Sunday, May 31, 2009

what if

after watching the first transformers, i asked my dad
me. dad.
eh daddy, i wanna watch the second movie.
=='' why answer me so short one. eh daddy, which one you support, megatron or decepticon?
i support cornflakes.

and you thought i was bad.
hahaha, love ya daddy :)

17 again, here i come! :)
ehh zac efron looks kinda hot in the poster okayyy! noo seriously ._.

i miss you liesa :(

damn you add math project, damn you.
accounts time!
God, bless me please.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


mwahahaha. watched antara malaikat dan jin with my dad today.

ehh thats what they translated in the subtitle la seriously ._.

it was not bad at all! pretty interesting, alot of stuff and complications in the movie, and enjoyed it overall :)

EXCEPT. there is this STuPiD guy with his girlfriend in the cinema. me and my dad came in quite late, but it was only commercial, havent started yet. so it was quite dark right. but i managed to find the seat, thank youu *applause* okayy so right, i realised the guy is sitting on my seat. but i thought like maybe he made a mistake or whatever la.

then he got up, and went to the other seat beside his gf, and SAID PURPOSELY AND LOUDLY

these people so kiasu.


and i was intending to ask him nicely!

wahh then everyone ma damn kiasu lahh. cos they all buy tickets and sit at their CORRECT places what==''

but after a while, i wasnt angry anymore lahh. cos, i mean, it'll just spoil my movie and cannot simply get angry with people also la right. and when you're not angry, you'll feel happier! :)

i havent started my accounts yet. and thinking of add math project makes me wanna cry. seriously spoil my holiday lahh :/ :/ :/

wahh super tired :/
like super super tired.

vitamin string quartet

what a feeling in my soul,
love burns brighter than sunshine

so sweeeet :)

stupid connection's been such a pain. it took me approximately 3 hours to upload pictures in facebook ==''

99% done
transmitting data
uploading failed.

wanted to post some awesome pictures of me for teachers day today, kidding lahh :p omgg the last tecahers day in high school :/ :/ :/
so sad right. im gonna miss it so much.

2 weeks of so called holidays. got accounts exam next tuesday! gg. i dont even know how to imbangkan the accounts! seriously, i NEVER balanced once. the word is NEVER. im screwed.

clean my room which looks like, a freaking jungle. books everywhere!

currently reading not a penny more, not a penny less by jeffrey archer. its about this guy who cons people's money by making them invest in shares and all. i must read this kinda books. make me a good conner in future and con all the evil people in this world. sure earn alot of money one. MWHAHAAHAHA.

and vitamin string quartet! :) super duper awesome :D
and gavin degraw's latest songs :D

watching movie with my dad tmr! :D
i mean today. lol.

and God, i miss youu so much :/
thanks for coming back again.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


''aiyoo after this must hardcore adi. work hard everyday like got exams. cannot relax anymore''
next time when your grandchildren asked what you enjoyed the most during highschool days, tell them, ''i was a loser, who wasted my highschool life being kiasu''

i thought i was REALLY LOOKING forward to this day but when exams was over i felt so tired that i didnt even feel the joy of finishing my exams ._. it just felt like, normal only =='' and all the lower secondary students from the other block shouted like they just ended SPM wtheck ._.

anyway, i gotta say that this week is absolutetly not one of the good weeks. except for the part where exams are over, and seeing jin drive, makes me feel so freaking proud of him, cos he's like so grown up, tskk, and knowing that i can always turn to liesa, and thanks xianhui, your texts really made me felt good :)

this is going to be so emo, but just bear with it lahh kay, cos. yeah :)

yesterday, i was damn freaking exhausted adi, and i felt asleep during the evening cos no tuition ma right. and suddenly my door felt like it just got shot by some robber or something and i woke up in shock lahh obviously. i stared at my clock, and it read 0720. i was like wtf! omg MORNING ADI AHHH. SHYTE SHYTE SHYTE.

i got so panicked and shocked, i cannot describe that feeling. i quickly open my door, and i realised that it was only 1 hour since i slept. WTF. i got so angry because WHY COULDNT MY MUM JUST KNOCK THE DOOR NICELY.

and that i suddenly thought of my add maths, and my accounts and my bible knowledge, and i got some stupid text about some stupid prom thing, and i felt so freaking stress at that moment and i couldnt get thru liesa on the phone cos she was in tuition and jin was having dinner, and i felt so ALONE.

