Sunday, December 28, 2008

how do they see?

hahaha. heya!
i was just out from shower and i was drying my hair. but my hair crazy wan la. super thick. so i tossed it infront. and my hair wad covering my face la. so i couldnt see anything. then i was wondering like all those ghost movies right the ghost always got long hair covering their whole face wan right. i really wonder how they see lo. i cant see a thing with my hair covering my face.

AND GOH JIN WAI! IM SO HAPPY YOU'RE IN THE SAME CLASS AS ME LAAAA! i was asking everyone which class you and lisa and jun yen and everyone was in. then everyone keep telling me. OH JIN WAI'S ONE NEVER SEE LA. maybe in matahari lahh he. okayy i ADMIT i was kinda sad but then i was happy for you also cos you're in a good class. AND NOW THAT YOU'RE IN TERATAI IM SO HAPPY! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D see so many smiley faces.

LOLLLL. and im so happy that so many are in the same class in teratai also laaaa. im not sure who was in the same class so i didnt list down all the names. but AS UP TO DATE. this is the current people i know with me in the same class.

1) LEE JUN YEN. seriously hallelujah! i dont know what i'll do without you! :D
2) STEPH THAM. hahahaha. our wish came true! ;)
3) LEE SHING YI. omgg. 7 days a week and now same class summor! hahahaha!
4) GOH JIN WAI. need i say more? i wrote bout you in one pharagraph okay! :D
5) THAM KAR MUN. my lovely wife! ;)
6) NICOLE ANG. loll. crazy girl. hahaha. assistant head prefect weih! no eating in class! haha!
7) ONG JOU EE. another crazy girl!
8) TOH HUA JIE. hahahaha. same class after one year!
9) MELANIE LONG. MY awesome awesomw friend!

and i dunno who summor. seriously. i didnt go school check. but teratai is gonna be AWHSOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :D

k im gonna take a walk with my grandma now. ta!

Friday, December 26, 2008


LOL. cousins came over from penang today. hahah havent seen them since chinese new year! : ) and grandparents too! going off to genting on monday : ) YAY!

nat. nellie. sandy.

we played cards. and i was the dealer for blackjack for them. LOL. so cute la they all.
nellie: ah nat! i got luck.
nat: hahaha. rlly? sure ma. you bluff me wan la. how now. i sure lose already la.
nellie: but its bad luck.
and i got the news! haha im a teratai-ian now. but its alright laa. surprisingly when nicole told me i wasnt super upset la. i was okay because i was prepared for it already. so it was okay la. :)
the upside is that i have really good friends there with me such as steph tham! :D :D :D we havent been in the same class since form one. then huajie. jun yen :D :D and a few more la. so im really happy about that. and karmun my lovely wife!
the downside is that im not in the same class with zhiling! :( :( :( :( and also juat lee :( :( :( and tan juan! omggg im gona miss you badly man. but no worries i will pay frequent visit. haha. and LOL. no more ultra smart guys. hahahah. for example. uhmm okay nvm. LOL.
somehow i know that God is still proud of me and its great :) im gona make the best out of next year and i wanna be a good friend to many and be as much as a blessing to them!
haha. see ya!
and thank su and yew juan! :D thanks for all those time of comforting and awesomeness. i love you both!

merry christmas!

hahaha, i know its the 26th already but whatever :D
had a great christmas!

dinner at tham's place was awesome! the food there was. SUPER FILLING. ask jaz. he knows how much i eat man. lolll.

lol. i dont know what i was doing here. steph made me do this! :D haha kidding la.

im lazy to upload the pictures la cos it takes forever to get uploaded and the connection is so slowwww i just wanna die.

haha. at church!

nahh shing the awesome :D

the la-la pose. yahh i know. i dont know what i was thinking also.

and seeee. devina gave me a christmas card! :D :D

haha. from shing. i love this picture la. its too awesome. i have a new toy today! :D im so hapeeee! :D :D :D

and from yew juan and suzanna.

this book was actually written by yew juan dedicated to his parents. its a 26 page book which he actually tells and summarizes the turning points of his life which makes him one of the awesomest amazing friend i have today. its special because its written by someone i know and yahh la (:
he's hot and smart
he's super nice
he's super loving
he's a really great Christian
he's tall
he's funny
and he's married!
too late! lollll!
hahaha. yahh i know. but married to another equally awesome super duper amazing friend too, suzanna sze! :)

this book. IS AWESOME! ;D

i read it thrice already. and i just got it today!

this book is very real. some things in there i can really connect it with myself. except for the
i dont make my own sandwiches part.
i got first class honors
i was one of the 150 top scorers of physics and and maths in UK.
im married
i love physics and maths. (my worst subjects man loll)
its not those kind of you know what to expect book and those fairy tale all the way book.
i'll rate it 10/10!
i wont mind borrowing this book to any of you who's interested to read it but please please do take good care of it. i even take better care of this book than my school books. okay la fine. not like i actually take good care of my skool books but thats not the point. though im not those kind of take-good-care-of-books like zhiling! but yahh. loll. its precious! :)
ohh and grandparents and uncle and aunty and cousins coming over from penang tmr! im so so excited :D
happy birthday dear jesus and merry christmas!
nights ;)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

bright and early

i woke up at 745 today. BECAUSE. my mum couldnt find the thumbdrive so i had to find it. AIYOOOO.

