Friday, May 30, 2008

mei yi and dennis <3

went out with two monkeys on friday x)

dennis choo and lui mei yi! : D

i have known them since like 7 years ago. haha!

we went for lunch at some chinese restaurant. char chan teng. yeap (:

thanks to me okayy! : D

i called the wrong drinkkk. aiyoo. its the left side wan. the only reason i called it was because it sounded cool. white fungus. haha!

they both enjoyed their drink while i had to sulk towards the whole meal bout it. pfftt. arghhh

nevertheless. they shared with me theirs (:

thats what awesome friends do. when your freinds screwup and order some screwed up drink you share with them yours : ) okayy this is damn nonsense. next!

called the right food though : D

cheese bake rice! my favourite!

and after that dennis suggested SUPERHERO MOVIE. aiyooo. 7 bucks to charity la seriously.

haha. its damn nonsensical. but funny laaa

aiyoo. but still not what i'll pay for laaa : x

we then wandered around. and guess what. dennis said he wanted to buy a file for tuition

aiyoo alamak. so we went to popular. hahaha

nonsense laaa =='

we didnt had anything to do after that.

so we took another half an hour deciding where to eat

and this decision is once again thanks to meeee! : D

vietnamese kitchen.

hahaha. makan. gossip. haha. not actually gossiping. more of exchanging news x)
yeah right ;)

dennis took like 10000 years to decide what he wanted to order.

alamk dennis ><

okayy im lazy to upload the pictures with the food. heh. wanna know how it looks like go check it out (:

this is probably one trip that we never stopped talking ==' haha.

we laughed like nobody's business. tired at the end. but it was worth it! (:
i'll never trade anything for this two monkeys (:

love ya both!

and kai shen (: alll the best for exams this week aight?
1 more week! i know you worked your ass off (:
signing off!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


prince caspian is the bomb

x) x)
i hate his accent though. if he spoken some british accent. its twice the omg : D

anywy. i appreciate holidays even more now.
sleep sleep and more sleep.

had a long day. haha. im gonna knock off soon. so haha no pictures.

but go watch prince caspian! yeah yeah whatever shyte laa for those of you who thinks is crappy. haha.

okayy anyway i know this is damnn random but if i have a son next time im gonna name him jayden. I KNOWWWWW THE NAME IS DAMN AWESOME : D

sorry balme the chocolates for the hormone trigger.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

what really matters

anyway. i just had this urge to blog about this today so i shall just uhmmm blog! (:

this year has been a really challenging year. fine its not even half a year yet haha. but truly this year really pushed my limits.

its been a really busy half a year and so many things to do and i havent been putting so many important things in my life first including my family and God. im sorry : (

and with friends not being in the same class anymore and the leaving of very few close friends to furthur studies in other places has not been easy.

so many things so little time to do. and not only that i always tried to rely on my own strengh to do whatever that i thought i could do. i thought i didnt need help and slowly i only came to God only when i needed Him badly especially in my exams.

i rarely spent time with my family except during the weekends and i just realise that my sisters are now all grown up and well i hate to say this my parents growing older. my grandparents too are the two most important people in my life. im really trying to spend more time with them too as i only get to see them only twice a year.

and so it struck me REAL HARD to wake me up today. and im glad i did.
and its never too late to mend!

hey God thank you for everything that you put me through this half of the year. through all that joy and tears I know you were standing there for me. and i would never have to worry about possibly anything because I know you are always always there for me. thank you for never letting me go.
if you humble yourself before under the mighty hand of God, in his good time He will lift you up. Let Him have all your worries and cares for He is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you. 1 peter 5:6-7

and to my parents. this year could have been an extra burden for them.
fetching me to endless tuition. always trying to spend time with us no matter how tired they are. i truly appreciate all of that.

and to my grandparents. perhaps you'll never read this ever but you both are one of the greatest blessings in my life. thank you for everything. i love you both so so much.

and to my sisters. no matter how nonsensical annoying you may get. you're still the greatest sisters i can ever get (:
i thought the day would never come for me to say this x)

AND as i continue the almost never ending journey this year I know that I'll try to make the next half of this year being a better human to all mankinds (:
and although more tears, fustration,never ending joy are on the way I know that im not alone goin thru all this!
i shall end today's post with another huge smiley face :)

thank you all!

