Friday, July 31, 2009

what it seems we have

july 31st.
besides br's day, it truly reminds me of how time flies when you less notice.

however, instead of hoping and wishing what we could have done with the time we had, we can only now look forward and know the best is yet to come.

ram came back. ram went back. we hope you had fun back here in m'sia. you've grown so tall and i can still recall how you were a head shorter than me back in form three. though you may be pretty far away from m'sia, you'll always be in a part of us and be remembered as our great friend. cant wait to see you next year end.

as for the cinemas, overheard and the taking of pelgam 123 was pretty worth the watch. mainly lots of shooting and conflicts, but i liked it.

hey august, time for us to beat the fear, shine and put our heads up and stand up tall.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

ask and you shall receive

im having the apetite of a pregnant lady. and im sleeping at the rate of how much a baby sleeps.

anyway. its been a sleeping week. i cant remember much except for the sleeping part. heh. *guilty*

i just feel like saying this. thus here i go!

so yes, anyway, never let anyone make you feel like you're never good enough, or you dont deserve what you deserve or you were never meant to be better than them. never think you're second best, and never ever ever let anyone make you feel like a loser in life.

i think sometimes the reason why we dont do well is because we allow those thoughts to be a part of us, and we eventually believe in them. and we think that we can never make it. but you know what, thats not true. you've already lost half the battle if you allow to yourself to think so.

i believe we all have amazing greatness in us, just that sometimes we forget. and yes, thank you God for reminding me!

omg why do i sound so emo. no im not! hahaha. its just one of those deep talk thing :p

haha, have a great sunday! :)

it's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it, but it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives.

supposedly a funny quote but i dont know how is it suppose to be funny :/

Saturday, July 11, 2009


i dont care.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

whats the story morning glory

i believe that God will never short change us whenever he blesses us with anything.

anyway today, i wanna thank a few people for making everything awesome for me yesterday :)

you know, now i know what it means by best things in life come for free. i've got an amazing God that loves and cares for me and the world so much, really awesome friends beyond words, a loving family, and i can never ask for more. i believe that great friends are there to care for you, guide you, help you out, and still love you after they find out everything about you.

thus, thanks so much liesa, ashraf, jun, jou ee, sue ann, tan juan ( i love the cookies!), ee lyn, chia poh, weng si, each one of you is amazingly damn freaking awesome cos all your cards and presents are really really nice :) most importantly its from the heart :)



and also to jinny wai, zhiling, ching feng, su, yew juan, yy, rach, karmun wifey, shing wifey, wai mun, winston, boon lee, john ling, luke chan, mei yi, dennis, qian heng, mun sin, jian hao, tze lim, joel, sze yun, grandma, uncle richard, wendy, yee wen, xianhui, seba, mel long, koks, ming zhi, ming jia, zhijian, juat, i hope i didnt miss out anyone :/ BUT THANKS FOR YOUR AMAZING TEXTS! :D

when i came back from school, i saw money on the table and im like wahh money fall from the sky! :D but then i noticed a small note from my dad, saying. nat, happy birthday. from daddy. AND I WAS SO TOUCHED BECAUSE OF THE NOTE! :)

its not about the money at all, no i dont mean it as in i dont care about the money like a spoiled brat, even if my dad gave me 10 cents i'll still be super touch, because of the note! my dad isnt the person that goes, AWHWH NAT, i love you kind. he shows his love in ways that i cannot see. but i can feel it :)

and my grandparents gave me red packet too :) but it was what was written on the packet that made me wanna cry till i die. thank you grandma and grandpa, i love you both so much, and sometimes i wonder if i deserve such great grandparents. and my mum who brought us out to dinner yesterday! thank you mummy :)

i feel like celebrating my birthday at an old fokes home. and bring everyone there to celebrate with them! :D cos i dont think they get to celebrate much often and everyone can bring presents for them! :D

yes, so tmr is malam bakat! :) been practicing mj's dance like crazy now, but i still suck :/ thanks jou, jun, shing, puishan, yy and koks for REALLY REALLY HELPING ME. and for jou dearest for never once stop believeing in me though it seems like i can just drop off the stage because i seriously suck, noo trust me. im not a very dancy person, heh, so yeah. thanks jou, i really appreciate you helping and encouraging me so much although it seems like all hope is gone and i can just go die. i think without you i can probably dance so badly that mj will probably come out from his grave because im making such terrible dance moves -.- and thanks KARMUN dearest, i appreciate what you said to me earlier :)

and JUNNNN AND JOUUUU! YOU'RE GONNA ROCK LIKE SHIT TMR! maybe not shit, BUT YOU'RE BOTH GONNA FREAKING ROCK TMR! im gonna scream my lungs out if i have to cos you're both MY AWESOME FRIENDS AND I DONT CARE HOW MANY PEOPLE'S GONNA LOOK AT ME AND ROLL THIER EYES. stupid shyte la all of them.

im damn stress. let me complain abit pls? :/


and and, i dont get the freaking menstruation cycle shyte in bio -.- I MEAN PERIOD, MA PERIOD LA. wtheck got all those endotrium and oestrogen progesterone like whatttt. and ADD MATH, AHHHHHHHHH. i dont understand permutations and combinations =='' and probabilty distribution. I CANT EVEN PROVE THE BASIC IDENTITY IN TRIGO. oh wait, I DONT EVEN KNOW THE FORMULA! and TONIGHT GOT ADD MATH TEST IN TUITION SUMMORE I WANNA CRY BECAUSE I LEFT MY ADD MATH TEXT BOOK IN SCHOOL AND NOW I CANNOT STUDY =='' but its not like if i have i will study also ==''

and my BK! I CANT REMEMEBR PAUL'S SECOND MISSIONARY AND THERE IS THE FIRST MISSIONARY AND THIRD MISSIONARY AND THE JOURNEY TO ROME :( AND PHYSICS! I DONT GET LOGIC GATES WTHECKKKKKKKK. i did my tuition homework and im like, huh whats this? and huh whats this also? =='' chemistry is still quite okay BUT STILL!