I WAS SO TIRED. and the thing was that. I WAS DREAMING ABOUT LUCAS! as in chad michael murray. dont know why james lafferty wasnt inside the dream though. BUTTTT thats not the point. my sleep is ruined!

but its okay la. cos i watched high 5! haha. quite nice la. the kids so cute! but seriously the put so early in the morning right which kid would wake up and watch? even if they wake up its wake up by accident kind. like for example.
1) they are hungry and they want milk.
2) they made their dypers wet.
3) they had a scary clown dream
4) there are construction workers near-by and they were very loud.
5) nat is there and they couldnt resist it.

muahaha. okay the last one is gay. because. i simply put one.

im yawning at the rate of 3 yawns per minute. sounds so smart right? hahaha. like physics. just that these arent the kind of questions they ask you when you apply for a job. they ask you stuff like what is the velocity of car in the straight line graph. okayy that doesnt make any sense.

anyway i tried to read my chem yesterday. but i barely passed the first page. all the words and equation are giving me headaches.

i asked tan juan if anyone has died from doing add maths or studying too much. he gave me the wait-im-intrepreting-the-data-look then he said. ohh of course. and im like, rlly?!! thats gonna be me man. but he said ppl die from doing add maths or reading too much if they kena heart attack or known as myocardial infarction ( the im-very-smart-term-) while doing them.

okayy john taught me that term. i might know one term but tan juan knows the rest 999999 terms.

and its christmas eve (:
but again and again i just want to make sure i realise the importance of christmas. of course all the foods and candy canes and presents are awesomely awesome but thats also when jesus came down to earth to save mankind.

can you imagine like the king of all kings coming to earth in the most humble way to save all of us?

okayy. lets just say im like super important la. the king of the entire universe. if lets say i know im gona be borned to this earth right. i would make sure im gonna be borned in some grand hotel or near-by james lafferty's home hospital. but instead jesus was borned it the stable! The King borned in the stable!

and jesus was borned so that he can die. the very purpose of his birth is to die for us. if i were jesus i would be like huh. dont want la. why would i live to die man. so weird wan. i rather stay up here in heaven.

but jesus didint do that.

and since its jesus's birthday we should celebrate his birth right? instead people are celebrating other things that are not even related to his birth. its like. for example.

lemon invites me to his birthday party. but when i reach there i greet orange, apple, kiwi, pear, lime first. then only i greet lemon. and when im at the party i only have fun with orange and apple. i dont bother bout lemon and all.

can you imgine what lemon would feel?

so really this Christmas let us be thankful that jesus came down to earth for us. i cannot thank God enough for dying for me. im truly very blessed.

and a very happy christmas to everyone! (:

great my yawning just increased to 8 per minute. im gonna watch tv now. or read chemistry. haha yeahh right la.
going to tham's place for christmas dinner tonight. shall talk bout that soon! (:

Sunday, December 21, 2008

too much! and happy birthday!

i think my comp just got infected by virus or something. stupid laaaaa. my fonts and everything on my comp is super huge! and just now when i wanted to develope my pictures at the shop the woman say my memory card ada masalah. apprently there is virus. so gay! :(

and im quite freaked out adi cos i just got off the phone with juat lee the genius of everything and she revised her form four stuff already! how laa! i didnt even open my book at all you know and now im starting to feel scard la. and i still havent finished tidying up my room. hahaha. yahh i know i said i wanted to do that right after exams but its still not complete. what to do!

but no point worrying now. cos its like too late to worry. so this is my new list of to do stuff.
1) tidy my room
2) study at least few pages
3) prepare form five stuff
4) stop worrying
5) enjoy to the max! :D

spm spm spm. i cant believe this man. its too fast!!!!!

ohh and the other day when juan fetched us back o church from his house after caleb's super awesome christmas party, everyone was talking about like what cars they want in the future and all. and they started to talk bout engines and what fuel liters blah blah which i dont get it and what fair lady car loll.

but i know that next time when i do have a car right, im gonna make sure i really make full use of my car to fetch people if they need lift to church or back to their house after outings and all. haha i always say like that but when i do have a car next time then sure different story wan. haha. but i do hope to bless others if they need to go anywhere! :)

and after my studies and all when i do get a proper job and earn money, i want to make sure that i donate to charity such as giving to orphanages and all. of course im gonna make sure my parents and grandparents and sisters have the best days of their lives by really providing them with what they need so that they lead a comfortable relaxing life ahead. and i really really pray for them to know God and have Him in their lives also la. thats like the best thing i can give them.

and now like i always hear my parents say economy is not good and people are losing their jobs and life is not easy for many now which its pretty scary although im not actually working yet. but yeahh la. earning money for a living is not easy and im just really grateful to my parents although im not living in the lifestyle of the rich and famous. i think as kids i would really try to not spend so much things on not important things and really be thankful for everything i have instead of just complaning of wanting the best.

okay okay enough of all the scary monster stuff. haha tmrr is a birthday of a friend which is pretty awesome. and nonsensical. and loud. and caring. and a jack. i mean jack and the beanstalk. not jackass ;) but oh well,

happy birthday johann sze!

