Monday, June 30, 2008

mondayssss! :(

worst day of the week. monday.
dang. all this time i pretended i liked it. but honestly.


yeah i know. monday is suppose to be awesome because its the new start of the week and blah blahhhhh. but dang. i dread mondays. everytime i'll look forward to the good things on the weekends so i'll just say. nat its okay! four more days to the weekends. very short! but the actual fact is that its really long =='

why cant we have 5 days of break and two days of school instead.
okay okay fine. im only saying this because i was totally reluctant to crawl out of my bed this morning and i wanted to pretend that i didnt hear my alarm.
im getting lazier every single minute and this is not good! :(

but i guess whats most impotant is that i realise that its either i complain about it and sulk about it all day or i go through it with it at least trying to look forward to it.
the days arent just gonna be saturdays and sundays just because i like it.
even when i pretended to like mondays i felt happier and i felt that there more joy in me and i just cant wait to share it out with everyone. so can you imagine if you look forward to it with all your heart? that would be so much more awesome aint it?

a good monday shapes your thinking for the rest of your week. start well and end well. the more you look forward to a good week the more you are ready to face challenges and obstacles coming towards you :D

ohkayy i sound like i am berfalsafah-ing. haha its creeping me out :!
anyway have a good week!
im gonna catch up on some well deserved sleep. haha actually its not that well deserved but thats the point isnt it. os is it? ohkay byee x)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

hari bakat and sisters night! :)

haha so anyway. today seemed almost eternity
im almost dead now. zZZz.
kiddinggg! muahaha. im nat the awesome. how can i ever get tired mann x)
woke up at 7:30 and just reached home like half an hour ago.
two awesome events!
hari bakat and sisters night! :D

as known. im a band manager!

haha. accidental superheroes. they performed wine red by hush sound and love song by sarah barellis. they were the BOMB! the sound system was horrible laaa. soon yi's mike when off and jun yen had to share her mike with soon yi. they practiced really hard but oh well shyte happens ><. but whatever it is. you were the bomb diggity!

accidental? haha i dont think sooo :)

janice tan. lee jun yen. liew soon yi. tan hau yon. toh hua jie. john ling chee ern.
names you will soon see in magazines and billboards :) haha!

rachel cameeee! :D haha. i miss this woman! i spent more time talking to her than watching the performance actually. haha. but oh well. i miss you like crappp laaa :(

we decided to makan at McD. jun. liqi. koks. soonyi. kenny. weisheng. winston. david. nicola. ram. jeremy. yy. zeng quan. karmun. zhiling. car yi. but the crowd there was like WOAHHHHH. so someone sugeested manhattan fish market. although it was quite pricey but oh well it was worth it :) the tax were damn high! shared with jun yen and jeremy. we ordered platter but we only finished half. haha such a waste of money =='

jun. jeremy.

huajie. nat. jun. soonyi.


me. soon yi. jun yen.

liqi and jung. haha. they never seen a dory fish before i suppose.

came home after that. i dropped my phone. and i spent the whole afternoon trying to repair it. it was suppose to be my rest time but NOOOO. the keypad when KAboOM and i couldnt press a single thing. so yeahh. i prayed like nuts. bur whOooOOoo! its fixed nowwwww! :D just tried it again and it workssss! although its still quite hard to press but thats not the point.
ThAnK YoU GoD! yOU aRe sO veRy AwEsOmE!

and then around 7 mum dropped me at suzanna's place where we had sisters night that the guys owed us since like 2 years ago? hahahha. it was awesome laaa. the theme was a night in paris. thank you so much guys for making it so awesome. they really put in alot of effort into it and it did really felt like paris! :)

the food was awesomeness. and we had alot alot of fun! :D

suzanna szeeee! :D

shing doink. me. hann.

nick foong.

sucker! haha i see this woman every single day. no less than 12 hours interval. hahhaa.

k you know what. i havw a confession to make. when i said i wasnt tired i was lying. hahah
i would love to upload all those pictures but im rlly tired. haha.

i can straight away lay dead on the bed till tmr morning. but that doesnt mean im not nat the awesome! haha. sorry i officially need rest. got church tmrrr :D

nights! :D

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


haha. its a very awesome song! :)
wait till you watch the video! there featured it in the theme song for the movie. the notebook . originally written beautifully by nicholas sparks. cry my eyeballs out ><
he never fails to make me cry. his stories are all so so touching!
nicholas sparks is the man! and so is lifehouse! :)

find me here
and speak to me
i want to feel you
i need to hear you
you are the light that's leading me
to the place
where i find peace again

you are the strengh that keeps me walking
you are the hope that keeps me trusting
you are the life to my soul
you're my purpose
you're everything

and how can i stand here with you
and not be moved by you
and you tell me what could it be
any better than this?

you calm the storm
and you give me rest
you hold me in your hands
you wont let me fall
you steal my breath away
would you take me in
would you take me deeper now?

