Monday, November 22, 2010


is the best, you dont depend on anyone, nobody depends on you and all is awesome :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

go back

omg :( my heart hurts :(

Saturday, November 6, 2010

like i could do anything

im suppose to be studying right now. but :( life sucks.

so anyway, i bought my count duckula duck on farmville, and its the most worth it investment i have ever made, since it cost me 14 farmville cash, 14 usd? but noo, the fv cash just accumulates as you go up a higher level, unless you purchase them with your credit card wtf, and its hardwork of clicking and harvesting, but its so darn cute and it actually has a black cape and a vampire teeth sticking out, and it will move its cape towards its beak (is it called a beak?) and does this cunning laugh, sexy to the max, cutie pie duckyyy, i lovee you!

i cant believe im having my finals in lesss than a month wth, did i not just enrol into college like yesterday -.- i barely remember what happened, and. i cant believe this sounds so emo shit, but i dont even know what im doing :( feels like i just want to get thru this, and people keep saying college years are the best years of your life or is it uni, but for now i dont see whats so great about it besides getting to wear anything i want, and. its modular, so i dont have to remember five years or work for one exam. and. thats all? :/ but i dont have that amount of time to think about it being purposeless, since everything is in such a rush, like a train that charges with full speed, which of trains, unstoppable was not bad, but chris pine isnt hot anymore, sorry.

and i saw this kindy boy and he said NATALIEEEEEEEEE! and came running like i havent seen him for ages, omg, lucky i never cry :( and he started telling me about emily and edward and im so outdated, its the new trains in t&f , never ending new collections, con parents money only, which i will never fall for in the future, never say never right haha. anyway, the thing about kids enthusiasm is that they are never afraid to show it, and they mean it with all their heart, sincere and transparent. when they love you, they really do, like how i see them loving their friends, which is quite a rare occasion, because most of the time they just argue on whether ben 10 is cooler or thomas and friend is better, but when they do, they mean it. i miss bryan :(

had the most productive friday at liesa's place, i think we didnt stop talking from 10 till 5, except when we were watching a walk to remember, and my heart was about to burst with tears, because that is one of the most probably sincere love story ever written, every movie now is filled with sex and sex and more sex, compare dear john to a walk to remember please, the movie didnt even follow the book wtf, the book was the bomb, and channing tatum totally saved the movie -.-

just read one of the most sincere birthday cards i have ever received, and i know you didnt like to say much, but thank you for making me feel like i can do anything, and i hope you're at your best now too :)

have a goodie weekend, GOD GIVE ME THE POWER TO STUDYYY! :(