nahh blue color for you. more manly x)

i know its tmr but because you are so awesome i'll post a day earlier! ;D nahh im kidding. its because i might forget. lolll. kidding!

but whatever it is, thanks for being an awesome friend who's there all the time and God shall truly bless you! :)

thanks for everything hann!

see this picture is so crappy but i dont have any others which im quite lucky to find because i thought there was no pictures of you.

super poser mann. haha.
okayy nights!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

tick tock

tick tock tick tock. time is running out.
next thursday is christmas. super fast right? i know. it seems like it was just yesterday i went around telling everyone merry christmas! but believe it or not, i did that in the month of september.

oh yahh. i dreamt of robert pattinsons. lolll. dont ask me why. but i wasnt dreaming of him as edward cullen. damn it. i rather dream of james lafferty or jim sturgess. i had the best sleep after so long. i just slept and slept and i felt so awesome because i didnt have to worry about waking up for tuition or anything else.

i know i've said it a million times but seriously time passes way too fast. im freaking form five next year. and i was just organizing my schedule for next year because its gonna be a pretty busy year next year and i felt slightly angry. its gonna be so hectic next year and i just dont understand why i have to do all those things. its like moving without a purpose. i dont see the point of doing it.


but whatever it is. i just want to spend good quality time with my friends next year. some of them are going away to other places and i dont wanna regret not spending good quality time with them.

ohh and my plan of studying failed brilliantly.
but you know what. i dont rlly care anymore. im gonna have the best fun till the end. next year has enough worries of its own.

im meant to live for so much more mannnn.

im off to play cards with my sister :) i feel so bad for cheating her all the time laa. hahahaha. i promise to try to not be so kiasu. lolll.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


im sickk. hahaha. but its okay la. its not the super sick kind. its just sore throat and bad cough and bad runny nose. i always thought it was running nose and its funny la hahaha. imagine your nose running. loll. okay fine, not funny. hahaha.

and my teeth hurts :( and its the last accounts class today. im so hapeeeee :D

and my legs still hurts. hahaha. its like super cramped.

nurse: this is for your leg. put it at wherever you ache.
nat: sorry, can you repeat again?
nurse: you have bad ache right?
nurse: no no. as in where you ACHE.
nat: ohh right. thank god.

haha. nights (:

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


haha hiee! yess was away for the weekend till today for youth camp :) im so tired now haha and my legs ache like so much because i havent been running alot lately during the holidays and during camp i was playing the frisbee thing with shing, nick, and darren and yahh. muscles are like strained haha. but it was worth it :)

honestly i didnt look forward to this camp. really. hahaha i was not even excited bout it and i didnt even pack my bag till one the day itself. but i can say now that it didnt turn out that bad :) of course the toilets and no-room air-cond was sort of haha not niceeee. but thats not the point laa. hardship people! it was a ns training campsite in pahang and dear God, i dont wanna kena ns. please please please :(

okayy so this camp is mostly about how you face your life in future, what kind decisions to make and what road life you wanna go thru. i thought it was really great because God spoke to me during times like this where soon, decisions have to be made and you dont exactly know how to, so it was awesome :)

from this camp, i really hope that the effect wont stay for three weeks then i return to my normal way of living la rlly. because thats what happens everytime in camps for me. i made some commitments to God, and i know that it can be tough at times but i rlly pray that God will really continue to guide my path and help me along the way. i hope that i dont just say it loud but i dont do it and be called a hypocrite. i hope everything i do gives back glory to God.

i want to start being selfless and stop being selfish. i admit at times, i can get pretty selfish because i want everything for myself and i just dont like people having the same things as me or i simply just dont like sharing my things but thats not the way God wants it la. God blessed me with so much and in return i want to bless others su said, as little as you can give when you really give all to God, thats all that matters. God looks at how much we are willing to give and it doesnt have to be like one million dollars but you give as much as you can back to God with a cheerful and willing heart.

i also want to pray that God uses me to minister to others by using my talents that i have. when God bleeses us with a talent, he wants us to use the talents back to bless others. i can talk alot, i can comfort people when they are upset and im good with kids, which are also gifts, and you know what? everyone has talents! each and everyone one of us are blessed with tremendous talent that we cannot even imagine!

and i want my faith to grow stronger on God. in times of difficulties, usually i stray away because im not a very strong person. whenever trials come along the way, its rlly hard for me but i just want to keep trusting in God la. like no matter what happens, i know that God is always there and i do not have to worry because he;s always always there. and all this obstacles are opportunities in disguise to make me stronger and to just place complete trust in Him.


hahaha and i was really touch during worship and i felt that God was really comforting me during times of difficulties. God was just really there and i felt so uplifted. he wasnt even angry that i was angry at times of difficulties but he was just there to just tell me that everythings gonna be alright and im truly very amazed with such love that no one else can give.

give me a humble heart,lord.

my God is truly an awesome God :)
the best thing that happened in my life.

haha aight. my legs hurt! ahh. and i've got tuition tmrr sigh. haha. but its alright laa. though im super tired. but thers one tree hill today! :) haha thats one thing to look forward to! :D

i love you alyssa :)

and megan you are back! :D :D :D im so hapeeeeee! hahahah. my super awesomenesss friend :D

i love you shing and alex :) you're both super awesome. hahaha.

thank you yew juan for mcD!caleb is the best :D haha you're awesome!