and how can i stand here with you
and not be moved by you
now you tell me what could it be
any better than this?

cos you're all i want
you're all i need
you're everything. you're everything
cos you're all i want
you're all i need
you're everything. you're everything.

haha i would want to dedicate this song to you God. indeed you're everything that i want :)
and to my grandparents too! :)
signing off!

p/s: hari bakat raptai tmrr! :) quite a waste of time actually. whatever laa :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


haha heyy (:
im just gonna go straight to the point.
people who havent sign up for cheer pls do so okayy. haha closing date is this friday!
seriously you dun wanna regret not going for cheer! its almost like one of the major events and there will be tons of people there. anyway here are the details.

date: 12th and 13th july 2008
what is included in the package is transportation to-and-fro to Stadium Bukit Jalil for two days. 2 mineral bottle waters and an exclusive Blitzerz supporters shirt!
price: rm 37

why so expensive you might ask. this is due to the increase in petrol price recently. i mean come on la the guy that rents the bus needs to feed his family also right haha. last year was rm 35 if im not mistaken. so its just a rm 2 increase!

and there will be alot of teams there like charms (malaysian cheerleaders) and so many more haha im clueless about the teams so yeap. anyway my point is being a cheerleader is no easy work and they have given in their best so why not let us give our best for them too alrights! :)

if you need any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact any of the trixxon members at 4 matahari. well practically the whole team is in 4 matahari! or simply look for the human resource team. that would be me (nat) melanie long. deng jia ern and lim weng si. all of us are mataharians (: thanks you everyone!

and guess whatt. hari temu mesra is this friday. great huh. thank God its friday? maybe not. hmmphhh. oh God please soften my mum's heart. haha (:
i hope she doesnt ground me for life.

haha. cant wait for hari bakat this saturday! im a band manager muahaha! haha. go there at look out for accidental supereroes! you cant miss us out.
awesome group members: tan hau yon. toh hua jie. lee jun yen. liew soon yi. john ling chee ern. janice tan. tada!
haha conclusion just go hari bakat aights!
and sisters night too! at su's house (: haha. this saturday is gonna be the bomb! cant wait for the weekends! :)
but that would mean passing by friday too=='
how can you be happy and sad at the same time! dangg righttt.

anyway. just from nicholas sparks.from his book at first sight.
the one that breaks your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it.
dangggg! haha. although i have no idea what it really means. but it sounds so awesome righttt.
haha okayy.

haha alrights. shall update after this saturday! pray hard that i wont be grounded :(
haha. toodles!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

puan lee wee leng <3

last friday one of the best teachers i ever had wont be teaching my class anymore. for add maths that is.

she's gonna teach the form 5's cos she's gonna mark some spm add maths thingy so yeap.

i love fridays but not yesterday's :( haha. we had a surprise party for her during recess.

she's not leaving for good laa but damnn she's one of the main reasons why everyone comes to school :)

heart shaped! haha only for you puan lee (:

group pictureee! :)
she's even hugging our add maths text book when we had the cake cutting and slideshow presentation. hahaha.

boon lee and vicki

haha. to me she's one really awesome teacher. there's no such thing as wait-im-busy nonsnese for her. she neve says im busy nat every single time i need to ask her any questions.

and lately i didnt do quite well for add maths and she really encouraged me and comforted me alot. and somehow her you-can-do-better-nat sentence is sincere and genuine.

i mean very teacher will say to their students right obviously for the sake of saying it. but when she said it i knew that. dang. this teacher believes in me.

no matter how many times i never understood a question she never gave up. she drilled me like nobody's business. and she does it the right way.

yeah i know it seems like some karangan im taking from some reference book. but its nottt :)

thank you puan lee for believing in me. perhaps i might never find another teacher as good as awesome as you are :)

hopefully you can teach us next year in form 5!

and to your question teacher if you are worth all this? yess you are way worth than that! more than you ever know! :)

love ya puan lee <3

haha. my retarded best friend x) chan zhiling. stupid rubik's cube. im gonna burn it laaa. its the freaking new thing in town. i love you zhiling. but if i have to im gonna seriously burn it. thats to you too jin wai! x)

oh and im friggin lost in chemistry. stupid hydogen and hydroxide they all sound the same to me but NOOOOOO. chemistry class anyone? :)

Monday, June 16, 2008


plan A : run to africa and never come back forever

plan B : hide in my room for ten years with alot alot of calvin and hobbes comics and never ending supply of pasta

plan C: bulid a time machine and go back in time.

awesome plans arent they :) or not. shhesh. last week was chaos week. results coming back from everywhere. damn. i did the silliest mistakes that even my sister wouldnt make. its not that i don't know how to do but its all friggin careless!

this feeling sucks. its one of those feelings that make you invent ideas as mentioned above. damn it laa. i m damn pisseddddddd. everytime i look at the paper i just feel like riiping it into pieces.
and you know what. the worst part is that people getting A1'S are complaining their asses off. oh em geeeeeee. they were friggin aiming for 100. if i pass its like waoahhhhh. but NOOOOOOOO. friggin 100. i know aim high set your targets high. friggin bullshyte la. GET A LIFEEEEEEE!


