Tuesday, November 29, 2011


okay so my previous post about friday class being cancelled is crushed like a oreo cookie because Help has got no more extra classes/space to accomodate us on thursday evening -____- can die first time i hear this kind of nonsense :(  pushed to friday morning, felt like i was going to die when i heard the news but at least its only 1.5 hours class in the morning so my friday isnt exactly wasted positive thinking i must though im super upset now, short lived dream crushed bagai kaca terhempis ke batu or some peribahasa which i cannot remember :( miss my BM teacher :( :(

and sister is working at the kindy woohoo!good that she is not lazing around at home going on 9GAG, stupid addictive website which im equally guilty of, can earn some money and buy me some nice things also :D :D so nice and they are going for a field trip at sunway petting zoo tmr WTF i also want TT her so called only friend which i totally dont believe its only friend TT (guy) must emphasize on the guy, just called her asking how was her day at work right after she came back OMG SO SWEET RIGHT :") talk and laugh so loud till i can hear from outside think her house only like that no consideration for her sister at all huhu hahaha just kidding :(  shit i really really miss those times.

so anyway! had this fat urge to came home and mop the floor when i was in class, couldnt wait to come home and start moping the floor. crazy psycho urge, only wished that i had that urge to study also. and stats class today was (Y). seriously felt i learned quite a lot of things that my previous lecturer didnt even touch on wtf when this new lecturer taught (he's old and he's really funny) i was what the heck is he talking about like im attending some french class or somehting. then all my classmates asked questions that i have no idea what the heck are they talking about, asking about proofs and theorem and im like omg no need to prove anything just tell me the formula i dont wanna know how it is derived, i know right im the worst kind of student ever :( if this lecturer did not touch on all those things i'll be in the exam hall and i wont even know what the heck is the question asking. it's like going for a war and not knowing how to use the gun or sword or whatever sharp objects to kill your enemie. WHATS THE POINT RIGHT! by the time you wanna use your sharp weapons  all  also die already. though i have no intention to go for war or anything, so scary and sad :( last time watched pearl harbour cried until eyeballs wanna drop. so sad. dont know why people wanna bomb and kill people so much violence is certainly not the absolute resolution :(

and watched breaking dawn too. omg i know this so wtf but cried at the part where jacob came to bella's and edward's wedding :( so bloody sad and touching please, i have no idea why people keep reacting as if it's the worst and most time wasting show in the world, when people asked if i watched it and i said yes they react as if i murdered a whole city or something -_- i watch any movies i like without anyone's consent please, thanks :) i mean im not like a bloody big fan of it but still i didnt think it was a bad movie. there was a story line and i didnt thought it was crappy or senseless or what.

and was reminded about a sermon today about god's deliverance. used to think that god can be mean and make you do things you dont wanna do. like the more you say jesus i want this, the more he will give ypu another thing which you dont like at all. just to test your faith and so called loyalty to him and to test if you are a true christian or not. but was really encouraged that god isnt like that at all. he gives you the desires of your heart, and when His timing is right, His deliverance will come quick and it will not wait. He doesnt need us to beg from Him and He will give it freely and surely full of generousity and love. like fast flowing river and not like the drippings from your tap. Gos is good and He is loving and was just so encouraged by the sermon disc i listened :) yay!

ok shall do work now and probably watch an epsiode of bbt, lolol, sheldon is so funny, but barney is still the best!

Friday, November 25, 2011

everything into one

really really suppose to be studying i swear :( i think even if i studied for 24 hours the next three weeks or so till exam also no time to cover everything lolol its not even funny :(

okay so number one, changed new lecturer! amazinggg! stats lecturer quit, good for him though at first i felt bad and guilty but after realizing he wasted almost ten weeks of lecture i dont feel sorry at all. new lecturer has to re-teach all the topics form stats 1, i learned so much from one class than i did for the past ten weeks of classes so im actually really glad things are turning around for the better! and now no more friday classes! shifted to tuesday and thursday instead isnt it amazing! was so happy so now i have extra one day break eventhough other days are slightly more packed! so anyway im really stressed with work :( i know im slightly ashamed because im not doing medicine or some hardshit course but did that stupid hessler's matrix, nearly died TT

okay planned to blog about singapore but so blooody tired now, and have so much work TT saw this picture, looks top notch but can see so much sadness in his eyes. episode after blair left him for the prince.

