Sunday, January 16, 2011

happiness is when

i get the groupings i want for this semester! happy happy! :D

okay its not exactly my ideal timetable because there are so many 3 hour breaks in between which farmville tada comes in! hahaha. but unfortunately i wanted to die already reading the first chapter of thinking skills book, and there are about 400 pages to sort of ''understand'' which to me means memorize, and thus tada! no more farmville! not. once a farmviller forvever a farmviller! but its gonna be one crazy sem, so hard la all the subjects. but initially it was one class on friday which 230 till 4 omg :( and after going to the office almost everyday and sort of complain by raising my voice kinda a little bit which i apologized later on the guy, i feel so bad, but the timetable management sucks seriously, but conclusion is, i still have a friday class, because no matter what they will always be a friday class, but its in the morning, so thank God! still happy friday, eventhough theres class, but oh wells, at least its in the morning!

bryan is in K1! k1 is for the five year olds, but he's only four, ahhh so cute! :) i hope he's doing well, and even if he merajuks all the teachers will still be kind to him, poor thing :(

cant wait for cny, omg yay! :)

hate mondays, have a good week everybody! :)