I KNOW. i wanna die too. speaking of dying. during my funeral. i decided that guests shouldnt wear black and white. its plain and boring. maybe purple or pink. or maybe silver. but colors can decide later.

and i want the song i will follow you to be played during the funeral. hahahaah! damn awesome right. scare the hell out of the people there.

i will follow you. follow you wherever you may go. there isnt an ocean to deep. or mountains so high it can keep. keep me away. *evil grins* am i evil or am i evil . MWAHAHAHA.

and. play some cartons for the kids too. like spongebob or something. kids get really board during funerals. hahaha. you know what. i don't know why im talking about funerals but oh well. sooner or later right. but not now laaa. have so much stuff to do stilll! hahaha. when the time is right la i guess (:

this verse comforted me alot though (:

we can rejoice , too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know they are good to us. they help us learn to be patient, and patient developes strengh and charachter in us and help us trust God more each time we use it until finally hope and aith are string and steady. Then what that happens, we are avle to hold our heads high no matter what happens and know what all is well, for we know how dearly God loves us, and we feel this warm love everywhere within us beacuse God has given us the Holy Spririt to fill our hearts with his love. Romans 5:3-5.

heyy God im gald we're in this together. i cant see the road ahead of me. but i wanna trust you to because you can see a clearer picture for me. and no matter what happens i know this is the best life i will ever have.


kok weng has been my awesome awesome friend since form 2. but we only become close like in the middle of form 2. kok weng is one of the awesomest friend you can ever have. he's a genuine friend. he never takes you for granted. ever ever. haha. hope you're having a great one alrights koks! : )

ans wendy khoo! haha. awesome awesome cousin. i love you!

and is it me or is the weather just tremendously hottttt. OMGGGGG. this few days has been like helll. its damn damn hot. right after bath. sweat again. even friggin sweat when im sleeping. pls tell me its the weather. hahahhaha/

anyway. i'll end this post with

haha. i know random x)

i should be going back to my calvin and hobbes. ta! : )

Friday, June 13, 2008


haha. im sorry i havent been updating.
really busy with alot alot of stuff. skool's started.
stupid schedule starts again.
will update soon alrights!
ta (:

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


i tidied up my room :D

MIRACLE. whoohoo. i am absoultely proud of myself : )

no seriously. my room looked like it had been striked by the hurricane. and tada! today i decided to once and for all clear everything outtt (:

and along the journey with a uncountable sneezes and watery eyes (well partially with the dust) i found some realy nice stuff too (: hahaha.

haha i know! i got this last two years at youth camp!

its a flower press. from shawna's aunt, aunty teressa. in primary school :) it was for science week. sigh memories(:

okayy this is from thamm. back in form 1. haha.

and the cars i used to play when i was younger. from my uncle. he;s the best uncle in the world. uncle richard. he works at mattel that compmany that mass produces barbie dolls and hot wheels? yeap thats him (:

its really stressful now because lately the internet connection has been going with the rate of a snail. and it takes about 10 years to upload a picture? yeapp

okayy fine im exxagarting. haha. but it takes forever. and usually i fall asleep on my keyboard if i have to wait for it to finish. hahaha.

going off to penang this weekend. cant wait! its only for three though x(

but still!

better than nothing righttt : )

and i watched meet the robinsins todayy! i know that show is like centuries ago but its awesome aighttt! can cryyy x(

and school's starting like what? 4 days? no good in math.

im so not ready mind you. i bet the people in my class finished the whole text book for every subject including sivics and pjk. pftttt! ahhh. im so so doomed when skool reopens. resultsssss.

and maybe they even started form 5. those people =='

and just a verse i read this morning that i found nice and comforting.

for your heart is where you treasure is. luke 12:34

took this picture after the rain (:
visiting the dentist tmrrrr. dreadful time of the month :( see ya!

till then after penang and dreadful weeks of results x( ta!

sincere apology

not a good day! x(

im suppose to go bible knowledge class today. and guess what
i overslept.
i know i know okayy.
anyway i just really wanna say sorry to aunty michelle and ranee. they came to pick me up. and i didnt wake up. i have a 12 missed call on my phone. and sorry to rachelle too probably i made you late to class.

i feel disasterous now. you can just kill me
im sorry but i have to say this
WADDERFUG WAS I DOING. here i have this awesome neighbour who's willing to fetch me and yet.
arghhh. yeahh. anyway. not a good wednesday.
sorry to jo too. well she sounded pissed. and shing. i had missed call from her too.
im really really sorry alright.

i shall go study now. my eyes are aboslutely sore. and i hate that stupid feeling whenever i do something stupid and silly. its gonna be with me for a while now.