thank you su for loving me. hahahahaha. pls throw away the pictureeeee. its giving me.
nightmares :(

thanks devina :) THANKS FOR INVITING ME TO SINGAPORE WITH SHUK AND BECCA CHOONG! its supposed to be sarcastic. loll.

thanks hann for only telling NOW that you're leaving to aust next feb. which is. SUPER SOON!

shower now :0

Saturday, December 13, 2008

joel's sweet sixteen + steph's outing+ yj and su's outing

hahaha hello! :D

yahh awesome friday! but like sienn. cos its friday. and i woke up at seven in the morning. what the heckkk. summor raining. so nice to sleep in right. but got accounts tuition. so yeahhh! :(

anyway i came back. and i wanted to pack my bag. yahh i know what the heck right. tmrr camp today still havent pack.

but i too tired adi. soo i decided to sleep. good idea!


i set my alarm at 1600. but i slept back tii 1630. alarm snoozed. then wake up at 1700. and sleep back till like 1800.

soo everytime i want to wake up at a certain time. i will set my alarm. like. 2 hours earlier. hahaha.

okayy soo like today is joel lee's bday! :D

had dinner with the rest at bubba gump in curve. with timmy. jian. becca see. becca choong. ranee. devina! yay she's back from u.k. shuky. and joel's other skool mate. super full.

thanks joel! i hope you had an awesome birthday :D

devina. hahaha. mann i love her. we were trying to act lala. loll. i was scaring her with all the stories about the campsite. hahahaha.

birthday boyyy. blurry though. he was doing the booty dance hahahah.

ranee. timmy. jian. nat.

yahh and on thursday. went out with su, yew juan and ranee for dinner at curve also. loll. at dinner at manhattan. and had dinner at new zealand. and we went to harvey norman. lollll. hahaha. su and yew juan wanted to buy like new furniture for their new home so we went there.

hahaha. me and ranee were like spoiling everything. loll. the picture develope machine right. haha. we went and press japanese. loll. and then we didnt know how to return to main menu. hahaha.
and obviously with suzanna and yew juan around we did lame stuff and syoke sendiri like to the max. lolll.

and we were figuring how to open refrigertors and all. hahaha. mann im gonna miss you when you fly off to japan ranee!

hahah. juan. nat. and ranee.
su was our camera woman. so juan took her bag and i took her scarf. to remember su was with us hahahaha.
see i told you. damn lame.

and this is elyas! ahhh so cute rightt!

hahahah. we were in juan's alphard to church. and i was playing with him and sinigng songs with him

hahahahaah. so cuteee. OMGGGG.

and i asked him to smile at the camera. and that was the look he gave me. lollll.

and on wed. went out with steph the nonsense x)

yahh we went action city. hahahaha. i know righttt. action city. but very cute la the toys there.

this shop reminds me of tse kai. haha. he's always mac. and ebay-ing. come back tse kai! you know you love this shop loll.

yahh. two sampats. steph's like pro in split. and im like some retard thats squatting down like a chicken.

OMGG. its 145am. shit la. got tuition summor. and i havent pack my bags yet.

i can die.

okayy byeeeee!

Friday, December 12, 2008

natttttttt (: says:
jjin. can ask you for favor?
natttttttt (: says:
jinwai says:
yea sup?
natttttttt (: says:
so agree right
natttttttt (: says:
jinwai says:
natttttttt (: says:
lets say if we are not in the same class next year. i mean memang wont de la.
jinwai says:
that's not sure yet also
jinwai says:
natttttttt (: says:
will you still be my bestfriend?
jinwai says:
jinwai says:
jinwai says:
why not
natttttttt (: says:
jinwai says:
dun emo la
natttttttt (: says:
you say wan ar.
jinwai says:
best friends for life
jinwai says:
jinwai says:
damn i sound gay saying that
natttttttt (: says:
OMG. i
natttttttt (: says:
jinwai says:
natttttttt (: says:
i dont care like what class de la. but next year last year right
jinwai says:
dun la woman
natttttttt (: says:
jinwai says:
natttttttt (: says:
i just want to be in the same class as my rlly good friends la
jinwai says:
natttttttt (: says:
and damn it. i should have knew you earlier
natttttttt (: says:
jinwai says:
it's gonna be a sad year
jinwai says:
natttttttt (: says:
but you too smart la.
jinwai says:
jinwai says:
i smart somemore
natttttttt (: says:
so yahh cant be in the same class as you
natttttttt (: says:
natttttttt (: says:
yahh sad year
natttttttt (: says:
jinwai says:
i might drop
natttttttt (: says:
you wont
jinwai says:
jinwai says:
i might

the rest all bullshit de. mannn sometimes. you're awesome jin! okayy most of the time. and sometimes. you are like an ass. from. hahaha. okayy shall not continue.

this is important because. bff coming from jin. is just. weird and crazy.

yy you made the right choice loll.

i'll update on yesterday's dinner with su and yew juan and joel's party tonight. meanwhile. im gonna pack my bag for camp! which is on sat. and yahh i didnt even get ready any of the stuff needed yet ==''

Thursday, December 11, 2008


ohh yess! im going out. soon loll.
finally i get to drag both of my lovely crazy study nerds sisters out. because anytime now i might just book a ticket online to anywhere in the world due to the stress in the house.

