Friday, September 30, 2011


i think the worst thing that can happen is feeling upset for nothing. seriously.

okay so yesterday i had dinner which was super filling. noodles and coffee. then i saw chatime! but i was so full i cant even drink another drop of water. then at pasar malam i had this dessert, quite nice, and i was too full for laksa. but now im craving for laksa like a dog. and then later i have stats class. 3 hours of anger and nonsense. and then later when i go home my parents wont be around. sisters having exam and sports. so cant even go out for dinner. then im so sleepy. and i have 9498u89739578978976895788793949478 math problem to solve. then i have to understand slutsky and hicksian's theory. then my stats is down the drain. then i feel like watching tv tonight. then im doubting cos my guilt level super high. then later i have to wait for the bus. then it takes about 99 years to come cos its friday. then i forgot to bring my calculator and pencil box. then i dont know how to solve my stats tutorial. then i have no time to continue ranting cos i need to do math now. then i feel bad for complaining cos its nothing serious. then i wanna clean my pokemon cards and frame it up.

then this is life.

Friday, September 23, 2011

better in the future

everytime i update its either im complaining or im complaining. so yes, i officially finished my first three weeks of uni WOOHOO MIRACLE! :D so freaking fast omg, its scaring me too! before i know it, three years liao hahaha yeah i wished -_-

okay so this week is getting hectic. more homework, more notes, more stuffs to digest. and i was down with freaking flu and i nearly died, stupid flu medicine i tell you, arent all flu medicine supposed to make you drowsy -_- APPARENTLY NOT cos i was awake the whole night wtheck and was so freaking tired the whole day and had THREE awesome hours of stats lecture (Y)

math is still pretty okay, BUT I HAVE 8938493849383 maths homework. okay i guess i have no choice since my math is down the drain, so homework is supposedly good for me :( my stats, i have no comments at all, i really have to read up on my own. economics still bearable though things are getting harder already and accounts is still pretty okay but damn alot of homework also.

okay i know i am dreaming too far ahead, but a friend who just flew to LSE told me the campus is holyshit faints. super nice, i saw the pictures and omggggg :( though US will always be the shizz bomb forever and ever US you are forever in my heart (Y). but the campus actually looks really really really nice. ive never been one of those really smart and outstanding students in life. sometimes even below average. okay this is shit emo post because im currently having emo talk with jin whos flying off on the 19th of nov, wtheck so bloody fast :( so emotional turbulence. okay so anyway, yeah even in like life. generally. as in i feel like no matter how kind i am, or how much i work for it, the only things i will get back are always second best things. leftovers. yeahhhh i know right wtheck. life only favours the few.

but that was last time ok. now im totally onz for the best in life. i really hope i get into a top uni, and even if i dont right, i know i worked hard enough for it. i rather work hard and be disappointed than to always wonder if i could have done better. damn philosophical T_T maybe i should take sociology or something -____- it feels good to actually have a goal, i know what im actually doing. like i love checklists. everytime i finish something and cancel it off i feel damn happy, im a freak like that but its true! sense of accomplishment! freak (Y)

i need to start uploading pictures, my blog is so full of words now that im reading it i already feel like sleeping.

study mode onz (Y) say only never do one. BUT MUST DO LA OMG :(

i cannot believe you can actually do this. knew it.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


omg! second week of uni and its already crazy! i have tons of homework (for math mostly T_T) and i cant believe im actually saying this but i kinda like accounts? :( thank god for accounting background ( I CANT BELIEVE IM SAYING THIS TOO BECAUSE I USED TO HATE ACCOUNTING HUHU :( and holy shit, the accounting im learning now, no need to bloody balance my balance sheet one, OMG SO HAPPPPPPY! i know right, the first time i heard i was are you kiddding me, if you dont freaking balance how can it still be accounting, BUT MY LECTURER SAYS IF YOUR BALANCE SHEET DONT BALANCE ITS OKAYYYY! cos apparently, their rationalization which i so agree with is, in the future when you are working in accounting firms ( though my ambition is to stay at home and watch phineas and ferb with my kids :D) they will have all these accounting softwares that will calculate all your figures for you, so what you need to know more importantly is the concept and and the way the system works. like a boss (Y)