Monday, May 26, 2008

ssmc basketball and futsal!

last saturday we had a basketball and futsal match at church! :D
i woke up at friggin 7.30. on a weekend! haha. but it was worth it!

it was awesome. not many turn up though including one of the organizers tan zhijian. shhesh. but we had a great time!

the COURT OF DEATH as quoated by me and ranee x)

we can never understand guys. why do take they pleasure in a ball so much? sigh. haha. kidding laa! : D

if you are a girl and you get to come out alive of this court. its a miracle : )

and we did! tada!

we even scored some goals. well thats just because the guys were being nice and letting us take the ball when they have a 100000 percent chance of just grabbing the ball away. thats why its called a friendly match! x)

ranee gan (:

later me ranee and su xian went to su's house for lunch and just a little relaxing time together with yew juan

mrs see yew juan wasnt there though : ( cos she had to prepare for exam but the ever ready mr see yew juan had everything planned perfectly for us.

work hard su! 2 more weeks! : D

you're the bomb!

foodddd! my weakness <3

ranee and her masterpiece

my masterpiece . eh it was awesome okayy!

we made our own juices too!



cucumber+lime (yes yew juan this is the 'bomb') haha!

lime+watermelon and the list just goes on and on.

we made our own sandwiches too! we can totally open a restaurant. whohoo!

PJ. he's from korea. he loves our sandwiches!

johann sze

we were gonna explode after lunch. after all that juice and milkshake and sandwiches we had games! i like this game cos i won! : D : D

haha. its called BLOKER. i don't really know how to explain it but it requires you to join the edge of the pieces together and get your territory. okay obviously i have no idea of explaining.

you're suppose to use the bigger pieces first instead of the smaller ones to mark your territory so that other players will have no place to put their pieces on the block. and the smaller pieces will then connest your edges together. i officially make no sense. but somehow i realise that those small pieces that you think are ever so useless will be the one helping you at the end of the day!

so small does not equal useless ;)

but its awesome! i'll try to make a video of how to play this game. : )

and we had some bonding time with elyas and jemima too!

princess jemima and prince elyas

they are the cutest kids ever! seriously. elyas dances to every music he listens too!

sigh. they are awesome : )

su came and join us later on around 5 (:

she's having her super extremely hard finanicial exams next next sunday yet she came!

it was a lovely surprise. go on suzanna sze! two more :***;/zxkdlkj weeks and you are freeeeee!

she's like the best teacher in accounts and chemistry and add maths. and everything la. and yew juan is awesome at physics. and add maths too. and everything too! their kids will be extremely smart! (: perfect husband and wife* sighhhh x)

the man behind today's awesome event (:

mr see yew juan! *CLAPS*


and congratulations to chua kai shen for getting second in his football match today!

with his teammates of course (:

kenny ng. sebastian lee. cheng thung. and another person. heh. sorry. i forgot.

signing off!
God bless!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


you leave me breathless.
you're everything good in my life.

no two hearts hold the same dream and each heart beats to the unique rhythm of the dream inside it.
you make me go absoultely hyper all the time.
make me go weak.
all the time. inside. deep inside.
and though i cant be with you tonight.
you know my heart is by your side.

you're someone special.

i will love you more than that.

love me for the reason.
let the reason be love <3

cant keep my eyes off for you.

i love you.

bullshit laaa x)

don't know why. dun ask me why im posting this.

