Saturday, November 3, 2012

oh sweetness

I think the best Singapore series I have ever watched would be Fighting Spiders. TOO GOOD!!!! But not like I watched many Singaporean series, oh oh and also Little Nyonya, cos all of us had to watch it and my grandparents were very happy that they produced it, made them proud to be one :) But anyway back to Fighting Spiders, its just too good, I love it too much! It's great to see how Singapore was back in the 1960's and the cast is so talented :) It's very comical because when I watch it, it feels as if everything could be related to it, as if they are playing your life out :) Today's episode was particularly funny because Jamal was trying to explain to Charlie about first love, and he gave a very funny analogy.

Not the exact quote, but in my own words :);
I used to practice climbing the coconut tree everyday and after a few days, I did. I plucked my first coconut and it was so sweet. And after that I climbed again, again and again, everyday. But the coconuts I had after that was never as sweet as the first one.

Too cute!!! I love shows that bring back good memories although it never reeled that way in real life. I love it when it brings back memories without making anyone feel bitter about anything. Super funny and I love it! So excited to catch it every week. And of course, Soon Lee too! So darn good looking can die lol. 

So lifeless at home on a Saturday night, but so much work to do, it's never ending. And just got a reminder, only 180 days to exam, scaring the shit out of me, 6 months sounds a little bit long, but 180 days is so damn freaking short. You have got to be kidding me!! :(

Oh wells. Not like being worried can reduce the period of it coming so all we got to do is to stay calm.