Monday, April 27, 2009

being a winner in the right eyes

the presence of God does not mean the absence of anything.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

on a good ship, lollipop.

if loving you with all my heart's a crime,

then im guilty.

no laaa. im not in love with any guy :) got la, james lafferty! :D which already happens to be with a super hot girl ._.

okay, im not in LOVE with him, because love is a wayyyy to strong word. i mean. AIYA. i dont know how to say ._. hahaha.

ehh i just realiased that your endocrine system controls your hormones. my endocrine system is working wayy to hard.

not those kinda hormones okay. if i tell liesa, she'll be like, OMG NAT! YOU FEEL HORNY?!


yeah la what kinda songs la they play nowadays. KISS ME THRU THE PHONE? HAHAHAH.

i know! eh got one more song, how do you sleep? but dont know by who.

hahah, i know jesse mccartney!

but the point is, how do you sleep? JUST SLEEP LA! ==''


nuts weekend for me.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

look how they shine for you


im quite happy :) firstly, there is a difference with being emo. and being sentimental? hahah.

jin is DOTY. hahah! perfect name for youu la seriously. DOTY goh jin wai. hahahahahahaha. im gonna tell your kids next time. hahahaha.

and IM NOT EMO! seriously lahh. my previous posts are not emooo. its called. expressive. hahahaha. you know emo posts are like what or not. its like.

my hearts break. how could he say things like that to me? am i not worth more than that girl?
(im using grey colour to enhance the emoness, thanks i know i rock mwahahaha)
something like that la. hahahaha.

anyway, busy week. really tired and worn out. BUT. the joy and peace of God is certainly helping me to pull through things. i've been really comitting everything into His hands. i feel really tired at times, and i feel afraid of what is going to happen next, i keep planning big plans hoping to acheive them and i just constantly worry and feel that im never ever gonna make it.

and God just really helped me pull it through. i just kept on recommiting again and again every single day to continue fixing my eyes unto Him and not worry so much. and now i feel really less burdened, less afraid, because i know im not alone and God really does have bigger plans for me that i can ever imagine. God's been really faithful and i really hope to go to Him more often, and not only when i need help or when im in trouble ._.

im not saying that, if i commit everything into his hands, i wont be worried or afraid or tired anymore. after all, im only human. and being tired or worried or anxious about something is okayy. sometimes i really want to just be happy :D :D :D all the time and when i get sad i feel like is it because i dont recommit to him enough? but i really feel like God is telling me that its okayy to get sad or worried but He wants to be there for us when we need Him the most :)

and when im sad, its time for MOVIESSSSS :D watched passengers which is awesome actually :) and mall cop. some comedy. i've never seen my mum laughed for a long time, made me feel good too :) and play sports or watch any movies with sports because it makes me find my winning spirit back. ehh its true okayy, after i watched the pursuit of happyness i was like holy crapppppp. hahaha.

and someone called me lame this week. LIKE WTHECK. eh dude! you dont even DESERVE to call me lame okayy, because im WAYYYYYY cooler than you anyway. hmmph. haha, i was quite pissed la obviously, lol. nahh, everyone is cool, i was just kidding :) BUT. i decided to not get angry over it anymore la. hahaha. because we forgive! :)

dg every saturday certainly helps me get refreshed. and today is friday, which reminds me of the God's peace and rest which is very wonderful :)

and i get add maths in class more than i get it in tuition because the tuition teacher just keeps on rushing and before i even understand what he;s talking about he's already wayyyyyyyy more advanced than me. so thank God for puan lee! my physics also laaaa. stupid fleming ._. grey colour for fleming. i dont like him.

hahaha, and guess what. nathan and nat actually has three alphabets infront thats similar! :D :D :D OMG IT IS CERTAINLY NOT COINCIDENCE LAAAAA. AWESOMNESS :D liqi says i should name my kid nathanlie. hahahaha, righttt.

ehh kinda cool.

anyway. need to study for bk. test tmrrr! :/

the only thing i need to do now is just to pray that i wont feel afraid if God asks me to be a toilet cleaner for the rest of my life because its the best life im gonna live. what yewjuan said got me thinking abit.

have a great weekend! :D
cartoons tmrrrrrr :D im so happeeeee :D havent seen dexter's lab for so long. i honestly dont know how he can have a FREAKING LABORATORY IN HIS ROOM AND HIS PARENTS DONT KNOW BOUT IT. but thats one awesome thing bout cartoons.

you can do anything you want and be anything you want in them :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009


and the cry of my heart, is to bring you praise,

from the inside out, of my soul cries out.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

he who does not weep does not see

"Because, sometimes, you have to step outside of the person you've been. And remember the person you were meant to be. The person you wanted to be. The person you are."
marvin mcfadden

Friday, April 3, 2009

im not :)

just finished watching the kite runner :) after lots of shooting and *kAbOOm* movies, i thought its time for a change. its been bugging me to watch it since the beginning of this week, and i just felt like i really need to watch it, and so i did.

i need to stock up on my tissue papers. this kinda show makes my eyes swollen and my heart melt. i shall not spoil it.

crazy week. super drama. everywhere something seems to be just wrong. so yeahps :/

and im not emo laaaa. ppl like mel, and liesa, and my dad, wtheck, been asking like what happened and is everything alright. and IM GOOD :) really! :)

i know i always seem to want to kill someone, but im good :) its just that lately the weather's been really nuts, and it affects me alott. so happy happy joy joy :)

and it seems like i have so much stuff going on, but that doesnt make any of your problems less important in my life.

because i really care, and you just gotta open up.
and if you dont, i cant either.

thats to youu liesa. and jun. and jin. and jou. and tham. and mel. and karmun. and shing. and yy. and everyone i care about. i cant name all :/ too many.

and everything is going to just work out fine.
i know it.

i know i sound like im gonna die, but im not :D see tada! :)

i'll be there for you,
when the rain starts to fall.

hugs (: