Thursday, July 29, 2010

baa baa black sheep

how come they write improved taste on the dog food packaging.
not like we really know if the taste improve or not, every dog food company also can write improved taste what.

but who cares i bought the one that said improved taste for bobby hahahaha. i love bobby, he's so cute and short and cute. and the thing is, i feel damn safe when he is around, because he would bark at the same postman ever since forever every single day as if the postman is going to kidnapp us. MAYBE HE IS! :X hehhh. quality every guy should have please, make his woman feel safe!

and i miss you. and i wish you were here.

Friday, July 16, 2010


im going to use finish all the cheque books in the office by the rate of cheque cancellation i am making -___-

its not my fault okay. im trying my best not to wet the cheque, and sometimes i write the wrong figures and the franking machine failed me twice :( thank God for my super patient colleagues yay! :) the guilt and i feel super bad level increases everytime i realise i screwed up when i key in wrong stuff and omg la the figures on the list are huge! i have to calculate like ten times on excel to make sure i dont count wrongly and then i realised ohh right, they already tabulated the overall sum for me -___-

and i nearly called the head department uncle. shyteeee :(
and he never smiles :/ why not :(

its super amazing how people mantain long distance relationships, just the other day liesa and i went all weak in the knees and awwh when we saw one both of our school mates who happened to have been together for four years , and one of them is in a totally different continent all together and yet they are still great and it just left me so awwh for a little while. sometimes when i read books about how people cannot be together because of things like wars or because they have to leave faraway on a job or because of all the circumstances of the world, its just sad :(

im going to make sure i teach my children to say goodbye after the end a conversation on the phone regardless if the other person says it or not.

inception :) ever since titanic, this is the only show i've watched leornado dicaprio in, and it was long and slow people like me had to take time to understand a little bit, and i still dont get it, but it was good :)

things you do for the people you love :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


i've never smiled so much in my entire life reading a number book.

because i was reading it to a cute cute boy! :)

just the other day i was at borders, and i wanted to read some evil murder revenge book hehhhh because its either sad emotional love books like dear john, WHICH IM SO DISAPPOINTED WITH WHEN I WATCHED THE MOVIE :( broke my heart, i expected so much from it. or magazines that talk about gossips and weddings hahaha. and while i was there, suddenly one cute boy holding a number book stopped at my section because his dad was looking at some books. and he gave me the sweetest smile that my heart could burst :') and he came towards me and open the book and i died.

but i still could read to him and he was so cuteeeee :) he pronounced everything so innocently and cuteeee :) boxes became woxes, fishes became wishes, zebra became webra, ducks became wucks, three became wee and omgg la. i could do it with him the whole day. but THEN TENTENTEN. the parents came :( what la, come for what -__- cannot come later meh :( okay, it was ten so what. why must bookshops close so earlyyy! :(

he smiled and ran away to his parents and came back again and gave me a hug and i nearly cried :(

you're going to grow up to be an awesome beautiful person dexter, and even though i've only known you for less than 15 minutes, you made my day so well :)

in this case, night :)

kidsssss (: