Sunday, November 24, 2013

13th week?!!!

so my plan to document all my summer break activity failed pretty badly :( the thing is, I think I am developing this super terrible attention deficit syndrome which means that I get super agitated in the shortest span of time, ie: I need to finish up this blog post in the next 5 minutes or I would never see this post ever again. so I guess the trick is to write super short posts so that I don't get bored and decide that blogging is useless, which is not because I swear I need to really document my life journey wtf.

well, it is actually the 13 week of my new semester already WTH  I THOUGHT I JUST STARTED MY NEW SEM. only 2 more weeks to go, one week of study break, one week of mocks, two weeks of holidays, and when my second semester starts, it will be the last semester of my degree life :( so fast right wtf, it is so surreal that I am actually going to graduate next year and most probably this time next year I would be slaving in an auditing firm and also finishing up my professional papers if I don't give up and just want to be a taitai for life.

uni has been nothing short but super amazing and I am going to miss uni so so much. it is so true that uni is one of the best period ever in life and I am just grasping and embracing every moment of it now. I had so much contempt in the first year because it was such a struggle for me with all the calculation papers and I am glad I am done with it and now I am already in my third year! though I am still struggling now still wtf.

one thing that really touched my heart was that my grandparents said that they would want to come to my graduation and bring super huge bunch of flowers and I was so touched because they really were so genuinely proud and I couldnt care less about people saying oh Degree only what, wait till you get your Doctorate then you celebrate. fuck you, every milestone in life is equally as important, and now that I look back at the times I took my PMR, SPM or even UPSR, I would say that back then it would be as equally hard and just because I am done with it does not mean I can brag about how easy is it now for me because back then I was struggling my ass off to get the bloody grades I needed to get. so yes, all milestones are important and I love every good memory of it.

already missing my grandparents so much although they just went back but they are such gems and I really treasure them so much. I think being in a family, we all just want to love as much and be as kind to each other as we can and sometimes, I wished you would just be more considerate, be more of a family and stop being so fucking selfish and arrogant in all of your ways because frankly, you disgust me and the world does not fucking owe a single thing to you.

happy Sunday! 

what a contradiction of emotions but life is like that isn't it :) 


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