Monday, August 30, 2010

nowhere to run

i had the best assam laksa and it didnt have to cost thirty bucks for a bowl! :) there is this stall at kota damansara, inside a hawker stall, D.U Cafe, which is. the bomb! seriously. i can taste the fish chopped up finely, and the soup is spicy enough even without the cilipadi and its a (Y). im hungry now -____-

the only edible laksas' to me, besides the one from kd, are the ones from this man at pasar malam, he usually sells laksa and also prawn noodles, can easily find him at ss2 on thursdays and sundays at taman megah, whoohoo and all the others are at penang x)

my grandparents always make sure i eat laksa whenever im back. there was once when we were going to a restaurant and my grandma packed laksa to the restaurant because they were having seafood hehh :) pampered to the max, i like! :D yes people who dont appreciate seafood are stupid, i admit and agree im one of them :p but whateverzzzz. spicy food are the best, baba nyonya genes maybe :)

i hate mondays, but mondays are good now because there is fighting spiders! :D soon lee! :) he is a more of a man than any guy i know now. i love the series, although it does give me mixed feelings. because it reminds me of things i dont want to remember anymore.

haha yeah i wish i was more of a man too. i wanna be tougher and evil, like bowler hat guy. i hate it when things of the head messes with the heart. girls usually listen to the heart more than the head and i suppose sometimes we ought to listen to the head sometimes. i wonder how people just let go and forget things that once mattered to them for do they not miss it? and when the heart isnt there anymore, we dont know what to do or how to fix it because we dont know what went wrong. then we become sad, and our hearts feel like it is going to burst. we keep coming to the same spot, and it happens like a cycle. and we hope we can keep moving forward and go away, but we know our hearts always go back to square one.

what are we supposed to do.

bowler hat guy is not a bad guy, he has a kind heart, i would be his friend.

i think sometimes emoing is my forte, besides eating laksa and sleeping :)

and happy birthday seba, you lobster! :) hope all is well for you at the states, my campbell soup partner, and may our prayers of cheap air flight tickets and air asia flying there come true although US will never be in Asia :p US is better than UK forever, and i agree! :) may you be a legendary engineer, come back soon!

hafta good break tomorrow everyone, everyone can sleep in, run errands, go on dates, watch movies, do homeworks, and do anything they like! :D

God bless! :)

Friday, August 20, 2010


hehh. been watching this singapore series lately because crystal started watching it, FIGHTING SPIDERS! :D soon lee! :) :) :) iz the manz. hahaha.

and God gave me more than what was supposed to be given for my college scholarship, which im really grateful for, eventhough its only for the first year, because to some people, going to college is like. buying clothes. they just go, and they know funds are there. but for some, going to college. is like going to college.

okay cut the buying clothes part, it doesnt make sense.

thank you God, thank you for everything eventhough i dont deserve it, but thank you for your grace :) and thank you lis :')

and time by hans zimmer, i dont know how can it get any betterrrrrr! :) its the bombbbb! i want to play a music instrument :) thats my long term goal hehehe :)

and its going to be okay :)

happy friday! :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010


would you ever want to leave,
maybe you could not believe it,
that my love for you is blind,
but i couldnt make you see it,
couldnt make you see it,
that i loved you more than you'll ever know,
when part of me died when i let you go.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

for what

i think i went thru so much shit this year that it opened my eyes to how monotonous things were and how safe and protected i was for the past 17 years of my life. hahaha, lucas scott you were so darn right, its when you are really tested you find out who you are, i wanna watch one tree hill season seven damn it :(

standard conversation in the car everyday :)

jerome: jie jie natalie, i know you got one dog right? *grins*
nat: what? what dog? i got no dog also *grins back*
jerome: nooo. you got one dog! i know i know. what is his name?
nat: haaa. what dog , i only got cat laa, rome.
jerome: i know you got one dog right jie jie natalie, his name is bobby right! :D

jerome why you so cute one :)

i honestly dont know why i even gave a shit, because honestly what have you even truly gave a shit about. shit you.

happy friday!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


while sometimes you put someone or something as your priority first, and it doesnt quite happen the same for you, you know thats its okay. because kindness in the first place was meant to come from a sincere heart, and so will it be.

Monday, August 2, 2010


i like the new nippon paint advert song :p shooo cute! omg nippon paint, nippon paint. hahaha. the white colour thing also shoo cute! got three eyes one. and his smile so bigggg :D

and i just saw the pictures of chelsea and her husband which i forgot the name hehh, and she looks beautiful and absolutely amazing, her dress is gorgeous! :) was in the train and a few people were talking so loudly as if i am deaf like that hahaha, about how not pretty she is and why is he wearing a shawl, LIKE COME ON MAN. it isnt even your wedding, he wants to wear a shawl let him wear la! a happy wedding, and hopefully years of wonderful marriage :)

i think somewhere at a point in your life, you'll come across times where you dont expect things so much anymore, because everytime you do, and when things dont happen the way you thought and expected it to be, it sucks :( so when good things happen, its just like a bonus. but if it doesnt then there wont be much disappointment anyway since you didnt expect it in the first place.

nippon paint, nippon paint.

take my lunboks :)