Tuesday, December 29, 2009

i'll like to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowly.

hehh i passed my undanggg! seriously thank God to the max. its all God's effort, thank you God! i have no idea why everyone's so calm about it, i freaked out as much as how i would freak out for spm, but everyone like undang only ma -.- all you 48, 49, 50 people can go away la. BUT SUPER SMART OKAY. genius to the max!

just came back from jin's place. a few of us were over there just chilling and emoing about how everyone is gonna start college at different places and how we are not suppose to find new best friends and close friends. GOH JIN WAI. LIESAAA. LEE JUN YEN HEARD THAT :( haha super funny.

i just hate that everything's gonna change you know :( and i think this is gonna be a huge change.

hehh, nitey!

Friday, December 11, 2009


i think hans zimmer's are the most beautiful songs i've ever heard my entire life.

through heaven's eyes from prince of egypt is stuck in my head, and its such an awesome song!

haha princess and the frog ribbit ribbit :D was pretty awesome :) we were surrounded by little kids screaming about and hahaha. two 17 year old kids in there lol. EH WE ARE ACTUALLY STILL KIDS OKAY. under 18 whattt :) but yeah it was a great and funny thursday haha.

and okayyyy, im starting to freak out about college plans now etc. because. well because for the past 17 years of my life, i never had to make ONE SINGLE decision. all was planned and awesome and i knew what to expect time after time. so yeah, im pretty afraid now, to be honest. haha i honestly kinda felt lost after spm was over, i know wtf, shoot me. because before that i knew what i had to do was study hard for spm, but now? yeahhhhh :/

but one thing i know is that, i know wherever the future leads me its going to be great, maybe not to the sight of the world, but to the sight of God. its always nice to commit things to God and know that He's going to lead me to a great life ahead, and i never have to worry on whether if i could have found a better higher paying job, or went to a better country to study. sometimes i dont see it like at that instant what He does benefits me but after that i do see it.

like just for an example. i was in matahari last year. and when i first found out i was like, omg type wrongly is it. or haha i think its nat tan, not nat khoo. so i didnt bother until liesa told me eh nat, we're in the same class next year! uhh *stunt* for a few hours. haha uhh okay wtheck?!

i was afraid trust me. come on, those ppl there have IQ of 100000. but at the same time i was excited and to be honest pretty proud of myself. becasue i made my mum proud! and yeahhh. so i was there, it was an eye opener. stressed like nobody's business. because everything i did in matahari was never good enough. you get 80, people get 90. you get 90, people get 100. but i never gotten 80. or 90. hahaha. but hey i made some really great friends even in matahari, and they turned out to be nice and awesome after all!

and then im in teratai this year. well i was majorly disappointed i dropped class. and i kept asking God like, why did He put in matahari for a year, made me felt like im capable of doing anything, and now, degrading me? so yeahh, but i can say that, everything worked out for the better, AND I CAN NEVER ASK FOR MORE. the people i have in my class, the environment, the excitement.

in form four, i was in matahari, made great friends, worked my ass off, and i felt thankful because under all that pressure i know i wouldnt have slacked a single bit. and then in form five, i was in a class with most of my close friends, and i didnt stress that much, and i felt like it was good! okayy im not saying if mataharians will be smarter in the future or teratains will be, but i believe that God knows our hearts and what we are made of and He always put us in a place where we can shine most and bring the best out of us, inside out.

maybe you are a person who works better under pressure, or maybe you work better without pressure. maybe you can mingle around better with your group of friends, or maybe you're not really into having new friends, so what im trying to say is that, everyone's different in their own awesome way, and yeahps, God always has the BESTEST plans you can ever dream of! so no worries!

who are we to judge how great you will be in life next time? or how much money you will be generating. or how big and small your car is. or anything la okay. so it doesnt matter what class are we in right now, or how we decide to grade ourselves as better people than the others or less compared to others, i believe all of us are gonna do great in life, and yessss, HAPPY HAPPY JOYJOY! :D

pls pls stay in touch everyone :(

so yess, all you awesome people whos gonna be doctors ahemm juann and engineers ahemm jin accountant ahemm liesa, juat, physoclogist ahemm melll, and all the other stuff, DO REMEMBER MEEEEEE :D and all the awesome people in arts stream whos gonna be lawyers and businessman, please dont con me :)

time to catch up with important peopleeee! :)
haha its gonna be a great day, cos its friday, right mr szeeee? :)
haha happy fridayy!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


i just set my alarm to wake up at six and wrote down my to-do-list for 9th december and i realised. OMG SPM IS OVER HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. YESYESYESYESYEYSYSYSYSYEYSYSYEYSYS!

okay this just totally uhh made me do the -.- look times one million times.
someone's facebook: SPM IS OVER YAY!
some asshole stranger commented: oh great welcome to college torture!


okay i admitted i was like that when pmr was over too, BUT DID I COMMENT ON ANYONE'S FACEBOOK saying hahaha, welcome to form four torture. OMG ANGRY TO THE MAXX!