thank you jin for answering it at the end though. BUT YOU STILL SUCK. :p

now i know how lonely and streesed people feel and why organizations like befrienders exist.

omg i should totally call them lahh. hahaha.

wait its not even funny.

yeah so its damn wtf. and the other day my mum asked me to apply for some course lahh. i dont know what is it, but she says its good and etc etc. so i asked my cousin bout it.

and she says like its really hard to get in but no harm trying cos the people applying will have resume like 100 A1'S and head prefect all those shyte lahh, and what i have will be like, how many times i go recess early, how many times i tell the prefect to go and die because they off the fan during recess when i wanna stay in class and sleep.

and when i told my mum it was hard to get in, but i dont mind applying for it, eventhough i dont know wtf is it, she said,

oh even if you wanted it i dont think you can get it also.

SERIOUSLY. wtf?! I MEAN LIKE COME ON MAN WTFFFFFFF. in the first fucking place, if you already have the mind set that i cannot get it, THEN WHY ON THE WORLD ARE YOU EVEN ASKING ME TO APPLY FOR IT?!

usually if some asshole say to me this kinda stuff, i wouldnt mind cos he's an asshole. but holey shyte, its my mum :/ i dont know if it was a slip of the tongue or whatsoever effing reason, it seriously, made me feel like. a bloody loser. RED COLOUR TO EMPHASIZE THE BLODINESS.

it sucks that the people you want most to be there for you when you're going thru shytes isnt there for youu.

i mean, okayla, i know im not that smart, or i bet if i said i wanna go harvard right, 99.99% of people will say, OMG NAT, JOKE OF THE YEAR. not to say i really mind of what people think bout damn it.

ANYWAY, going to harvard or not does not mean you confirm succeed in life also ._. i mean of course its damn OMG! but got people that dont go harvard and still succeed in life whattt. okay i wanna go harvard now, sounds cool :)

so, i shall make sure, that I NEVER ever look down at my kids next time. doesnt matter if i said it by accident or whatever lahh, cos it can really scar your whole life. i mean, i know it sounds so kua chiong, but you wouldnt know how it feels like until you experience it yourself :/

and i kinda think that the phrase i will be there for you through out everything, is just bloody overrated. i hear it so often that i think its like for the sake of saying it. i mean come on, i dont even mean it when i say all those stuff. its just plain bullshit to make me look like a very awesome friend.

omg, i think i can be a bitch if i wanted to man. im kidding lahh wtf. that phrase, i usually dont say. cos i think its a very big commitment to make. i mean wtf, you say you'll be there for someone right, make sure you're there, even if james lafferty visited youu, or if you wanna sleep, or even when you're going thru a tough day. so when i say that line, you can be sure that i mean it with all my heart.

yess thats to you liesa. and jin, not like you care. and xian :) and a few more, but my phone is vibrating. my momentum got blocked. its liesa calling.

its a pretty messed up week. but friday is coming and im happy bout that.

and sometimes, people can do ANYTHING to get what they want.
and when i mean ANYTHING, i mean it for real.
screw them.

and fudge add maths project. eduaction system here in malaysia is driving me nuts.

okay liesa on the phone. comfirm drama :)
sounds like a good way to end a screwed up week. nights.

Monday, May 25, 2009


thank you weichern who apprently knew it since primary three ==''
i found out that lmao actually means laughing my ass off.
poker this friday, watch out mwahaha :)

seriously man ._.

if i sat for my spm last year, i would have cried till i died for add math paper.
its damn freaking hard.

in addition to that, tmr im having my add maths paper.

and in addition to the addition, puan lee says its gonna be the standard of last year paper.

i have to freaking refer to the solution behind for every question.

and guess what. tmr there is no answer for me to refer to.

nats second theory.
even if you dont know how to do it, but at least you try to, or worst, pretend to know how to do it, you will be able to do it.

i'll tell you if this theory works after exams tmr.

i need a miracle.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

and then i kissed him

no laaaa, i didnt kiss anyone.
i lost my lips virginity to a freaking dummy that i was giving CPR to for red cross exam. yuck, damn rubbery.

its one of the soundtracks of pearl harbour :) its musical instruments BUT its seriously super like ultra nice! :D

makes me go all jelly. wtheck jelly? yeahh makes you feel so. i dont know whats the word lahh but makes you feel really good! :)
my whole playlists are filled with these kinda songs, call me boring, but whatever. i like! :)

anyway, i miraculously survived TWO week of exam, 3 more days to go. *applause* on thursday night, i felt like i was really going to die. i felt like hanging on was just so difficult and i felt like i reached the end of my hanging on.