yayy! my sister's watching madagascar in the room. whoohoo less stress.

and yess sorry JIN WAI. im sorry that it offended youu about the mistake about the joke. sheesh man. hahaha. okayy im not actually sure if he's offended so before i actually get cha again, no laa. i mean come on man. jin's such a nice guy. how can he get offended rightt. hahaha. he's taking his stupid driving thing now ahahaha.

ohh and listen to hans zimmer. he's the bomb! forgot to add him in the list! he's actually one of the very awesome people who composes song for movies such as pearl harbour and pirates of the caribbean. and even for madagascar and simpsons. hahaha. and i forgot to mention coldplay and hillsongs :) ohh loll and il divo too :D and josh groban. their voices are like. sweet!

talking about them reminds me about jun yen who's in denmark now. sighhh. i miss you womann. hope you're having an awesome time there :) hahaha.

and yess. its freaking 11th of december. like. three weeks to school? crap laa. s.o.s

nothing much to talk about because. its still in the afternoon. and all i did was. sleep. eat. and yahh nothing much.

okayy. im out now. ta!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


lollll. hahaha im so sorry for that post yesterday. because i just realised that anyone who reads my blog. will be reminded of the not very nice stuff which are the *whispers* exam results except if you are a truly genius. lolll. and dont worry laa. anyone who reads my blog are truly geniuses! geniuses in everyway that you cant even imagine because God made us awesome in our super awesome wayy! and mannn when you find out how awesome you are, you will be blown awayyyyy! :D

okay noope i didnt just eat chocolates if you are wondering. you know whenever someone's happy? people will give you that weird stare like dude. whats your problem man. haha. but hey come on being happy is an awesome super rockstar thing righttt. loll. and you feel so much joyy! :D

i think i wanna change my background color la. black is like. so emo. hahahahaha. like so dark about things. but black very cool ma. hahaha lolll. no the reason why i chose black is because. actually i also dunno la. lolll. but now i dont know how to change so i will just leave it laa. hahaha.

i made a list of things that can cheer me up! :D its awesome la. cos everytime when im down or anything then i can always rely on the list of things instead using up all the tissue papers in the house which causes like trees to be chopped down and we will all dieeeee. not us. animals la loll. but it will soon afect us also. okay okay back to the list.

1) the bible.
yess i know its weird and many say like. yerr nat. what la you. or they will say only people who feel helpless and weak only believes in God. but to me its not la. haha. its really wonderful. there are many verses in the bibles to always constantly remind you God's promises and that you are never alone and those verses can be very very comforting. i think i need a new bible :D awesome awesome!

2) my room
okayy actually my bed la. i like it cos i feel safe. but loll. uncle peter preached on sunday and said that no where is safe on this earth except that you can be assured safe in Christ. haha. oh well thats true. but i still like my room.and my bed. hahaha. when i lie on my bed i just feel like no one can harm me and yess i feel very safe. but i always think silly stuff like got ghosts appearing on the door and window lollll. hahaha.

3) one tree hill
mann. i love it. its the bomb. everytime im upset. after i watch one tree hill its like. WOW. thank uoi dear God for this wonderful creation of yours. i love it like one million timesss. its the best series i've ever seen. right xian hui? lollll. but nathan in season five isnt awesome in the beginning la. but mann they are so awesome. haha. i dont worship them la. but i can relate to what each of them feel because they are going thru phases of life that i going thru now. except for the sex part and all. lolll. but other than. salute! omggg. james lafferty! :D :D :D i can die laaaa. lolll.

4) my phone
its not actually the phone. its the list of names in the phonebook ;) haha. really. suzanna. yew juan. zhiling. kai ma. and yeahps. well its not alot. but thats not the point. the point is that you dont need one whole long list of people to call that you will spend wasting time calling because its really not about the quantity. out of 300 contacts sometims four is enough. the four that deserves a smiley face after their name. hahaha.

5) meet the robinsons
its a cartoon laa. lolll. its awesome because everytime when im down i'll think of meet the robinsons immediately.

6) milo nuggets
i love nestle. i think i wanna work for them laa. milo nuggets can kill me mann. its the bomb of the bomb. i can eat all day and not get jelak of it. wheeee. when i apply for nestle next time i can write like i eat milo nuggets everyday. hahaha. i dont la obviously. crazy mehh.

7) lifehouse
oh mann. its one of the best bands around laa. though i also like the script. and the fray. and switchfoot. and augustana. and one republic. and hayley westenra. okay i will stop. too many de.

