Tuesday, July 12, 2011

days like these

i usually have swear quotas so that i dont exceed saying the f word, or so that it doesnt become a norm to me like how cussing is as if you're drinking water.
i think swear words are useful especially in times when you wanna express your anger or your rage, although i dont agree with the usage of it completely.
but seriously lol, i dont really care if your perception changes towards me if im rude or ignorant or spoilt and stupid. i just dont have those big vocab like how people always blog when they are upset. just because some people have better ways to filter it, unfortunately i dont. sigh sorry! i only have four words to sum it up though, short and easy to understand.

fuck you for doing this.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

in the bones

supposed to be studying macro and stats, but ended up napping way too long in the afternoon after watching gossip girl. dieeee. im so relaxed this sem, im so screwed damn it :(

ironic that the first call i got was from a good friend in the states and the first card i received was from a close friend in aust :) life. they always say good friends come in quality, and thats true :)

ex best friends, and an ex. will not spill much, too vulnerable and open.

and seriously, im not going all the way down to college on a sunday for a 2 hour practise which half an hour will be spent dilly-dallying and others for nonsensical things, its just irrelevant and completely bullshit. done being there when the rest of the whole group isnt, its amazing how selfish people can be. eventhough im being selfish now -_- but thats not the point.

the point is im super sleepy, and im so screwed for macro and stats :( argh.

Monday, July 4, 2011


weird. im gonna admit it, i think im really really weird. im really trying to stay at the same frequency as how old i am, but OMG PERRY IS KILLING ME :( i should be watching cnn and bloomberg and reading new york times, omg i read new york times for a short while i was online then phineas and ferb loaded and i got distracted :(

how now. im such a freakazoid :( BUT ITS OKAY IM SUPER HAPPY! :D you know, i used to be so happy last time. yeah i know im emphasizing on the word used. like nothing could bring me down, maybe except add math and accounts lol. sigh. but you know what, i think i found back the missing part of me, and although it isnt exactly all complete i think after so long, i found it back :)

perrrrrry :( got a perry mirror and a perry cellphone strap! thanks jie jo! <3 so happy la omg :'( can cry.

sucks tmr classes only start at one, but gotta revise freaking macro

followed perry on twitter! lol question of the week: is perry your boyfriend? :D

haha no lol, he's a platypus and he's a cartoon character, but he's really handsome and awesome! :D