Wednesday, March 30, 2011

i think my heart aches

i think if i were to name the most emotional person i have ever met, that would be myself hahaha! sometimes i secretly wish i was a guy because guys are less emotional and they live such carefree lives worrying only about things like gaming and how fast their internet speed is and the worst thing that could possibly happen to them would be their team losing a match or when they cut their hair and go all emo about it because they feel like its bald when there's still hair there obviously -.-

but being a girl is just too much funn! hahaha. shopping, dresses, make up, sleepover, and i can cry whenever i want and its completely okay :p thank you God im a girl! hahaha!

been really busy with assignments, and quizzes and presentations! even though im super tired, but there is something to be keep me occupied :) cant wait for sem break which is two weeks from now after finals! so much stuff to do, gossip girl, clean my room, himym, sleep, catch up with everybody, vacation, orphanages, big bang theory, and everything else! excitement! :)

lucas scott once said when you're truly tested, you discover who you really are. and i've never been a big fan of tests and changes, i love things to stay constant and safe. and the things i am willing to take risks for are very exceptional, for which all have been considered thoroughly and through that i wont possibly regret it if anything happens. but i think as we grow older, there isnt a 101% sureness and confirmation that this is going to be the absolute choice, and that everything will work out just the way you want it to be.

and so for the times when i thought i couldnt make it through ever because there is no possibility that it is going to work out, i think i did. and at times when i didnt know if it was the absolute firm decision, i took it anyway, with uncertainty. but things eventually work out anyway. and when i look back, im glad i did it, although i never knew what would have happened if i took the other one, the road not taken wtf hahaha.

and so i hope even as my heart pounds with uncertainty and fear, it would be the same even for this.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

too old

i've been waiting too watch one tree hill season 8 since eternity ago, and i was so outdated because everyone kept talking about brooke getting married and clay and queen and everything else! and finally when i got the episodes. i stopped watching after the first eight minutes and switched to how i met your mother. i have no idea why, but when i was watching it then. i felt so. sad. its almost as if i could feel the soreness in my heart, and how it was so receptive towards the soreness. and it wasnt even a sad scene. it was about all the good things! except for a few parts, but other than that, it was all good! i think i might have to just stop watching one tree hill. after all the years i grew up with it, and all the good things i believed in when i watched it. like its not there anymore.

and so now what. haha himym and gossip girl! gossip girl is just so. carefree. you dont have to put your emotions in it and when they break up or if they get together, every other things dont seem to affect you in such a big way. like its suppose to be or its okay it is this way. but for one tree hill, the emotional entanglement is just so. tangled? and i thought of grey's anatomy marathon! crazy, i dont think i would be able to finish one season of GA! hahaha :)

its monday already, and. hopefully i survive the week ahead with accounting results coming out tomorrow. quiz 1, quiz 2, mid terms. 44 freaking percent. if i get less that 40. i think my heart might just break. dont know who to turn to.

hahaha. have to study accounts. dman hard please :( and gossip girl if i have time, which i doubt so :( haveee a good week everybody, though nobody reads this :p hahaha yay! :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011


freaking finally finished my term paper! nearly died sooo tired omg :( was trying to fix the margins and thing, and i realised i really suck at microsoft word! :( i thought iwas pretty okay, like can tahan, but i really suck -.- initially all the margins were pretty alright i think, and then i printed out the format in letter size! bloody hell! i remembered checking it about a million times, to be set at a4 but nooooo, it switched to letter! and formatting is about, LIKE TEN MARKS? arghhhh :( STUPID APA, WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT FORMATIING GAY LORD :( and everyone has to hand in at the first fifteen minutes of the class, so no point risking my 20 percent for a small margin :( stupid marginnnn. stupid microsoft word! so the point is, make sure you finish up all your assignments one week before the date line! -.- and learn all the tricks and awesomness of MO as soon as possible :p

i dont know if its me or what, but i think secretly everyone is trying to ruin my happy friday! cts quiz, 430-530? APA ITU? WHO THE HECK HAS QUIZ ON A FRIDAY? EVENING?! this is beyond violating the rules of friday, this is CRAZY! ABSURD! DISASTER! so. pissed right now. but i have no energy anymore after the term paper thing, so im pretty calm -.-

tomorrow is friday yay! im so happy but i have no energy already, happy friday everyones! :D

Friday, March 4, 2011

having a coke with you

i forsee a busy weekend! have to finish up this term paper, which carries about 35 awesome percent out of my whole advanced english subject :s been busy flipping pages of the APA guide which is the bible of everything in this term paper, so tedious :( too many references and citations to be done, hopefully all goes well this weekend :)

this semester has been pretty hectic, a lot of projects and tests especially after the midterm, and lecturers are really rushing to finish up the syllabus. like for accounting, 3 hours would cover one chapter of accounts plus all the tutorials. all the people in my class are geniuses, they ask questions that i dont even understand what they mean :( really looking forward to the end of the semester although next semester would cover even tougher subjects :s im so sleep deprived :(

happy friday, have a good weekend!