but i did survived till today. and its saturday morning. amen. thank God for best friends like liesa, if not i think i would have jumped down the builiding or something. i wont, cos it hurts lahh! and if i kill myself now, its stupid. like wtheck, i endured the past 8 days, then kill myself? too much lahh.

and life is too precious. everytime i think about it, it really is precious.

so tired.

i kinda want to relax during the holidays but i realised that i gotta catch up on my accounts, bible knowledge, clean my room, arrange my files, catch up as fast as my tuition teacher. it seems like its never ending, and its absolutely exhausting.

but somehow, it feels like im meant to live for so much more.
so much more compared to this.

im happy though :) trying to at least :D :D seeee. so many smiley faces :D :D

you know sometimes whenever you're sad, and you at least try to be happy, you WILL be happy at last! :) no really. its called nat's theory. which does not need any stupid scientific explanation, cos you experience it with your life.

wahh super philosophical :)

watch meet the robinsons! its the best cartoon movie in the world. for me that is. never fails to make me feel sad, happy, touched, sad and happy :)

because in life, we just gotta keep moving forward.

Friday, May 15, 2009

myocardial infarction

everytime i wanna get even with someone who asks me some biology question that i cannot answer because they think they so smart like that =='' giving me the HA, YOU DONT KNOW AH face. okay la, they are actually smart, BUT the point is. all i do is ask them,

oh whats the scientific name for heart attack?

mwahahha, their stunt faces makes me smileeeee the most evil smile ever mwahahahhaa >) >) >)

okay la, im not that mean. and its not even my own question =='' its john's favourite question. thus, no credits to me (:

anyway. HATE EXAMS. HATE HATE HATE EXAMS. makes everyone so tired. stupid lahh. especially MORAL. WTHECK MULTIPLY ONE MILLION TIMES.

DAMN STUPID LAHHHHHH. whats the point of memorizing the damn nilais.

damn STUPID.

as if like next time if the police stops you on the road because you speed, you go like,

oh yeah, must mengamalkan nilai amanah. sikap bertanggungjawab yang boleh menimbulkan BLAH BLAH BLAH. so cannot rasuah.

no point getting A1 for moral if your atitiude is crappy ==''

found out my latest hobby besides sleeping. showering.

thank God its friday, feels like im gonna die adi.

fell asleep during chemistry paper! i know ._. who the heck falls asleep during exams, but i did! yeah i cant believe it either.

and whoever that told me that accounts is FREE A, can just go jump down the buliding now ==''


okay dont jump down the buliding. BUT ITS NOT FREE A LAHH. why the heck did i even think of taking accounts mann. damn act smart ==''

dont give me the accounts hard meh look. my dad keeps telling me that when you go work next time you sure regret complaining so much in high school.

EH IM NOT EVEN COMPLAINING LAHH =='' im just saying. saying it passionately full of fire. i love high school. its pretty stressed at times, buttt. its really fun at the same time, i mean, all your friends together with you whatt. isnt it fun? (:

after this is like. everyone goes different ways, and its so sad :/ :/ i mean, i dont know lahh. im very attached to things, and its very hard to leave or let go of it. thus, i dont really dare to commit into something, unless im very sure of it.

OKAY NO MORE EMO TALK. this is too much.

i hate agreeing with my mum, but this time i have to. my room is like a junkyard ._.

:D :D

im just so happy its the weekend (:

okay i need to spam malay. and history. alex is gonna set like questions that make you cry before you can even finish reading it. phewww.

have an AWESOME WEEKEND! :D study hardddd.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


i know im supposed to studying now, BUT, i need a break lahh :/

i did the physics workbook right, got 50 questions there. but i had 2o mistakes! :/

but its okay lahh, as long as i keep learning, trusting everything and constantly commiting it into God's hand, its going to be okayy.
haha, just that im quite lazy, thus, its not helping me much hahah.

i gotta admit, i seriously need to stop doubting about God's power.

hahah. never fails to make me smile. LAFFERTY <3>

just to make everyone happy, nahh, here's a picture of him. i know he's awesome, thanks :) hahahah.


gonna spam one tree hill like crazy after examsss :)
meanwhile, just to encourage everyone :)

I am leaving you with a gift, peace of mind and heart! and the peace i give isnt fragile like the peace world gives. So dont be troubled or afraid. john 14:27