sometimes when asked if was angry, i think i missed more than i was angry. and i did every day.
weekend weekend! yay!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

spot the perry :)

why hello perry! :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

see you

see you buddy! may US be the best place you've ever been :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

keeping it together

TOMORROW IS SPM! super fast! was in church today and suddenly they were talking about spm and ITS TOMORROW. and then i was suddenly so excited for them. kidding! im sure everyone is panicking their asses off now but i swear with my life i miss spm so so so much :( not the studying like dog part but god i just wanna go back. like for a few minutes also nevermind.

its been 2 years. and sometimes i cant help but to remember every single second of it like a tape playing again and again. dialogues so clear and fresh.

ok no time to emo. work.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


had the best quality spent lunch time ever!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

retarded piece of shit

okay damn alot of work but i need to blog this cos im damn angry.
was having lunch with my sister and mum this afternoon at ikea, okay wait divert story abit, IKEA HAS THIS LAKSA PROMOTION SUPER CHEAP AND SUPER WORTH IT I LOVEEEEEEED IT! eventhough it had two bloody huge prawns staring at me damn disgusting i gave it to my mum and sister, i didnt believe they will give the prawn lor please, everytime they put on the picture different thing serve also different thing so nonsense. so ordered meatballs to backup incase not full hahaha, yes im crass like that (Y) :D

okay so anyway, while we were waiting in the line, my mum was checking her on her phone and didnt notice the line moving. but i bloody swear the line was moving at bloody slow speed. like every 2 mins, you can only move one step. so we didnt bother moving super close to the person in front cos its so crowded already plus move so front for what its not like you can buy the food faster also and we had the food trolley and everyone has some space in between them.

okay and then this retarded asshole behind me, this man and girl, i dont know if they are father daughter or gf bf whatever i dont give a shit, the guy started saying in his stupid voice why isnt she moving forward seriously? like intentional so that we can hear it. but i didnt bother cos we weer so close to the person in front already and then he started whining again like a few times, what is her problem, why isnt she moving, what is she doing in his stupid bloody girl voice like bloody repetitively. and again and again. and he kept saying what is her problem like three times.

i know its pretty unreasonable to be upset over but i swear if you fucking do this to my mum i wont give a fuck who the fuck you are and you can shut the fuck up. i was so angry because

number one, ITS LIKE BLOODY 15CM to move. lesss that that. like one step. WHATS THE POINT? and the woman infront of us had kids and they were running around so let them run la, why do we have to go so near for what.

number two, what difference does it make moving one bloody step its not like you can get your food faster also, its soo cramp already and yet you wanna make everyone even more uncomfortable.

number three, have some fucking balls and ask us in the face to move in front and not whine like bloody sissy girl to your daughter/gf so that i can hear what you wanna say.

number four, his slippers are damn ugly like a bloody cheapskate slipper and i am not surprise he's wearing it cos it suits like fuck.

i turned behind and gave him a glare so hard i swear i never been so angry at a stranger my whole life. if he was saying it to me for not moving forward i can ignore and dont give a shit but he was saying it to my mum, okay not my mum actually cos he has no balls he was saying it to the air and his sissy girlfriend/daughter.

then my sister came and i told her the whole story so loudly she had to say woahh calm down jie so many times cos usually she gets angry and its quite funny now that i think about it. he stopped talking the whole time we queued up. im like good for you you whiny sissy boy.

omg so angry.
sorry so emotional. okay totally released now all anger hatred emotions. so angry i scared myself. never been so angry for sucha long time.

but we got a daim cake so im happy again! and we sat at my fav table at ikea, so nice! so happy :)

ok i found this picture, pls tell me its super touching, cos it was when i saw gossip girl! chuck, i support you, the prince can go die and you deserve to be with blair!

ok need finish accounts now, damn alot of work. need more timeeeee!