Friday, May 23, 2008


what time is it? summer time! school's out scream and shout!
well its not exactly summer.
the day i have been WAITING FOR. SINCE FOREVER!
exams are overrrrrrrrr! : D :D
thank you GOD. im so glad i survived three weeks of exam. miracle!

but i still love you archuleta!
shuudup boon lee. and mel x)

and congrats to MAN U!!!
i know nuts about football. but one thing i know MAN U YOU ARE AWESOME!

got lectured by my mum. in the car. it started from something really small and she related it to things which i cant even remember myself.
seriously. parents are experts at this.
they can remember all those stuff that you did. which are not so pleasing. but they cant remember a single good thing you did.
OKAY maybe they do remember all the good stuff you do. BUT never bring it up. instead the tiniest stuff that you did which are not so good. they can clearly remember every single itty bitty detail.
haha. anyway. usually i will always give back statemennts to my mum and explaining myself. but today. im so tired. i didnt even know what she said to me
we were in the car. and i was almost falling asleep. but she didnt realise. so she talked and talked and talked. but honestly it all just sounded like blrrrr buurrr bllrr.
haha. i heard a litlle bit laaa. but i was hinestly too lazy to say back anything.
so finally. she said what she wanted to say. and i could sleep after that,
everyone's happy!
haha. i don't even know whether is should feel angry or upset or plain joy (:
BUT its not always like that okayy. its due to the joys of after exams ! : D : D

and i bought a new bag. and a new pencil case.
pls say its noce. i took a century to decide.
with my mum. mwhahaha.
i cant upload the picture. stupid connection. oh well. well upload soon : )

and had nails done too. after exams joy *lovely bliss*
shall upload later too(:

having basketball/footsal tmrrr at church!
shall update then!
*signing offf*

Saturday, May 17, 2008

no difference

the other day i overheard this conversation

guy 1: damn pressure la form 4
guy 2: true agreed. why pressure? cant cope up?
guy 1: yeahh. i hate science subjects.
guy 2: then what are you doing in pure science? what do you wanna be in the future?
guy 1: nothing in the profeesion of science. if i go to an art class. people will consider me
what the heck is your damn problem
at first. i was pissed. then i felt sorry for that guy. really sorry.
let me clarify this. BEING IN ART STREAM IS NOT STUPID.
if i knew that guy. i would have probably killed him. not kill him but yeah you get my point.
honestly speaking.
although myself being in a pure science class. there' s nothing to be proud about.
it doesnt measure what you acheive, what you are in life.

im amazed at people who actually makes a choice for themselves. because they know in the end what they study is what they want to be.

just because you mention you're in art stream people will give you that oh you're stupid look

half the people in my class dont know what they are doing in a pure class. the reason why they are there is because they damn it qualify(exceptions to people who know what they want)

im not sure what i doing there either. but at least i know that just because im in that class does not make me better than the rest.

everyone i see around me are just mugging their heads in the damn book. dun you have a life.
is life seriously just earning good grades?
theres so much more to life in example sports. family. friends.

theres this article i read the newspaper the other day.
theres this guy. he has down syndrome. he scored 4C'S and 1D for his UPSR.
he wasnt given any credit.
wherelse people that gets 10A'S 20A'S 100A'S people look up tp them so much.
obviously its not WRONG to get good results but i would think that boy that got 4C'S and 1D deserves more credit than anyone else.


so why do we often judge people?

judging them doesnt make us any better.





Friday, May 16, 2008

happy teachers day + etc etc

to the one teacher that i come to school for puan lee wee leng

you're awesome! : D

thank you for putting through all those silly questions of logs and functions which i take about an hour to solve and turns out to be only a 5 minute efforts of solution

thank you so much!

and to puan nurhaizan which is absolutely the best malay teacher i had. unfortunately i have no picture. happy teachers day tooo! : D

and to my mum happy belated birthday! >3

we went to a fish market to celebrate her birthday. a fish market with air-cond. haha. manhattan fish market.

unfortunately my camera battery died

so no pictures. shhesh. but you rock mum. although at times thru all that nagging and oh well.

