Friday, September 24, 2010


i should be totally studying and doing something more beneficial but. its friday come on, what an excuse :p

i was planning to save this for the end of the year, but there are too many things that has happened, and i just need to write this all down so that i dont forget, since now that i cant even differentiate what events happened on what year and i used to be so good at this, people will tell me different events that happened and i could just YESYES I REMEMBER! but now, its just. uhhh. when? last year? or was it when we were form four. so yes, writing is important, people! :) helps you remember. or more for people who like me who cant remember a thing :/

1) the new covenant church
this is one of the most significant and best thing that has happened in my life :) i learned so much about God in a different way, and i felt so renewed and changed. hearing the grace message was something so fresh and amazing, and my sisters are in church too now, and im so glad for everything. although i had some complications in the beginning, it was God's goodness that helped much, and. i do miss youth group which i grew together for five wonderful years. but all is good, because God is good! :)

2) kindergarten and kids
kindergarten was, amazing. this is my first job, whoohoo! and i have no regrets although it was super tiring, i finally had a taste of working with kids, and they are the cutest more sincere beings you can ever imagine. i learned about the different latest cartoons on market, like, thomas and friends, ben ten, strawberry shortcake, dora the explorer and tons of others. i must be super outdated, because the only cartoons i know are only, tom and jerry, powerpuff girls, spongebob squarepants, leaque of super evil, and hahaha the list goes on. i learned how to test the temperature of the milk, wrap the kids in towel, put them to sleep, and laugh and play with them because there are no worries for them everyday :) i met wonderful aunties, wonderful colleagues, modern parents, modern grandparents, modern cars -__- and bryan! :) cutest, more adorable boy in the whole kindergarten! :)

3) tears and wipes
the most tears i have ever shed since i was a baby. fears, sadness, joy, difficulties. and also that kleenex are the best wipes to use, because they are really durable and they are the best quality tissues i have ever used. and trust me, when you need to cry, you just cry, and you'll feel much much better and damn tired also -___- but it trains your stamina to the max! :)

4) driving and wheels
scariest thing i have ever done. ever. maybe not driving. but the exam. although i failed twice. ahem. omgggg. i am still so glad that i finally passed my exam, although im not driving yet for now, guilt guilt :) the driving exam place is. scariness scale from one to ten, its eleven. i will never ever ever ever ever ever ever go there again, until. the day emeline takes her exam. i am glad that my driving instructor isnt calling me anymore, because everytime his number appears, my heart bursts. like literally. but thank god for you, because you never stopped believing in me, although the whole world did then and i am grateful :)

5) cuts, bruises, blood
i've had the most nose bleed this year lol. on the computer table, on my bed, in restaurants, in the shower, which freaked me out, because blood in the shower like those ghost movies :'( i've also experienced period cramps after forever which is omg -____- the time of the month that i wished i was a boy. had red eyes, like a vampire, hahaha scared crystal like crazy. imsonia which is the worst thing that can ever happen to a pig like me which i dont get why is still happening to me -__- and fevers, and flus, but by God's stripe, we are healed! amen!

6) results and scholarships
hahaha spm results! craziness to the max. it was a thursday which i so clearly remembered. and the night before i still went for a movie. and laksa. supposedly my last meal and last movie hahaha :) liesa was freaking out as much as i did, and we were all im going to die, like now. was on the phone the whole night, thank you jianny :) and by morning i was tired out and freaked out, and tada, thank god it wasnt my last meal and last movie hahaha :) scholarship applications, interviews, thank you kor yew juan and jie su :) and despite all the rejection i had, i guess things worked out for the better :)

7) farmville
the best game i started playing and unfortunately also addicted to now, i must cut down!

8) uncertainty and college
decisions on courses which was blardy difficult for me. i went for form six a little while, and i never disliked anything so much my entire life, and im glad its over. so finally that im a settled down now, i hope everything goes well and smooth, for it was one heck of a turbulance period for me, but i survived through it yay!

