Thursday, January 28, 2010

yayyyy! :D

tommorow is friday! best day ever! :D

things have been tiring but good lately. i havent sat at my study table for ages hahaha. feels weird! but hey im not complaining :) howwwww :( everyone is studying and im left behind bohoooo :( nobody wants to friend me anymore NOOOOOO.kiddings!

haha, last time right, if i greet people with all my enthusiasm and goo HIIIIIIIIII! HOW ARE YOU! :D or when i try to be nice to friends who show less enthusiasm for example:

case 1:
HIIIIIIIII REX! :D *wavessss*
uh hi nat. haha.

case 2:
HAHAHHAA HI NAT! *she is crazy-___-*

case 3:

no i dont have a friend called rex, but it reminds me of dinosaurs and i wanna get a red dinosaur soon. reminds me of meet the robinsons! :D

initially it was kinda fustrating or rather i felt like what man, here i am keeping your spirits up but all you can say is hi nat. but now, it bothers me less :) i guess somehow everyone has a different level of WHEEEEE :D and thus, i would rather that someone not show their enthusiasm than to plaster a nat-is-here-i-must-smile look.

but that doesnt mean i wont be all :D and *wavesssss* to anyone who doesnt do the same to me, i hope if they are having a bad day, then at least they wont feel so down. which reminds me of my dentist , stupid wear damn long adi laaa my braces, i wanna take it off. 9 out of ten kindergarten kids will ask what is that in your teeth teacher nat, why so funny one.

hehe although sometimes i do admit i dont go all HIIIIIIIIIIIIII! :D :D but i try! feels so much nicer! :D

cant wait to greet the kids tmr and tell them its FRIDAY yayyayyayayayay! :D

happy friday! :)
college ends early, work ends early, super awesome shows on tv, you get to sleep without setting your alarm, WHAT IS THERE NOT TO LIKE RIGHT! :D

i miss everyone! :(

Friday, January 22, 2010


no matter if a week had been tough, or how tiring it was, God puts Fridays to remind us that rest is here, and everything is going to be great :)

i wannnt gossip girl :( xoxo.

i think US sounds really good. im glad that i talked to people about it, thank you su and yew juan :) and it sounds really promising :)

i feel like marrying you, friday.

Friday, January 15, 2010


fridays are the best days in the entire universe! which reminds me of my spm essay. everyone wrote about deep shit stuff like, how beauty is about the inside, and about how at the end we went separate ways, this super emo question and so many people wrote about war and sad stuff, and i worte about my favourite day of the week -__________-

OHH i love fridays cos theres no tuitions! which is actually bullshit because i have chem tuition, but i dont mind chem tuition :) ahem. and i get to come home from school early! and my parents get to eat lunch early with me cos they have extra hours of lunch break which is also bullshit because they are working. i get to watch movies in the afternoon with my sisters! my sisters sleep in the afternoon and i have to rush my chem tuition homework. hahahaha. like 6 year old essay la! T_T i hope my examiner isnt reading this.

and im not so sure where we are heading now. it seems like we are taking our own time. but hey i dont mind it at all. because im not exactly sure of what i want either.

im craving for laksa! my dad bought laksa yesterday but i was already asleep. BUTTT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MY SISTER SAID, NO NEED WAKE HER UP LA. -__________________________-

what kind of a sister is that.

k must go watch some cantonese drama now. damn drama damn emo. whuhuuuu :(

happy friday! BEST DAY OF THE WEEK!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


when i was six, i remember i was having my kindergarten exams the next day and i lost my colour pencils. my grandpa drove out and bought me this 12 colour pencils which comes in a box. and i remembered clearly i threw tantrum because i wanted the one with 24 colours. and he drove out again and bought me the one with 24 colours. i was a darn spoilt brat.

why isnt my mum replying my email :(

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


everytime i come to my blog, i feel like i died already. what a dead blogg snoreesss.

okay so what have i been up to!

im currently working with peter and jane now, its a huge kindy just right outside my house, ground floor, first floor, second floor, maybe four ten times the size of my house. the good thing about working here is that, its really near my house, so i get to wake up at maybe 7:40 and reach work just in time by 8.00. and i've got really nice, well some to be honest, people working together with me, and there is this aunty which is super funny and super nice to me, makes me laugh all the time :D hahaha.

so what do i do there? i've got to make sure the kids are all smiley and clever in the morning because nursery now is until nine thirty, then next week ten thirty, and the next eleven thirty and finally twelve thirty. its a darn tough job, seriouslyyy because all they do is cryyyy and cryyyy and they wanna run away to dont know where and i dont really get what they are saying because most of them are only three and four so i just say okayokay sure sure clever boy/girl! i know i suck, but i really need to try to really understand them in the few coming weeks!

then next they will just play till twelve, have lunch, nap time, snack time and go home! sounds damn easy right, but omg belum cuba belum tahu. sekali cuba, tiap-tiap hari tak mahu. i enjoy it really cos got this cute boy there hahahahahaha, omg weih seriously. he's only two but he's like the cutest boy EVERRRRRRR. but cannot, he's 15 years younger than me -.- damn gg, i cannot imagine man. okay enough!

my body aches like its gonna break already. i need massage! :D

i miss you liesa, cant wait to see you this friday! :D
if he likes that econs girl right lis, im speechless man. rlly. crazy every class also got girls one la howwwwww!

dont want ten kids adi.
i will die. really.

if it makes you happy, i think you're making the right choice jh! :) so many unis there, not only the ones in canada! :)

haha nites!