8) food
hahahaha. mann i cannot help it. food baby. food. any food la.

omggg damn alot. and im so lazy to type.
oh shytee. i just got reminded about it again. when i mean ''it'' i mean exam results.

crap crapp. i hate this feeling laaa. crappp.

i shall end with a quote. and a joke.

im a nobody. nobody's perfect. so im perfect.

jin wai: korea is somewhere in china rightt?
yy: hahahaha. omgg jin. seriously mannn!
jin wai: okayy fine. its somehwere near china.

lolll. jin wai!

omgg my sister is studying. what the heckkk. she's only form two laaa. omggg.

omgggg. my other sister is studying too. she's only gonna be standard three next year.

someone just killl me laaa. im supposed to feel safe in the house and not be stressed. i think im in the wrong family. hahahaha. the robinsons, please please adopt me. i wont mind living in a cartoon world. hahah kidding. no actually im serious. halppp. home sweet home right==''

i will seriously run to africa man. i cannot take it anymore.

bye bye.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


heyaaa. im happy :) sad :( and tired x( today.

before i start. i just finished reading this book. its called the curious incident of the dog during night time by mark haddon. and i must simply say its a brilliant and intelligent book and its those kind of books that i wont mind reading over and over again. so if you can get your hands on that book its really great! but if you're finidng for those twilight love chick-lit kinda books then nopee this is not the book for youu.

okayy done with that.

im happy today because i went out with steph! haha. yahh. we walked around, did some major silly stuff, took over a million pictures (kidding. only 200 plus) and i wanna upload them but it got stuck because the file is very big and i dont want the pictures to have an error occurance thing and then it all disappears because they are priceless pictures so i shall try tmr. and i want to watch one tree hill and finish my damn it accounts work which i really dont like because i dont get it.

if you really know me. i think smart people are absolutely intelligent. as in i mean. they are awesome. like since small right. i really like to be smart. because people will start complementing you and they will tell you like. wahh you so smart. go become doctor la next time. sure get alot of money. and you get alot of attention also because people always like youu. so like since small i really like smart people. cos i think they are like God.

then when i started going church i only prayed whenever exams are near or when i want a new present or if i want to get well from sickness. basically God was my helpline. like a phone to help me get things i want.

thenn like few years back. i realised that people always say most important thing must got manners. you must have good character in life. as long as you are a good girl it doesnt matter if you are smart or not.

i thought that was really silly. because i mean. ehh. if choose between smart and good character. of course choose to be smart la duhh rightt.

so i always prayed that dear God. if only you will make me half as smart as the smartest girl in class. okayy maybe like no need half la. just one quarter. i wont pray for anything else. i promise.

but then like lately i just realise what it really meant.

to qualify to be in God's good list you dont have to be smart.

people keep telling me that failure is a part of life. or failure helps you grow stronger.

they say that they didnt do very well either and they equally suck as me. but hey come on. do you honestly think that if you suck as much as me, it will make me feel any better? no. it wont. so dont say like dont worry la nat. i suck as much as you do. so dont worry. i dont care if you suck as me or not because like so what? it doesnt mean that i suck, you have to suck too and vice versa.

and yeahh. i really want to try to forget about my results but then people just keep reminding me all over again. so that kinda sucks. i mean i know look forward right. dont look backwards. but i really cant. i really really cant. and i always try to say that results are not everything. and its just a small phase of my life and all those crap. but please. enough.

do you even know how it feels? of course to me now its a big thing because this is probably one of the hard times im going thru. yahh stop giving me that look that says stop whining la nat, its just freaking academics. you can seriously go die. as in seriously.

okayy fine dont die. but you suck like shyte. you are an ass with no compassion and you should get a bloody life instaed of thinking you are so smart because you are nothing but a crapp.

okayy. much better. yahh i sound like a bimbo bitch.

so yahh laa. i guess theres nothing much i can do bout it now right but to make the best of everything. mann. i hate it when i lose. win like a man, lose like a man right. i hate that feeling. but i cant be the one's thats always winning rightt.

so yahh. whatever la.

oh god. i need the strengh mann. i need it more than ever.

and thank you su. you are truly god sent. i feel much better now. and thank you to you too john.

one tree hill and my bed can cheer me up.

but i've got accounts tmrr. omg someone murder me la plsss.

and im looking forward to camp :D i hope its awesome laa.


Saturday, December 6, 2008


:D okay okay corrections loll.
aurum is gold. not silver. silver is argentum. yahh i know la. what kind of an idiot would make such a mistake. me! :)

okay. that scaryyyy dentist appointment was kinda okay la. not as bad as i thought. hehh yes yes tse kai. it was a little bit ecstatic the post before this. but whatever laa lolll. you will never ever know the feeling of a braces-er. the torture we go thru each and every month. hahaha ;)

aunty see fen is wearing the ceramic kind. and so is krystina and johann. super unfair. its like cannot see wan. loll. as in. its not very visible kind. its so cool! but need to pay extra. i dont know how much though. was talking to aunty see fen today about braces. hahahaha. funny topic rightt. loll. she doesnt feel any pain when she straightens it. unfair! loll. but she says she dont like cos she wanna lose weight. lolll. if she's fat. i might as well die. hahaha.

woke up at ten thirty this morning. which is like super early. rushed to get ready and headed of to su's place. cooked the awesomest pasta in the world entire world. cos i helped cooked it loll ;D cabanora and tomato-paste. so so gooood! saw alex and alyssa. alex is like super fair. wait till i get the picture and post it hahaha. its unfair cos everyone that comes back from overseas have better skin. as in it looks healthy and awesome laa. like alex and alyssa. and tse kai. their weather must be pretty awesome :) except ram. no change. hahahaha. kidding laaa ;)

then headed to church for the christmas celebration thing. omgg kids are the cutest thing ever laa seriously. they dressed up as sheeps and chickens. hahaha. cos the theme was animal farm and they had actors and actresses which are like kids acting. so cuteee. omgg. though ethan was kinda grumpy. hahaha. but elyas! so cuteeee! im gonna post the picture i took in the car with him. totally. the bomb.