sorry i have no intention at all for scaring anyone about their studies. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT WE ARE GONNA ROCK IN SPM AND WE'RE GONNA HELP EACH OTHER OUT BECAUSE GOD GAVE US GOOD BRAINS AND KIND HEARTS. yess we shall not worry! :D i shall teach anyone after im good at that topic if they need it :D but take long time la obviously.

okayy sorry i complained too much. but yeah its just that im streesed out cos i know i need to study hard. i mean STUDY SMART =='' no point studying hard because you get damn freaking tired and you dont get the results you want when everyone of your friends are just damn selamba and they probably enjoy and sleep more than you and still get higher grades than youu. sorry i take that back :/

i feel like what nathan in OTH is going through right now, when he didnt get into the NBA although he worked so hard for it. and you know you deserved it, but you just dont understand why you didt get it. and obviously he got it in the end, and eventhough, he's not my best friend or whatsoever, i cried my eyeballs out because i was so freaking touched that he got it and i was so happy for him! so yes, believe that dreams come true, becasue they do. BECAUSE ITS IN A MOVIE LA OBVIOUSLY HAPPY ENDING RIGHT! eesh. but in real life they do come true too, i hope :)

okay tired people crap alot. i shall stop :/

and i shall end with a really comforting verse in matthew for the tired and weary :)

come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and i will give you rest. take my yoke upon and learn from me, for i am gentle and humble in heart, and you wlll find rest for your souls. for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.
matthew 11:28-30
thank you God, you're awesome and amazingly amazing because i know that you care about what im going thru, and in tough times i know you'll lift me up. i love you! :)


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

when all thats left is you

im so dead tired. oh gawd. rehearsal was exhausting. seriously.

lately, i feel like. im not moving forward. like. im just stuck. as in im not doing anything productive in my life. it feels like im stunted. but not stunted in growth. stunted in life. actually, im kinda stunted already according to my dad. which is no true >(

this sucks.

on the other hand, HAPPY SECOND ANNIVESARY SU AND YEW JUAN! :D i wanted to text yesterday night, but i felt asleep =='' but nahh. i remember su always says whichever guy i date in the future has to go through both of them for approval. and for classes to be like yew juan. hahaha. yesyes, i will! :)

hahaha. anyway, both of them are very significant figures in my life. they happen to be my dg leader/good close friends/a younger version of my parents/ and any awesome thing you can think of. and i cant believe it, its been two years since 07 when both of you got married!

thank you for being there through out everything, especially in times when things get tough and tiring and when things get easy and awesome. thank you for sharing the moments in my life. i'll thank both of you when i graduate from some awesome uni and both of you are gonna get the front seats beside my parents and sisters and grandparents.

thank you for shaping me up till today and God has blessed me tremondously by putting you both in my life.

what do i get for being the first ? :D

i love you both! and happy moving in! :D lovelove<33

Thursday, July 2, 2009

they come true

i finished one tree hill<33333 season six part two, thank you liesa! <333 :D omg you have no idea how much i cried yesterday, as if someone just passed away, my eyes were so sore because it was so so SAD and touching and sad and darn TOUCHING! :(

i never cried so much watching oth, because mostly, i dont know why, because its not sad lah! and omg, this season's is just. darn sweet and yess i know im totally overdoing it but, i can relate to the characters so well. and and. omg. must watch!

damn it, im a huge fan of nathan, but lucas is kinda hot now. hehh. but nathan is still the awesomest okayokay.

and im chosen for NS. arrr. i dont know what to say.

and i watched a movie,obssesed in the cinemas with my sisters and mum the other day. i dont think i've seen any movies with beyonce acting in it, so yeah. its quite okay. but ali larter was crazy in the movie. she's some crazy freaky woman.

and i had this ultra weird convo with my dad. like just a minute ago.

dad. me.
so. hows your studies?
hows everything? your studies. all those.
huh. okay la i guess.
yeah, study hard. focus more on what you wanna do now.
uhm. okay.
but make sure you study the rest of the subjects you dont like also. dont focus on the ones you like only.
uh huh. okay.
make sure you specialise. and do alot of your workbooks and revise thru everything.
okay. yeahps thanks.
off to work now. study hard.
sure. byee.

was that my dad?!

that is the freakiest conversation i have.
because. my dad rarely talks about this kinda stuff probably cos he doesnt want to pressure me and wtheck, now im damn freaking worried. and being worried is the worst feeling anyone can feel. damn it.

and i discovered a major problem.
mr long: you see, the problem you're facing now is you're memorizing the answers, you must understand it.

i have no idea why, but when he said it, for the first time after 9828465 people told me that i have to undertsand to do well, it sinked so deep in into my freaking heart.

not freaking heart, just heart.

i found my pokemon cards! :) hahaha. my dad found it actually.
gotta catch em all, gotta catch em all, POKEMON. eh its damn cute please.

now will everyone stop scaring me already :(

dear God, i shall commit all my worries into your amazing Hands, and i shall know that is everything is going to be great.