Tuesday, June 11, 2013

summer break!

woohoooo! after disappearing for 6 months, I am back!!! I didnt exactly disappear anywhere, just to uni and  back home everyday and I have no idea how the heck it consumes so much time, can sleep for 6 hours also considered blessing already wtf. done with my second year exams and now just waiting for results in August arghhhhhh hopefully all goes well cos the exams were so difficult, LIKE REALLY DIFFICULT TT thank God that all my papers this year has more theory in it so my strategy was to just aim for all the theory questions and do the minimum required amount of calculation question and everyone of my classmates went berserk and said OMG NAT YOU SIAO AH, WHO THE HELL AIMS FOR THEORY QUESTION, CALCULATION QUESTIONS SO EASY TO SCORE JUST NEED TO FIGURE OUT IN THE EXAM ONLY ONLY MA. but the figuring out requires like 20 brains to compute, seriously :( this also indicates how smart all my classmates are, like each of them has 20 brains. so thankful for all the theory questions eventhough I dunno if it hits the point or not, cos all the examiner's commentaries mentions that students love regurgitating, lol directing to students like me, IF NOT HOW LA YOU TELL ME, ITS THEORY MA but nvm la its okay, at least better than last year, MATHS 1, STATS 1, MATHS 2, STATS 2 walao, like putting a hot iron down my throat man.

and after 9 months of torture and stress beyond my imagination-I AM FREE!!! well. sort of. the trick about three months summer break is that this thing called INTERNSHIP surfaces :( but everyone that has replied me says there is no position so far, so I feel damn guilty. but honestly I really dont mind not interning but then everyone is interning, makes me feel like a loser, peer pressure sial. 

so as for now I just plan to watch tv and read all my books and do everything I like and not worry about a single shit :D and also document all my summer break activity!

this is the good life :)


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harada57 said...
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