hahaha. and he has a play-set which looks like the kh thing we have in school. kh is kemahiran hidup. translated it means living skills. which i find nothing to do with that. because its super boring and useless to me. except accounts. which is useful but boring. the rest are like sewing and electric thing and pipes. which are like. totally useless to me.

came back. was cranky. haha. never felt that in a while. i was so tired and pretty hungry but mum and dad wanted to watch tv which sparked off the crankiness. loll. i mean come on man. i was hungryy. abit la actually. but i was tired to wait to go out and eat. so yeahh. haha. like small kid who just woke up from sleep.

and had bible knowledge test today. just look thru the reference book. and i realised all my answers is. WRONG. crapp laa. see this is the first time i complain bout bk. cos this is the first time i studied. not very hard la. but i studied! so i kinda feel the pain hahaha. if i dont study i wont feel any pain at all because i deserve the teruk results. but because i did study abit so i feel the pain abit. though iits still kinda disappointing but hopefully im the rockstar at bk before spm next year. and other subjects too laa. loll.

i loll too much.

and im lazy to upload the pictures la. cos camera no battery and im too lazy to charge it and connect in to the comp to transfer the pictures. heh. BUTTT. i will upload the pictures. because the kids are seriously too cute.

i should get to bed now. church tmrr and gotta stay back for dance practice :D

damn it laa. i cant eat milo nuggets. its too hard for me to bite. the loser braces which i eventually will thank for for my straight teeth but i will still hate for now is pulling my not so very nice teeth together. so no milo nuggets today.

ehh joash is a nice name rightt. loll. nahh just random :)

okayy. nights!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

spread it all over

hahaha. thursday. never liked thursdays. loll. dont ask why.

except today. BECAUSE ALEX AND ALYSSA ARE BACKKK TODAYY! and i'll get to see them this saturday at su's place for lunch! :D hhh shyte. saturday. bk quizzzz. why must i remind myself.

im so screwed by my dentist tmrr. you know the bracket thing that holds your teeth at the end? yahh for those of you who wear it you should know. the thing freaking came off of my teeth!

gg. im so screwed because everytime i visit the dentist sure something goes wrong. and this is like major major wrong. how nowwww. ehh but its not my fault also actually. its the rubber bands thats pulling it thats why it becomes loose. but it is partially my fault abittttttt. let me emphasize on that. ABITTTT. because i should call them up and tell them earlier. but whatever. im screwed tmrrr. crappp.

and they say once you take them off you're gonna miss it.


okayy fine. two years to the max.

and i have to wear them for graduation day and prom. crap crap crap. it hurts laaaaaaa. ohh and do you know that they are made of aurum. which means silver. probably a composite material. OMGGGGGGG. I KNOW MY CHEMISTRY. :D :D :D im not hopeless after all! :D :D yahhh i know la. who doesnt know rightt? its like the basic of chem. BUT WHATEVER. ITS NOT TO ME.

okayyyyy. im so gay. someone slap me. no im kidding :D

anyway. john! hahaha. last paper todayy right? i dont even know why you wanna take geography =='' hahaha. but all is overr! :D i wanna go egypt too!

hahaha. and christmas is in. 21 DAYS. toootooot. its awesome! but wtheck. so fastttt=='' are we doing any christmas shopping, steph? :D though im like super broke already. hahaha.

anyway rightt. God's been awesome :)

you know now. like compared to last time. as in this year and all i think im very much happier and i feel like i really wanna go out there and just be so nice and awesome to everyone. and haha nooo its not like i SUDDENLY want to be nice so that people like me and think im super awesome or like im a major rockstar. its because i rlly feel like im blessed and loved so much that i cant help but want others to feel the same as me too.

of course once in a while i fail because i do lose my patience and i start being mean and hurt other people's feelings because after all we are all human right. if im like super nice all the time then there must be something wrong with me. maybe im an aliennn. whoohooo. okayy dont give me you're-so-gay-nat- face.

and of course when people dont appreciate that you're so nice to them or they dont rlly bother and all, it cant be hard. and you might feel like. yerr. what la weih. here i am trying my best to be nice and there he is not even bothering. but because you know that God is always there with you , you feel like nothing is impossible. and when Jesus was on earth he was rejected like one million times worst than me and he didnt gave up either ;)

and being nice to others and constantly caring for the people that everyone else dont rlly care about, it rlly costs you nothing. rlly. and most of the time, instead of you wanting to bless others, you get blessed more than you know. sometimes right. being happy is not like. wanting you yourself to feel the joy. but by seeing others happy and being blessed you feel rlly awesom even if youre not the one having all tht fun but just by seeing others have fun too! uhh you get it right? haha i know it sounds weird and confusing. but you rlly gotta experience it for yourself!

i am really very blessed with alot of things and people around who really care for me. im blessed with a home, great parents and sisters that can be quite annoying at times but thats not rlly the point, very very awesome dg leaders, su and yew juan, thats like another set of parents because they really really keep being nice and loving me like how i would love my ten kids next time,loll, so imagine when they do have their own kidsss. hahaha. really really amazing friends, i've got so much to name and you might be surprised to think that, so whatt everyone has friends whatt, but not everyone has real true friends, and some might not even have at all. good food, clothes and bed. as i was praying yesterday i rlly rlly thank God for those. and perfect body structure. by perfect i would mean that im not defect or im missing a leg or something. and so much much much much more!