okay then my math is ultimate gg. i cant use to calculator which happens to be god's greatest gift to me so far :( WHAT NONSENSE IS THISSSSSSS UNACCEPTABLE. but yeah im so screwed cos my brains cant even operate basic operations and now YOU SAY NO CALCULATORRRRR? :( but my math lecturer is good, he looks like my grandfather though but he's good! my stats and econs lecturer no comments :(

okayy so everything is pretty okay i hope im not lazy laaaa i swear i do one question walk up walk down play with my dog drink juice talk to my sister sleep wake up do one question and repeat the whole thing again :( my attention span is so shorttttt arghhhh why.and lately the websites i've been surfing most are MAS hahahaha, and also this cafemom website! i love all the articles there, i know im such a freak but they talk about at what age you send your kids to school, or if this is the proper way for you to carry your baby lol! so funny and so true at the same time. and MAS. omgggg, and airasia. so many cheap promos, and since im having three months break in june next year which im so excited about, KARMUN IS COMING BACK YAYAYAYAAYAYA! SO EXCITINGGG! <3

have to work my ass offf so that i dont screw up and not worry through out the entire 3 months of holiday and die of worry hahaha what nonsense is this :(

and also, i found out another thing i really like! you know how when you actually take the effort to text people and they dont reply you? okay i dont really mind, cos maybe they are busy, or maybe they're sleeping or maybe they're out so its completely fine. but the thing is, you see them online on fb/twitter whatever stuffs and even commenting on other things when you are expecting for their reply! so awesome aint it! so much for taking the effort eh! life is good all the time.


okay i swear i really need to draw my graphs now.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

wooohoo uni!

ok im not that excited about uni actually. I KNOW RIGHT, WHY AM I NOT EXCITED :( cos everyone keeps saying its really hard and can die and i have to break up with phineas and ferb and farmville once i start my degree :( okayy so orientation was. complicated. i have to do two applications, one under Help and one under Uni of London, so its two apps. the app for london is complicated shizz i dunno what they want with all their forms and because they use terms like GCE and whatever UK exams terms, so i dunno what does SPM fall under and my foundation falls under too T_T okayy i shall ask the reception uncle tomorrow i think he hates me lool cos i had to collect my offer letter today and there were so many people and i just said loudly, hulllo mr chia! can i collect my offer letter thank you! and everyone else who were queuing up were like heyy we came first! im the baus (Y) eh please la i tell you sometimes these kinda people piss me off. they just crowd around the reception table and talk to each other wtheck got no other place to talk ah, then waste my time only and still wanna complain that i cut their queue. you quickly tell the uncle what you want and he will get it for you la T_T

and i just realized all my lectures are 3 hours! i dont know if that is a norm in uni or what BUT WTHECK 3HOURS? holy shit i used to complain about 1.5 hours lecture cos i was so sleepy all the time but now ITS DOUBLE :( just had the first taste of accounting lecture today, 3 hours and i nearly died! my attention span is only freaking 5 minutes, to survive 1.5 hours is already a miracle but 3 hours is just T_T i have mathematics lecture tmr omg, 3 hours also, can faint :( freaking maths ahh omg :(

and speaking about math, I GOT A HD FOR MY STATS HAHAHAA :D Jesus is so good really, i can say that NONE of it would be possible without Jesus, He is so good to me. i was on the midst of dying in stats, i was so scared that i screwed up my finals cos i honestly didnt know wtheck i did. and a D for my calculus hehehe so happy, cos my calculus sucks and as long as i dont get a C or a P i will be jumping for joy already. macro was crap, only got a C so sad :( means im not discerning and i dont use my brains enough i think macro pulled down my cgpa T_T but Jesus is so good, so thank you Jesus! :)

and throat inflammation is healed thank God! walao the last few days were shit man cant eat cant sleep, breathe also hurts, my whole chest hurt like crap :( i googled (thank God for the power of Google) and apparently its caused by the anti-biotics im taking due to the stupid skin infection which IS ALSO GONE WOOHOO! but i have to finish it stupid shit, and apparently its because i have to eat something before i take it, which i didnt :( and so tadaah! some stuffs about reflux and i stopped reading, and all i did was to pray and it was gone in the morning! thank you Jesus, you are so good!

hahaha my dog is scared of cockroach omg so cute! me too, so disgusting :( the uni prospectus says this course is for you if you are ready to work hard with all your might and strength and full discipline.

ok i think i might have to re-consider that :P