen for being nice to the dog. soon yi for rlly caring and loving the dog. marcus for settling everything. and derrick. for everything ;) i love you doggie. so much. and my sister says you're awesome derrick!

the man. and the woman. hahahaha. im kidding la. lisa's gonna kill me. whatever lisaaa!

and yess. i panicked today la. cos i dodnt read literature and i crapped the crappiest crap in the world for it. hahaha. and i still went out to watch moviee summor. but eh it was the pewview screening la. and hahaha i couldnt help it. nicholas cage is not hot. i mean his voice is damn sexy but he's kinda old adi. hot la. but not until can drool kinda hot. but his voice? omgggg. tht one i can die. and i got a freaking participation for the bloody new south wales english test. OMGGGG. WHO THE HELL GETS PARTCIPATION. ITS SO BLOODY EMBARSSING. i wanna burn the cert laa. stupid shyteeee. whatever la. it means hahaha you are a bloody loser beacuse your english sucks like crap but to sound nice we put you as participation. hardi har >(
i wanted to do the person i wont forget my etire life topic but when i saw the last one. do you think old people should go old fokes home. i wa so pissed beacuse. HELLO. ITS BLOODY EFFING COMMAN SENSE ITS NOO RIGHT. OMGG. yeahps. i got pissed and i straight away wrote that one. words were shooting out like crap hahaha.

and need i mention more. i screw the rest of the papers also la. my physics =='' dont wanna tlk bout it la. and my chem. hahaha funny like crap.
i forgot the first element in period one. which is lithium. now i will remember for therest of my life beacuse it caused me like dan alot of marks, i was supposed to write an essay for group one something la. then i forgot the first element of group one. i wasnt sure whether it was sodium potassium or what la. i know the equations but i dont know the element =='' so i ook two pens and said. God pls help me decide. if sodium red pen. potassium balck pen. i got the red pen. so i wrote sodium. but ironically the correct answer wasnt even in the list. i thought this way would work because i did it for physics and it worked. but rlly thank God too! he helped me super alot for so many things. i forgot some stuff and suddenly the pages of the book appeared in my mind. so yeah la. THANK YOU AWESOME GOD! :)
my mum and dad asked how was the exam. so i told them la.
mum: nat how was exam today?
me: heh. dont know la. kinda hard. haha
mum: ha. didnt you study?
me: got la. but hard. haha.
mum: not funny. you betta go study.
me: yaaaaa.
sometimes i wonder. if you want to hear that answer why still ask? funny and weird. so next time i'll just answer wow. damn easy. like standard 2. hahahaha ;))))
dad: nat how was exam today?
me: haha. okay la. but hard la. not easy
dad: ohh. nvm la. haha what to do. concentrate on the rest only lo/
me: yeahh la. damn ass the teacher. set so hard.
dad: hahaha teachers will take from workbooks or past year questions wan la. super lazy wan la.
*laughs together*
hahaha. funny parents. my mum is more like academic smart i think. but my dad is more of street smart. but im nothing of both of them. my sisters laaa. inherit all the good genes. both of them are geniuses and street smart also. hmmph. hahaha. but i still love them la :)
and omgg. what pisses me off. my bio teacher, usha. she gave tips to anggerik for bio. and teratai and daisy got tips from herdawati. omgg. this is so unfair! you know what usha said.
oh its too balance the intraspecies competition so i give you all tips. to anggerik la. balance my butt! omggg. wth. you think matahari everyone damn smart meh. some are not okay! so if like that might as well dont teach us la. no need come to skol better. we too smart adi ma. then spm. raise our bar to 95% A1 la. 90% A2. them mark the other classes lower standard la. omgg. wthh. everyone is equal la. if you give tips you should give to every class la. then we had to struggle reading like crazy people. but whatever la. at least we were smart enough to ask around other classes. but not like it made a difference to me also la. hahaha. still like shit my marks. hopefully not laaaaa.
nahh. i just like this picture. i didnt know my camera can do this effect, the black and white
stuff. and i had my camera for nearly a year adi. lol. hahaha so cute right the croco. and the koala. like bff's! ;D

