Sunday, January 26, 2014

whats new

unfortunately I find it so hard to keep updating all the time because of time constraint but I really love writing down things because it really is like the textbook of my life. 2014 has been nothing but amazing so far even though it has only been few weeks into the new year! Singapore was amazeballs as always, people coming back from Aussieland and US, dinner, celebrations, and many gatherings and laughter.

If there was one thing I want to do this New Year, that would be to really have the courage to cut out things that does not benefit my life and to be bolder in all my decision making knowing that my principalities are to never be compromised. I think I am never one who voices out many things which may hurt or if there was ever a conflict, I would prefer no confrontation from my side. People often say that is just a very good nature, to always be accommodating, but most of the time I think I am just a plain coward.

So my new year reso, eventhough I never believed in reso coz I just think its full of shit that we need to have a new year to have new starts, is to care less of other people's selfish interest but instead to invest more in my own opinions and thoughts. Also been feeling like I do not need anyone's approval to live my own life, rebellious kao right haha,  but this is the breakthrough I really need. I really enjoy staying home and having alone time lately, I really have love just staying in my room and spending time by myself. I find no need to go out to find fun and joy, and I love the peace in my own confined space, hope I am not becoming anti social wtf.


back to four essays which I have been contemplating to do since Friday,


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