Thursday, April 29, 2010


and hansel said to gretel, let us drop these breadcrumbs, so that together we find our way home. because losing our way would be the most cruel of things.
this year, i lost my way. and losing your way on a journey is unfortunate. but losing your reason for the journey, is a fate more cruel.

but me likey hahaha x)

my stupid braces SUPER ANNOYINGGGGG, KEEP POKING MY GUMS AND CHEEK. got one huge ulcer :( my cheek cells all no more adi :(

wahahhahaha so long never update adi :D then tada! yayy! updating now :D

you know last time right, hahaha i thought the more i served in church the more God would be pleased with me. like maybe if i preached on sunday and if i could lead worship, and if i gave up everything to be a pastor and clean the church and memorize the whole bible, probably God would pay more attention to my prayers and give me better marks in exam :) and tada! nope i didnt do any of those, and everytime i came to church, i felt so unworthy. like, God isnt pleased and he would think of me as no use for any of his awesome plans :(

to me last time, this is how how much God would love his people in the church, from the most to the least.

1) pastors, cos they preach every week!
2) children/ people who are baptized
3) children pastors/ children church leaders
4) people who attend every single prayer conference and church meetings
5) people who can lead worship
6) people who play the instruments
7) people who can memorize everything about solomon and david and jesus
8) people who participate in every performance for easter and christmas
9) people who give alot of money during offering
10) people who drive big cars and stay in big houses, probably God loves them more so He blesses them more
11) people who have all their family members coming to church and not only just them.
12) me (:

and its been just amazing how im growing so much, for the past few months, just really filled with His amazing abundant love and grace, and i've never ever felt so changed. God doesnt mind at all about whether if i couldnt play any instruments, or if i dont exactly know how to preach, or if i dont exactly know who this person called Job is in the bible, okayla i do know who he is, HE'S AWESOME, like seriously, when i read the book of Job, after reading like a quarter of it, i knew if i was him, i would have probably killed myself :(

im not saying that being a pastor is no good, or if you're generous with during offering you suck, or if you stay in a big house and drive big sport cars, you're not cool. knowing the bible IS AWESOME, leading worship IS AWESOME, participating in church events IS AWESOME :D but God doesnt love us based on that, he loves us wayy more than we would ever know, because we are His children, and nothing you can do can make Him love you more or less! we do not earn his love, because he already loves us.

and we would naturally want to lead worship BECAUSE we love Him, we should want to give our offering BECAUSE we love Him, we want to teach little kids about Jesus BECAUSE we love Him.and everytime we think about how much He does, we cannot help but want to love him back.

(: wahaha its raining everyday, the other day right got thunder, then this boy in kindergarten told me, TEACHER GOT FIREWORKS! OMG SO CUTEEEEEE :')

AND AND IP MAN 2 IS OUT :D wahh ip man damn hot please! x) eh PLEASE, DONT TELL ME YOU DONT AGREE ALSO x)

its been four months since i've graduated and i havent cleared my room hahaha x) i just found a integration paper underneath my table, omg MY PRO CHAPTER! yeah right man. i still dont gett the world crappy differentition thing, and i cant believe i wrote on my spm biology paper the umbilical cord is the placenta hahahahaha x) OMG LA WHO DOESNT KNOW WHAT IS AN UMBILICAL CORD!

wahh tommorow is friday, BEST DAY IN THE WORLD, CANT WAITTTTT :D HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY! NOT HAPPY MEH!LAST DAY OF WORK, LAST DAY OF COLLEGE, EVERYONE GOES HOME ERALY ON FRIDAY, AND THE WEEKENDS ARE HERE YAY YAY YAY YAYAYAYAYAYYAAYYA! :D i love friday so much that i wrote it for my spm essay, write about the your favourite day of the week, and i knew i was it man! the bomb question EVER!

happy friday everyone! :D yayyyy!