Sunday, November 11, 2012


loving Sundays where I just come home after church filled with food and good fellowship and just lying down on bed reading books or just listening to music (: and so encouraged by the sermon today, much needed assurance that I got, so blessed. Sundays are usually quite packed with work because eversince I have Fridays off now with the condition of having a packed psycho Thurs, most Fridays are spent chilling although I should probably start cutting down on that, and weekends are spent on catching up with work but since its the festivities, couldnt be happier that there is additional much needed break to sort out everything!! ahhh bliss :))

I know this is weird but I would seriously rather chill at home then to go out to the mall and shop :(

see I've been travelling, been travelling forever,
but now that I'm finally home, feels like I'm in heaven :)