Thursday, March 4, 2010


happy thursday! friday is still the best! :D

anyway, i've been working at peter and jane for at least two months now, and heh, im having fun although im dead tired by the time i get back. some of the kids there are so cute, and although some of them really mencabar your kesabaran, by the time you come back right, and you start to think about some of them, you feel like its worth every damn sweat, hot like shyte please.

the most common question i've come about is, what is that on your teeth -__- hahaha, i dont know how to explain to them, but got this boy super cute, he said cheh, my daddy's a dentist, he got his clinic in bangsar, i see it everyday! like that also dunno meh! hahaha :)

i've also met many kind of parents, some nice, some nonsense -__-

i hope that as long as im working here, i'll be able to shower them with much love bagai menatang minyak yang penuh! kids at this age really deserves alot of love and encouragement, not spoiled of course. some are really spoiled that i feel like killing myself because i cant bare to kill them, NOT LIKE I WILL, IM JUST SAYING.

next timr right when i do have kids of my own. ahem. LIESA DONT GIVE ME THAT STARE. hahaha. i hope to raise them up with unconditional love, like how much God loves me. whether they pass their driving test or not, even if they have to take 100 times, or if they dont do well in school exams, or if they are not exactly the best kids or the cool kinda kids to the eyes of the world, as long as they put in their best for anything they do, and they trust and love God, that is the way i would want them to be raised. to never feel like they are not good enough to do something, or they're too small to dream big.

yeah i failed my driving exam btw!

some parents right, say only as long as they do their children to thier best, everything else is not important, BULLSHIT TO THE MAX, stupid hypocrites. im not saying that parents shouldnt be ambitious, but, come on man! i've seem some parents sending their children who are barely even seven to more classes that i go to for spm -______- NOT ALL OKAY. im not saying all.

omg damn tired -__- now i know how my parents feel when they come back from work, and they work even longer hours than me! helps me to appreciate my parents more and more :)