Tuesday, December 20, 2011

december :)

its christmas this weekend! so fastttt cant believe its almost the end of the year already! just felt like i was starting my classes in jan and complaining how bullshit is it that classes starts in jan, i thought that only happens in high school lol. and now its december and its already four months since i started my degree! crazy isnt it! im just so scared that one day i'll wake up and im already 70 years old or something.

been sleeping at the oddest hours like 5 in the morning cos my clock broke down TT i have this funny habit of putting my clock 2 hours ahead of the normal time i know wtheck right cos i feel so lazy all the time and i thought if i were to set my time a little ahead i would think omg no time already faster finish all the work now now now then i wont procrastinate and if i were to lack time also then i would feel motivated that i actually have two hours extra :D but now my clock is back to the normal time like everyone's time. sometimes im not used to it but have been getting used to it more and more now and realized i have no idea why i set my clock two hours ahead in the first place TT exams have been crazyyy nearly died due to the lack of sleeep! earliest time ive slept is at 2 omg, cos i feel like if i sleep earlier like got nothing to study meh then tomorrow only regret for not studying more. got this stupid mindset that quantity over quality :( so sleepy now but waiting for my hair to dry so cant sleep zzzz, and thought i shall start maths tomorrow ( champion of procrastination) cos i have one day break woohoo! then exams on thurs and i have break for 10 days! so happpppyyy! eventhough starts school on 3rd jan LIKE EVRYONE ELSE zzzz. initially i thought one week only but when you no longer follow the conventional national school holidays and especially when your uni is in KL and every shit holiday in selangor isnt applicable to you, every public holiday and every break day is like the ultimate gift from God (Y)

screwed up my stats today i didnt know how to do probability :( so hard and this exam is just probability and distribution even the distribution questions look gibberish to me im not surprise if i get shit marks. need to work ass off for the real exams in may, i know may sounds so far but its super fast before i know it tadaaah! may already! and also have been fast at getting angry, ultimate anger management problems. was having lunch today at chillax, i hate the word chillax so much its the most nonsensical word in the world, what the heck is chill and rest man seriously. but anyway was asking the guy whats the set lunch cos usually this place which we seldom go too, cos its damn bloody overpriced but got nice ambience and ashley and the rest of them wanted to study there so fineeee. so when i asked him he gave me a reply, fish and chips rolling his eyes with some stupid sarcastic tone and im like okay if i knew what it was i wouldnt have asked you in the first place right stupid, and how can you expect your customer to know what you serve everyday you think im god meh. ok fine. then i asked him what is in the set lunch? fish chips and anything else? and he gave that stupid tone again, fish, chips, and salad and drink lah! best service ever provided! fucker you are the one working in the restaurant and im your customer and you have no courtesy of even telling me whats in your set lunch and you are so rude. i am NEVER going back there again and just for the record it sucks i can even buy better fish fillet and fry it at home, its just some cheapskate fillet. stupid place. i wrote a super huge complain letter i know i think sometimes im born with the gift of complaining especially when it comes to service area. cant stand slow serviceeeee!

and also on the road especially when drivers drive as if its their grandfather's road. i sound like as if my parents never taught me manners but im so angry! the other day this car just cut into my lane without even signalling at super fast speed when my sisters were in the car too driving like some drunkard. so angry because its so dangerous. sometimes i swear the people who get into accidents isnt because its their fault but because stupid drivers on the road dont know how to be considerate and drive as if they are in fast and furious movie or something. i wont be so angry if it was only me but my sisters were in the car and i cuss all the way home because sooner or later the way he drives is gonna cost someone's life. bloody idiot. so angry omggggg.

im a terrible person :D on a brighter note looking forward to new year! gonna spend the best one week left of 2011 and looking forward to a great year! i think sometimes along the course of life sometimes people change because they experience different things as they grow up and its almost impossible for them to turn back to who they were. some things do make you grow up and you dont percieve the way you look at things like before but i think all these things are inevitable. as long as hearts dont turn bitter and selfish, everything else should be looking pretty sunny in times to come :)

shall blog about the present i got for grandpa after exams! cant wait for exams to be overrr!