:D hahaha. so spread the love all around! im so glad to be able to love others and help them in any possible way i can. though usually when i help it becomes like more teruk. bagai tikus membaiki labu. i thinkkk. OMGGG. I RAWKKK. hahaha. or something like that laa.

okayy bath time. i like the clean feeling :D

please pray that my dentist wont scold me tmrr :(

hahaha. whatever la. whats the worst she can do. kill me? nahhhh.

ohh and go try out milo nuggets. ITS THE BOMB. i know it came out a long time de. BUT ITS THE BOMBBBBBBBB. i like itttt!
i shall update on scary dentist outing tmrr ;) its red colour so that its like blood from a horror moviee. hehhhh. scary laugh.
okay bye bye :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


woke up at one thirty. the latest time i have ever woken up :D

i think i wanna enlarge my font abit. loll.

anyway. its already december. and yahh i just dont really like it. because time is really running out. for the past three weeks i cant even remember what i did. and my mum said, so nat are you gonna start studying now? im like. WHATTT? like hello i didnt even enjoy properly yet.

the holidays are like the time i look forward to everytime. because no tuition! tuition classes are so wasting time really. it takes up like three nights of my week. and if extra class? my weekends are gone too. and accounts class in the afternoon.

i feel so so free now that i dont have any tution now. until next week because gotta complete accounts lesson then after that. im completely free! except bk. but im not complaining about it lahh because sometimes i really feel blessed that i can actually get education unlike some kids from other places.

butt sometimes? i feel like pretending to be sick and not go for tution. but its a sucky decision to make cos i have to catch up the next week whatever i missed out on. so its like double work!

okayy why am i even talking about tuition? =="

i dont know how to say la. i love holidays but i dont really like it sometimes? i rather have fun then just do nothing la. and lately my mum and i arent really seeing things eye to eye. so its kinda fustrating at times but hopefully its just like temporary laa.

im gonna watch tv with my sister now. and hopefully i get to clear a little bit of my room later. im almost giving up already. so before i give up completely on my room, im gonna do whatever i can ;D


Monday, December 1, 2008

the man who cant be moved.

hahaha lol. i just like the song very much. its been a while already and i find it extremely heart melting.

i think no one reads my blogg. loll. hahaha. except yew juan. loll. but its okayy. no matter if anyone reads or does not.

so let me start off my awesome day. hahaha. i slept at four in the morning. lolll. blame the ikea coffeee! was out with family and dad had some coffee. so yahh wanna act smart laa as usual. took like a few freaking sips. and thats what happens.

cannot sleep. lollll.

so went online. talked to alwin. and played poker with zhiling. yahhhh till four plus. hahahaha. stupid poker game damn nice. but keep losing. sheesh. its addictive.

hahaha. so slept at four something. and during the morning my dad called me up at like seven =='' i was about to scream my ass off when i realised that.

1) i got no energy
2) too lazy
3) my mum will kill me

hahaha i was supposed to go to little BU because me and steph had to go for a milo survey at some millenium tower place. they were gonna ask us our opinions on milo products and what we felt bout it and blah blah. mum and dad were at work, so kai ma was rlly nice to fetch us there during the evening. thank you kai ma! we got lost though. lolll. but we found our way backk! lol

haha while waiting for the evening to arrive, had some grocery shopping done with kai ma and picked up steph from cheer practice. haha. did some catching up. haha. talked bout what we wanted to do for the future. we wanted to build two buildings that are interconnected with a bridge then we can run to each others office and play. loll. such maturity rightt. hahaha. i know

speaking bout jobs. im cancelling out anything to do with maths and science. though i kinda like both of them but im not capable of it la. i mean its not like im pessimistic or anything la. its like. AIYAA. very hard to explain. loll

and IT. is outt also. lol. i dont even know how to use power point. hahaha. but su said she's gonna teach me photoshop. im very excited bout it. hahaha. cant wait!

maybe i wanna be a

1) stockbroker
hahah i think. yew juan's job. like i metioned in my previous post. its an awesome job. but you must be very smart. hahaha. yew juan and su are very smart people. lol.

2) kids teacher kinda thing
haha i love kids. so i rlly wanna like open a kindergarten or something la.

3) forensic people
this kinda failed. after i watched pathalogy. hahaha. my dad says i run after seeing a cockroach. so if i see a dead human body. hahaha yahh la. i will die. loll.

4) event stuff
it sounds kinda cool. and i love planning stuff! but all i can do is plan. the carrying out part. very very hard. hahaha.

5) I DONT KNOW. im gonna research thru and see what jobs are there. got a few in my mind. but im gonna let God decide for me :)

okay okay. i wanna clean my room. I NEED THE WILLPOWER. its so damn messy. no point rlly to clean it. because. IT GETS MESSY AGAIN! steph's room is like. AWESOME. i hate youuuu. loll.

im gonna kill you ngian weichern. egypt with john rightt. giza rightt. FUNNY hardihar >(
hahaha. okay im gonna beat you flat in poker!

okayy. hahaha see ya!