Sunday, February 20, 2011

the thing about

priorities is that it changes overtime.
that is the whole point of priorities isnt it :)

and so who am i, to question you about what is and what is not important to you anymore

Saturday, February 19, 2011

sometimes it feels like

im so hungry i can die this instant :( arghhh ate dinner too earlyyyy, cos i was too hungry and now im starving like a. cow? thank god my dad is still awake :(

the only reason why i drank that coffee was to stay awake and study, and now, im blogging :( stupiddd cofeeeeeee :( and then when i need to REALLY stay awake and REALLY study, the coffee fails me :( i have this vision regretting my not maximizing fully the ''awakening'' period now to study :( which will come true :( I CAN SEE IT RIGHT NOW OMGGGG :( wasted one whole afternoon napping, -.- by napping it means 3-6. and i have to watch this series at six which im so addcited to shitttt :( so drama, cant miss a single episode of it :( no willpower.

and so i thought after midterm can relax and yayyy! but then TADAAHHH! AWESOMNESS! term paper comes in! the other day i was just doing two paragraphs, i swear i took one whole afternoon. and i need to have at least 2000 words, awesome or what! -____-

havent been watching himym for so long, and was supposed to watch 127 hours, apparently super inspiring according to jin, but no time at all omg :( its supposed to boost motivation for my life or whatever shit and all awesome, but no :( no timeeee.

my stupid braces wire are killing me, I HATE YOU BRACESSSSS OMG :( some people say you'll miss it after you remove them, i can puke the oreos and milk i just drank out right now -.-

was walking back the other day, and suddenly someone called me so loudly from the kindy! :') so happy that rusell still remembers me omg, XIANHUI! THE HOT MIXED KID! :D i used to ''teach''him chinese, eh my chinese awesome k, and he still remembers meeeee! :) yayyy rusell!

i hope to find the missing part which has been gone for so long. and when i do, i doubt im gonna give it away.

and for once in my life, im so sure of the details i want it to be, its so clear in my head, and i can think about it all day long. and all im waiting now is just for God to send over :) afterall
i deserve the best.

everyone does :)

nerd mode onz. tomorrow :)