Saturday, April 30, 2011

and so

my dad is away for some company trip, my mum is away for some work, my sisters are in school and camping and im all alone, WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY! :D kidding :( sucks because nobody is gonna have lunch with me and i miss going to my sister's room and sitting down on her bed discussing what to have for dinner :( discussing what to have for dinner is probably my favourite pastime! :D find it so exciting! :)

sighhh my sleep cycle is so ruined im so screweddd :( i dont think its possible to return back to the whole waking up at 6 cycle omg thinking about it makes me wanna cry :( and saw my timetable schedule yesterday which i kinda arranged it to my best possible maximizing every single second in college, and THERES CLASS ON FIRDAY! heartbrokennn :(

i do hope my schedule is not taken up by everyone else, kiasu mode to get the best timetable on!

feel like sleeping now but i just had my favourite bedsheet and pillowcase washed and i only want to use that one so i cant sleep -_- gotta change my curtain soon, stupid sunlight in the morning is so freaking bright and hot and wakes me up from my super nice sleep, argh! stupid sunlight! stupid curtain! maybe i should get a super dark coloured curtain, like maroon! i shall propose that to the person who will pay for my curtains the next time we head to ikea yay! :) feel so freaking lethargic, maybe i should go clean my room or something :( but its kinda clean already, now i have to mantain the awesomeness of it :)

i tapaoed prawn mee for lunch yumyum, my mum was -_______- when i told her i wanna eat prawn mee, i hate prawns, and now im eating prawn mee. i have no idea why either but i told the uncle dont put the prawns inside and he was like. lu mai heh? tapi je le si heh mee. which translates you dont want prawns? but this is prawn mee. and i said biao kin, wa boh suka heh. which means its okay i dont like prawns, and he laughed and i laughed although i dont know whats so funny about it -_- but he's a nice uncle though! always gives my dad extra soup/prawn whenever my dad orders yay uncle!

my dad has been complaining about how im spending too much time on my farm. everyday when he comes home, he'll be omg your farm again? yeah he actually said omg in the funniest way ever and then he'll ask what plants i planted today and how many chickens and pigs do i have and wants to see my awesome farm everytime mwahaha! doubt i have time to fv after this, college starts and no more time to do anything i like :(

okay i shall how i met your mother now! :)

and thank god for labor day! one more day to rest! awesome! ;)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

everytime i look at you

you always look so beautiful :)

havent updated for so long, and since i have break now which will end in a few days im so sad :( i shall update! :) i've been watching loads of phineas and ferb, because of perry! :) perry is the cutest platypus ever, and i actually forgone how i met your mother and nat geo wild for p&f! everytime they go perrrrrry! and perry jumps out into his agent p costume i literally laugh and smile and go all hyped up because perry is so cute! and perry is one hot name although i used to think it was kinda sissy? ALL THE PERRYS IN THE WORLD, IM SORRY :( perrrrrry! hehe :) i told ram about perry and that he was the cutest platypus ever, and ram said yeah yeah, katy perry is damn hot -___- hahaha! i laughed my ass of though :p

this two week break has been relaxing although too fast, didnt do much, just lazed around and sleep and farmville, went to camerons for a few days and all was good :)my sleeping cycle is abit ruined now though, have to return back to the whole college cycle soon, sigh i do hope with all my heart that this upcoming semester will have an awesome timetable and that i get to come home early everyday and no classes on fridays :(

i've been looking through all the old high school pictures, and i reeally miss high school although i dont know how i survived staying in a classroom for five years which was so freaking hot :( wanted to blog about high school, but too many things to say, and im so sleepy now :( shall do that soon! and high school shaped me to the person i am today, and i dont regret any of it :)

i hope it will be a lovely day for everyone tomorrow :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011


you dont know how to say it and words fail you, tears will take the role of your words and everytime a tear comes out it represents all the sadness, hurt, disappointment, regret, and the soreness of your heart that words can only merely describe.

its okay to be sad.