oh well. time to get back to books. i cant wait for exams to end! :) until then. sigh. hahaha.
high school musical coming out! shall upload lisa's partayy pictures soon and other stuff. tired laa. and my dad bought chocolate milk. damn nice. yeah melamine right. whatever la. milks
are awesome! and orange juice too. this is so random.
:D wheee. okay tata!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


its been raining everyday now. amen! weather is so hot i can die. but if it rains like after school ends then its bad cos i'll have to be stuck at school with Emeline and we can't walk home. so i would prefer to let it rain at night : )whohoo. happily ever after sleep.

im so screwed. i've got not enough time to study everything :( yahh. need to fnish up year end report and everything and its taking up all my timeeeeee. gay shyte. i had to ask what was cation today. brain freeze. hopefully it doesnt happen in exams. omggg. if you study chemistry and you don't know whats cation you can jump down the buliding. okay la. not to that extend but yahh. its metafora. some bm thing learned toay for komsas. konkrit and abstrak.

and kkb. my teeth hurts. just tightened it. grrr. hurts like crapppp. the worst pain after labour pain is the straightening of the teeth pain. grrr. i cant even eat anything now and i wanted to try that new awesome hamburger at McD. some fish spicy hamburger but NOOOOO. i cant even chew. is this how old people feel beacuse they dont actually have teeth? omggg. i dont wanna lose my teeth when i get old :( i didnt go thru 2 or maybe even 3! years of suffering and missing out good food on certain days to blardy lose my going-to-be prefect straight teeth. hopefully. hahaha.

anyway. i should be away for probably a month now. i need to work my ass off before end year holidays come to seriously enjoy all i want :D cant wait. till then, peserverence is sangat important. especially if you're in a class of people like this.

some random guy: aiyoo. damn ittt. damn low.
me: ha. what did you get. mine low also. 6o plus only. i dont get the angle of elevation benda.
SRG: ha. oh. aiya whatever la. fail fail la
me: chill la. i lot low marks also okay. just need to work harder for end year. how much you got?
SRG: 99. mod maths must get hundred la.

hahaha. amen. these are the kind of people who motivates you to shut their mouths up and work your ass off.
most impotantly, to glorify God's ever amazing wonderful name!
hahaha hugs!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


so much stuff to do. so little time! i want to die!
hahaha nahh kidding (: holiday today! whooooohoooo! selamat hari raya :)

you know what sucks. time passes way to fast. and you just got so much stfuf that you wanna do but you can only pick out the important ones. hmmph ;( WHY LAAAAAA.

anyway. currently in progress of finishing trixxon's annual report. can die. you gotta type out all those blardy bombastic business language and you gotta sound so formal. damn gay laa. its so boring. no wonder people sleep when they read annual reports. like my parents. ohh wait. i dont think they even read them. hahaha, cant blame you both ;)

why dont they put jokes and cartoons and hahahaha and yeah-la in annual reports? i can assure you more people will read it and they wont just get printed and recycled. its a cruel world out there. hahahahahaha.

CHECKLIST for raya holidays : )

  • study study study
  • tidy up room
  • watch movie
  • get enough sleep
  • play computer

  • study

  • study more

and study study even more.

red colour indicates failed to do so.

green indicates passed wonderfully.

god please pull off a miracle for me will you? :)
hahaha hugs!
miura haruma: ) : ) is hottttttt. sorry edward cullen. hahahaha. bbbs.

ahhhhhh. hot stuff.

sky of love : ) (koizora)

ahhh. just watched a movie. again. third time actually. haha weng si told me bout this movie. its so so sweet. and three times in a row i cried. haha
i never like japanese movies. i mean i though they were gay but this is damn aweosme : ) : )
not to mention the guy is damn hot : D : D
the first time i saw the guy i went wtf. your hair damn gay. white color right.
but damn it. as i watched, he's so so so HOT. not cute. HOT. ahhh. couldnt get bigger pictures. but this is what i managed to find (;

he's so so so awesome! :D