9) love and bliss
i had the best one month of my life which i will never trade for anything else, because experiencing that changes your life in everything and really, everything. and every aspect, for which we'll only know when it comes which im glad it came. and the many good and trying months after, but despite it all, still good and amazing :)

10) bookshops and bobby
i found the remedy! whenever sadness comes, all i have to is shower bobby lol :) he's such a cutie pie, and he is one of the best thing that has happened in our family, and we love him so much. and bookshops! the children's section and all their wonderful books of kindness and love and princesses and horses and alphabets and numbers make my day :)

11) work and office
working was a eye opener, and not that i did much in the office, but i had good colleagues and now i get a taste of what my parents and other millions of people go through everyday, and it was good! :) im glad that i worked, and i picked up a few things along the way like, learning how to write a proper cheque, franking cheques, using the photostate machine in the most efficient way and to be careful in everything i do, thank god my colleagues arent impatient or evil, because if they were, :s hahaha. its all about making the best out of everything, and hopefully i did :)

12) high school and friends
i miss high school so much, that i had dreams i went to school and i was so happy :) i miss everyone, and im glad nothing much has changed although everyone is in different places now, but when get together comes along, it feels like im back home, and there is no feeling of awkwardness :) next year is going to be difficult when everyone starts leaving, but things always work out in the end, so whatever it is, it will just go and come like it should :)

13) best friend and sisters
liesa :) best friend in the whole world, i wouldnt have survived without you. of all the dramas and craziness, and laughter, you never judged me for once no matter what i went through, and you always always made time for me, no matter how busy you are :) youre just like my sisters, and im glad to have you in my life :) omg like les only -___- hahaha, BUT I DONT CARE, I LOVE YOU BEST FRIEND! <3

and so many other things which i cannot remember for now, but its already september! three more months to the end of 2010, and, sigh. this year has been so fast, i barely had a chance to grasp everything. and now that i have the chance, its just been crazy. the guilt is maximum now, because i have to studyyyy omg :'(

have a good weekend everyone, happy friday! :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010


if this is suppose to work for the better then why is there this heavy difficult feeling in my heart.

four days of break! :) gotta finish up all assignments and work which should be done soon! :) showered bobby today, he's so squeaky clean for ten seconds until he decided to roll on the grass, waste all my effort -___-

have a good break everybody!

i want to recognize the undisclosed desires in your heart-muse.

Friday, September 3, 2010


no class on fridays, no class on fridays! :)

visited the kindy to surprise xianhui, hi xianhui! :D look super cute in her baju kurung hehe :) and i saw the love of my live, bryannnn :') he totally ignored me but he is still so cute, omggg :( and he always sits infront while waiting for parents pick-up, and he helped to take the stand to the corner omggg he is such a big boy now, and he's going to grow up so fast :( :( and the other day i was at ikea, and i saw this kid with the same shoes as him, the yellow stitch crocs, stupid kid, didnt even suit him at all and i missed him so much :( the things kids do to your heart :(

on the other hand, i hate my math lecturer, the first thing she said when she came in was, ohh i taught a-levels math for three years, and your math is reallllllyyyy easy compared to theirs and she gave the look that i hate -____- and after that we were supposed to get this tutorial book, but the guy needed to get the book from the bookshop and she wanted us to finish the questions by monday and obviously how is he going to get the books on thursday itself which was our first class, because obviously not everyone brought enough money and not everyone has class on fridays and it was by the end of class that she told us, and all of us were going separate ways, its not like high school where we all stay in the same class for one whole day kay -______- stupid.

so i asked her nicely if we still had to get the books and finish it and she said try and im like. uhh, how? get the books now? then she said just try to finish it, i took only about 2 hours to finish and i said, but how? we dont have the books. can we just do it on monday since its tutorial anyway. and she gave the dont-give-excuses-you-lazy-student stare LIKE WTHHHHHH. dudeee, its not like we dont want to do it, we CANT do it because we dont have the books. is she stupid or what, how can she not get it. and after that she said, we'll just do in class then, but dont always repeat this, only this time. of course only this time la, we'll have books after this one you noob -___- and we can do it at home, so that we can ask you any questions during tutorial with your fast rate of crappy explanation. and she keeps asking students to go out and solve simple questions which takes up alot of time, if you do it for difficult questions or for some questions, then its okayla, BUT FOR EVERY ONE? OMG I HATE HERRRR.

thank god im only seeing her for four months, stupid but thats damn long already. hopefully i survive her classes, and summore math is a subject which im doomed to be crappy at, omggg la whyyy :( i miss you puan lee :(

dad has work tomorrow, stupid company, wth ask your employees to go work on a saturday. you think people no need family time one is it. go die la stupid company.

sorry im just an angry person today. zZZZz.

have a good weekend! :)