anywayyy, i finally watched new moon! :D withh annoying jin, liesa, jun, koks, jie, jou and joel. i wasnt all OMG NEW MOON *DROOLS* like liesa ahem. but. i shall just say what i feel about the movie la okaysss. OMG DAMN SAD LAAAA! at the end part. when bella said to jacob what nonsense oh i will always love you, please dont make me choose. its always been edward all along.

liesa, jie, jun, me.


i know all these nonsense of team jacob and team edward is ridiculous, but TEAM JACOB!

what i felt was. bella was totally using jacob as her rebound. and like every fifteen minutes their face super near to each other and they seem like they wanna kiss but thank God they didnt. pheww. if not liesa beside me will totally scream and rip jin's head off hahaha. and come on man, DONT go near him and act all omg jacob you're the best and when edward comes back, I'VE ALWAYS CHOSEN HIM -.- GG!

okayy maybe i dont have much right to judge her, because maybe she was lonely and obviously she needed someone to make her feel better and jacob was there and all. but i felt rally bad for jacob like seriously at the end. not because taylor lautner is hot or what, die liesa sure kill me one, but its just his whole protective character and omggg i want a guy like him toooooo! :)


okayy maybe to most of you, like whatttt -.- one tree hill? isnt that like what my grandparents watches -.- and yeahh of course compared to gossip girls and GA and 90210 or whatever, its wayy more outdated and old. but i think why it sorts of matters to me is because, i practically grew up watching it. and though as naive it may sound, somehow its not very hard to relate to the characters in the show, and i never fail to sometimes feel like, hey im not alone is this or hey omg that is EXACTLY what i feel right now!

so yeahh, im not against any other series, but its just that one tree hill will always be the series that accomponied me in my high school years and yeahh :) got new hot guy in the series though, robert buckley, hothothot! :D the only sad part about the series is that you go all AWWH OMG SO SWEET! and you realise oh great all of them happily together and you're stuck alone watching how wonderful their lives are. great just great.

damn, im exhausted. sleep till next year!
see you tmr nathan scott! :D

doubt not even a earthquake can wake me up.

Friday, December 4, 2009

sometimes i dont understand

i chose the wrong thermos flask. 10 friggin marks. sepuluh.
not including the other mistakes also -.- im against thermos flask now. no thermos flask for my kids next time. NEVER >(

i saved my curse quota for exam periods. yes liesa yes. haha thanks for being there :) you're the best!
me: what the heck isnt it Y? what the f

shut up jin, i dont even curse that much in school -.-

and omgggg. i checked my ns batch yesterday. and noo, its even worst than getting some campsite far away from home. tahniah! anda ialah something something dalam kumpulan satu atau dua.


yeahh all of you who thinks what la why so spoilt brat one get second batch only want to complain like she got sent to war, go away please -.-

initially i was okay one, like hey God maybe you want me to go there and be awesome or something. and okayla fine, if i get like the first batch then maybe i would even consider going. BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOO EVERYONE GOT LIKE THE FIRST BATCH AND WHAT. im gonna rot there myself in the second batch and die.

upset upset upset.
i slept at ten yesterday and woke up at ten this morning. see how much sorrow i have! :(:(:(

hehe thanks liesa again, you were a superb comforter yesterday (:
and jh(:
and shing (:

stop it liesa. i can see that smirk on your face right now.

ahh screw it la it shouldnt spoil my friday but im really upsettt laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :(
summore i told shing once, ehh i hope we get the same camp! :D

okayy enough about this NS shyte.

oh God work out something great for me please? :)

and after SPM what? chill have fun. and then? what?
dont even know what i wanna do after that. everyones like taylors and sunway and mckl and im like hmm i have NO IDEA!
congrats nat you're the bestt.

hahaha, you know what i shall not be upset. i mean things will work out eventually, and yes, :D :D :D
hahaha just a few conversation i remembered we were having before spm in class and during spm :)
cant really remember the exact thing though, but yes roughly there :)

alex: banyak orang banyak ragam. macam kelas ini, ada yang pendiam, ada yang beremosi, ada yang suka merajuk (glares at jin) hahaha.
karmun: ada yang cantik.
jung: ada yang macam lelaki.
karmun: >(

nonsense jung. give you purple color for insulting my wife!

nat: eh liesaaa, if me and jin gets kidnapped, and you have money to save one person only who would you save?
jin: *rolls eyes*
liesa: omg nat i dont know! i know i know i ask the kidnapper to kidnapp mr too okays! ;D
nat: crazy girl.
huajie: eh lets ask alex.
nat: so how, if your mum and your wife gets kidnapped, who would you save?
alex: haaa. both also important la, but not the same la.
huajie: must save one la.
nat: the correct answer is, i will ask the kidnapper to kidnapp me also!
huajie: but the thing is, the kidnapper dont want him
alex: tak guna.

nat: you know how sometimes people just come into your life and make you feel like, you cant ask for more?
david: sorry nat.

jun: die la nat die. the bio dcpip experiment how.
nat: okay just remember lime is the best. highest concentration. rmb jun rmb jun! and orange stupidest one. damn little only.
jun: hahaha cos orange is. uh fat! thats why it has the least! :D hahaha.

and this is why i would miss high school.

and when this worlds insincere, you'll be save here.

good kids study chemistry. nonsense kids update thier blog.
kill myself.