i love you (:

obviosuly my dad's not a very big fan of the camera

and to my dad too! happy birthday dad! you are so awesome!

my dad covvers up for me everythingg. haha. from that horribe terrible results yo like another million more things. thanks dad!
and thanks for putting thru all those whining and mood breakdown which you can never understand why but still live thru it. im amazed x)
i love you too daddy!

and my uncle has a new dog. heart melting.

and to the ever nonsenseical chua jung kiang x). ''HE's'' hot okayy. such an insult to say he isnt. hmmph. ahhhh. he perfectly rhymes with the word hot mind you.
smart guys are heart melters. when they tell you solutions to answers. whooo.
geniuses. gosh.
hormones rage. hahhahhaa!
not all smart guys are hot. i mean CERTAIN. *ahem*
okay okay change topic.

so anyway. tats all!
signing off! (:

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

BGR : ) +etc etc

haha. for those of you who don't know. its boy-girl relationship.
we're actuallly learning this thing for the next few weeks with Obed.

its kinda cool cos i was actually thinking of putting away this area in my life for a while now. but oh well (:
haha. yew juan started the talk. he said that firstly you have to know if you're a guy or a girl. haha yew juannnn!
so anyway. they asked us why would we want a boyfreind/girlfriend in our life?
haha as usual. the girls (carry our bags,buy us stuff, be our slaves and so on haha)
the guys(to spend money on girls *okayyy* haha i wouldnt mind that x),be
romantic (awhh), sweep us off our feet. haha. funny answers.

but what struck me most is that one day the people who is in a relatioship with us if they don't end up marrying us will be someone elses wives/husband.
i never thought of that ever. and that's really important cos im sure i wouldnt my future guy to be once bullied by some *@!zz@8* girl who didnt know how to appreciate him.

and i realised that sometimes there are certain things that once is lost is gone forever. i realised that i've lost quite a number of things this year that money can never buy back ( not my calculator soon yi incase you're wondering but i found it back anyway)

things like friends and family and things that we never put into consideration. sometimes we always put wrong things in order and when that mistakes happens that only we start to regret.

but its not my loss anyway. sometimes after putting in alot of effort it cant be quite tiring and sometimes you start to wonder if its really worth it to hold on to something that sometimes at a certain point will not be important to you anymore. and comforting yourself thats its gonna be okay might not work after some time. but im glad that there's this sprinkle of hope that keeps you going on all the time : ) haha thank you God! (: You're always the bomb in my life!

okayy this is bad. i sound like some suicidal person now. haha.
i hate emotional blogs. one that people always exxagarate the crap out of it. so i shall end this post with a huge smiley face.

: D yeahhh i know its not that big but just pretend its big (:
signing off!

Saturday, May 3, 2008


hotttt! x) some book i saw at borders.

with the kids last week at church : D
goddddddd. he's so hottttttttt! x)

well he;s not exactly that hot. but. he's smart!

lollllll. im no way mentioning his name but yeah. haha soon yi you should know.

loll. haha. okayy. sorry lahhh. but he memang is laaa. x)

okay okay change topic.

oh oh. you know. if you know me well enough that is. i have wet hands. when i mean wet i mean as in really wet. it gets paticularly wet for no reason. its been kinda troubling but tada! i found out this website. its called hyperhidrosis. haha.

i thought i was the only one suffering from this abnormal weird disease (according to my sister pfft) but its kinda cool cos i found out that im not the only one.

you know eveytime before i shake people's hand i have to actually wipe my hands on like a million times to not give a bad impression and so that they dun give me the what the heck look.

haha. so yeahh. and during exams. its even worst.

before you know it. the whole paper gets wet. not exactly wet wet but its kinda wet.

haha there's method to cure it. but dun actually plan to cure it now. its kinda complicated.
lol. haha so tats it. and chong kok weng + joel ngui you talk as if im some gay person who sudies everyday. shehsh man. haha
signing off!